How Long Should My New Garage Door Last?

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Investing in a new, high-quality garage door is an excellent way to keep your property looking stylish and well cared for. With proper maintenance over the years, you can ensure that your garage door looks as good as new – even after plenty of wear and tear! When shopping for a new garage door, one of the top considerations is likely to be its longevity.

How long can you expect your investment in this important home fixture to last? With proper care and maintenance, a quality garage door should provide reliable service for many years!

Well, the answer will depend on two key points – the type of garage door you have chosen, and whether or not you arrange a maintenance schedule. Below, we’ll be listing the main types of garage doors, along with their typical life expectancy. Then, our garage door repair company technicians in Aurora share their advice for garage door maintenance, to ensure your unit meets (and even exceeds) this predicted lifespan.

Types Of Garage Doors & Their Life Expectancy

Garage doors come in a variety of types and materials, each with its own life expectancy. The average life span of your garage door will depend on the type of door you choose and how well you maintain it. Here are some of the most common types of garage doors, along with their approximate life expectancies:

Roller garage doors

The longevity of your roller garage door is inextricably linked to the quality of its components, and how well you care for them. Regular maintenance can help extend its life considerably!

Routine garage door maintenance can literally pay off! Without a doubt, the garage door springs and garage door rollers of your trusty-old system will stay in top condition for up to 15 years if you put some time into keeping them well-maintained.

A well-maintained garage door can outlast the elements! With regular maintenance, such as spring and roller replacement over its life of around 20 – 30 years you will never have to worry about a clunky old overhead garage door opener again.

Up and over garage doors

Up-and-over garage doors can be a great long-term investment, with an average lifespan of 15 to 30 years. But how many decades you enjoy your door may depend on the climate it’s exposed to, what material it’s made from, and how often it is opened or closed.

Regularly used up-and-over garage doors may not last as long—generally around 30 years—as those that are opened and closed less frequently.

By ensuring your current garage door receives regular maintenance, you can avoid costly and untimely repairs. Our annual garage door service includes a full inspection of the door along with replacement parts for any worn components, as well as treatment in high-risk areas to ensure potential problems are prevented from arising.

Wooden garage doors

Wooden garage doors may not be the first choice for many, but when treated and cared for correctly they can provide a lifetime of functionality. With an expected lifespan ranging between 15-30 years, – longer than most might think – wooden garage doors are certainly worth considering!

The longevity of a wooden door is an unpredictable, yet fascinating concept that relies on multiple factors for proper care and maintenance. Variables like the storing conditions it’s kept in, as well as any treatments applied to its surface, can greatly influence how long your door will last throughout time!

Without proper treatment, your attractive garage door can quickly become compromised by warping and rotting – compromising both aesthetics and operation. Protect it from the elements with regular maintenance!

Make sure you invest in the best—only purchase a wooden garage door from an accredited, reliable supplier. You’ll receive quality treatment and warping prevention as part of your investment to ensure lasting satisfaction!

Aluminum garage doors

Aluminum garage doors are a top choice for homeowners wanting reliable protection from the elements. These durable and hard-wearing entries boast an impressive lifespan of up to 3 decades, giving your home superior security that lasts through the years! The main issue that can prevent aluminum garage doors from reaching this lifespan is dented. But, if treated with care, this problem can easily be avoided.

We can also extend the residential garage door life expectancy in the following ways.

  • Choose a high-quality garage door model.
  • Invest in garage door maintenance services.
  • Choose a vetted, accredited, and experienced garage door installer.
  • Don’t use excessive force when operating the garage door.
  • Check for signs of wear and tear on key parts – such as tension springs, and


  • Regularly lubricate the door’s working parts.
  • Clean the doors regularly, to prevent rust or rot from building up
  • When possible, keep the area surrounding the internal side of the door well ventilated

The Necessity Of Frequent Garage Door Maintenance And Repairing

As we mentioned earlier, routine maintenance schedules are a fantastic way to keep your door performing in top condition, for as long as possible.

By keeping your garage door maintained and serviced regularly, you can ensure that:

  • Any faulty parts are replaced quickly
  • Rust is prevented from escalating in metal garage doors
  • Wooden garage doors are protected against rotting and warping
  • You are advised about how well you are maintaining your garage doors
  • Problem areas are tackled before they are allowed to develop
  • The garage door lifespan is kept as high as possible
  • At Spark Garage Doors, Repair Aurora we have extensive experience supplying, installing, and servicing garage doors of all materials and types. With full accreditation and extensive industry expertise, you can trust our garage door repair service team to keep your garage door working at peak performance for many years to come.

So, if you would like to find out more about the benefits of garage door maintenance, or enlist our services for your property, contact our Aurora garage door repair technicians at (720) 800-9966 now.

What To Do If You’re Locked In A Garage?

Even though extreme weather in the State of Colorado can range from hot climates to blisteringly cold climates, Littleton residents must make sure to be prepared for the elements. We layer up with cozy coats and insulate every corner of our homes – so why not do the same for detached garages?

Insulated garage doors are an accessible way to keep your space comfortable throughout each season in this state! Here at Spark Garage Doors Littleton, we understand that insulated garage doors are much more than a luxury item – they provide true functional value for any home. Insulated garage doors not only boost comfort and convenience but also come with added benefits like sound reduction, stability in extreme temperatures, and improved energy efficiency!

Learn all about why an insulated garage door should be your next significant home renovation below.

Insulated Garage Doors Versus Non-insulated Garage Doors

Prepare for a toasty winter with an insulated garage door. Don’t settle on just any old option – shop around and find the right fit that will ensure your home stays warm all season long! Plus, you can enjoy energy savings while doing so. Invest in any type of insulation now and feel good as comfortable temperatures drop.

Before making the decision to insulate your perfect garage, it’s important to understand exactly what an insulated one looks like and how much of a difference insulation can make. Learn more about this key distinction here from our garage door repair company specialists in Littleton!

What Makes an Insulated Garage?

If cost is a factor, an insulated garage door may initially seem more expensive than a non-insulated door. But they’re worth the additional investment; offering multiple layers of steel and insulation to keep your indoor temperature regulated all year long!

Polystyrene insulation is the most cost effective and popular choice for garage doors, providing reliable thermal protection and creating a more comfortable space.

Polyurethane insulation is the premium option for garage door insulation. This sturdier and thicker material offers lasting protection from vibrations, making it a great choice for those looking to invest in long-term performance and longevity.

If you’re planning to repurpose your garage, invest in an insulated version with polyurethane – it’ll give the space a professional feel and will serve as perfect conditions for either band practice or projects!

Is an Insulated Garage Right for Your Home?

Ask yourself a few questions:

● Do you have an attached garage?

● Do you want to use the common garage as something more than storage?

● Is your garage a living space; i.e. a spare room or a place where your pets sleep?

If you can say yes, or even maybe, to any of these questions, you should seriously consider an insulated garage with Spark Garage Doors Littleton.

Need more reasons to consider an insulated garage door? Check out the reasons below by our garage door service technicians in Littleton.

1. Insulated Garage Door Installations Save You Money

Much like any significant household improvement project, an initial upfront cost comes with insulated garage door installation.

Still, insulated garage doors pay for themselves, and more, in time. And, unless your garage isn’t attached, this garage space often leads to an entryway and butts up against a living room, kitchen, or other indoor areas.

Extreme heat or cooling loss in your modern garage doors can occur through these spaces in several ways, whether through poorly sealed doors or from average entering and exiting. However, when the entire garage is insulated, this loss is minimized, meaning that your furnace or A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to ensure things stay comfortable.

You save hundreds every year through energy efficiency and long-term cost savings. The result? Lower energy costs.

2. Insulated Garage Door Installations Help The Environment

Insulation decreases the workload on your furnace and A/C than uninsulated garage doors, you won’t just pay less for your energy—the environment will, too.

By investing in an insulated garage door, you’re also investing in the health of our planet. What’s more environmentally friendly than that?

3. Insulated Garage Doors Provide Sound Reduction

Insulated garage doors are filled with insulation, whatever that means for the given model. Compared to traditional models, they are more solid and provide a quieter running experience because they do not rattle as much. They also provide an excellent sound buffer when closed.

Does this mean that traditional garages are noisy garages? Absolutely not. It simply means those who want premiere sound reduction find the right solution in insulated garage door installation.

If you own a loud truck, live in a busy neighborhood, coexist with light sleepers, or have a home that backs up to a busy road, an insulated garage door may be just the ticket to a more peaceful and quieter life.

4. Insulated Garage Doors Add A Whole New Room To Your Home

If your current garage door isn’t insulated, you probably don’t spend a lot of time in your residential garage doors. If you do, it’s not the most pleasant experience. 

With insulated garage doors, though, it’s like adding a room to your home. It offers comfortable, regulated temperatures and the privacy of indoor space.

Want to build a home gym but don’t have the room? How about a space to pursue your painting passions? A woodworking area? A storage spot? A mechanic’s shop? No matter your dreams, your insulated garage door can help achieve them using the space you already have on hand.

When you’re ready to make the change to your commercial garage, give our Littleton garage door repair team a call today at (720) 902-4081.

Benefits Of Custom Wood Garage Door Installation

Spark Garage Doors - Benefits custom wood garage door installation

Wooden garage doors are a type of garage door that offer the perfect blend of style and customization to fit your every need. Achieve an aesthetic appeal that is as unique as you are; our custom options guarantee sophistication, convenience, and durability – all in one! Wood is an incredibly versatile material, offering a unique combination of customizability and practicality for any purpose. With its wide variety of wooden material options – from color to texture – you can make the garage as interesting or traditional as the occasion calls for!

Spruce up your home’s exterior and make a lasting impression with custom wood garage door installation! From enhancing curb appeal to greatly increasing commercial property value, this versatile option from the reputed garage door company offers plenty of benefits for any garage door owner looking for the perfect garage door replacement or upgrade.

Custom Wooden Garage Door – Benefits!

Looking for a timeless solution to your modern garage door needs? Custom wood doors can provide an attractive and lasting addition to any home. Not only do they come in various styles, but their durability also makes them last longer than traditional models – ensuring you get maximum value from this quality investment. Check out the many benefits our residential garage door repair company experts in Aurora of custom wood garage doors have today!

  • Stylistic Choices Abound

Looking to give your traditional garage door a makeover? With wood, you have the perfect canvas! Whether it’s an effortless natural hue or something more vibrant with paint and stain finish options – endless customization awaits. Pick out the color that speaks to your home’s true personality and let your curb appeal shine bright like never before.

  • Flexibility In Custom Size And Shape

For those looking for garage storage space or living space with a recreational vehicle, custom wood garage doors are a perfect choice! Not only do they offer an opportunity to express your style and create a unique look outside of your home, but their flexibility in crafting makes it easy to get just the right garage door size – no matter how non-standard you need. That’s something traditional door styles can’t compete with when it comes to cost and convenience.

  • Types Of Wood

If you’re looking for an affordable option, a plywood standard garage door could be the entire garage door solution. However, if you want a higher-end look without a hefty price tag, consider applying hardwood veneer to create visual appeal and durability.

If natural faux wood garage door materials are your top choice cedar is naturally resistant to decay while redwood will resist rotting and warping when built in thinner layers. There’s even composite wood that can provide as much strength as steel but with added protection from rotting or cracking!

  • Wood Garage Doors Are Well-Insulated

Wood is an ideal choice for keeping your home’s exterior doors comfortable in any season. Not only does it acts as a natural insulator from heat and cold but manufacturers can also add additional layers to enhance the energy efficiency of your home, adding even more value!

  • Garage Doors For All Budgets

Looking for an affordable yet high-quality garage door option? Consider custom wood. You can opt for a lighter, simpler garage door design to save or choose one featuring tougher construction and polished wood with extra features tailored to your style. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to invest, you can be sure of enduring quality and performance in either case!

  • Installation And Labor Warranty

Investing in a custom garage door is an excellent way to save money and provide coverage for years of protection. All garage door installation service warranties vary, so make sure you carefully read the fine print before signing any agreement with your garage door distributor, garage door technicians, or garage door dealer!

  • Wood Garage Doors Are Durable

Wooden garage doors offer superior long-term performance, as they are protected against wear and tear caused by weather or moisture. With the right care taken in advance and regular maintenance over time, you can count on your custom door to look its best for years to come – solid protection that’s built to last!

  • Wood Is A Renewable Material

Enjoy the natural beauty of a custom-made commercial garage door, while knowing you’re contributing to an eco-friendly lifestyle. With less carbon emitted than other materials would produce during manufacturing and installation processes, your new wooden entryway is both stylish and sustainable.

Spark Garage Doors is an experienced builder of custom wood garage doors and can meet any custom design criteria. Our wood sectional garage doors offer a classic look and modern functionality, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for durability.

Each garage door product is expertly crafted, beautiful, and low-maintenance. To request assistance in Aurora, or receive a new overhead door estimate or any type of garage door services, contact our garage door repair experts in Aurora at (720) 800-9966.

How To Keep Your Garage Door In Good Shape?

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Suffering from a wonky garage door? Don’t despair! You’re not alone, and there are simple solutions that you can use to get your door back on the garage door track. Try out one of these helpful troubleshooting methods for resolving this common issue today.

Having a garage door that knows exactly when to open can be both convenient and finicky. Common issues such as garage door opener malfunctions or garage door remote control interference may occur, but don’t worry – replacing batteries in the remotes can give your system an upgrade!

Has your garage been giving you a hard time lately? It may be more than just an occasional stubbornness – certain repairs, such as replacing springs or garage door tracks, garage openers, garage door rollers & other garage door systems should only be handled by our garage door repair company professionals in Aurora. However, there are things you can do yourself to help keep it working properly and ensure that the security of your home remains intact. Here’s some advice on how to tackle common issues with ease!

The Top Causes Of Garage Door Stoppage Revealed!

Dead Batteries

Is your average garage door not responding? It may be time to check the batteries in your opener. Automatic garage door openers rely on power from their garage door remote batteries to activate and so, over a period of time, they can slowly discharge. Make sure you replace them before it stops working completely!

Power Source

Before troubleshooting your broken garage door, check the power source for potential issues. Ensure an electrical power cord is properly plugged in and examine if it works with a different outlet. If those solutions don’t provide results, inspect the fuse box to confirm whether voltage levels are up to par before thinking about winter-related causes such as power outages!

Broken Torsion Springs

Is your residential garage door stuck? It could be a sign of broken springs. If so, you might hear an unexpected bang coming from the common garage – similar to a firecracker or gunshot! Garage door springs(Torsion) stretch horizontally over the width of your door and help balance its weight when lifting and lowering it. As they start to wear out with age, however, their job may become too heavy for them – leading you right back here again!

Locked Door

Ensure that everyone exits the garage safely! Double-check to make sure there’s not a manual lock attached from inside – it might have been engaged in error when someone was working or passing through.

If you own a remote garage with automatic locking mechanisms, make sure it is not in “lock mode”! Doing so could leave your door shut tight. To unlock the mechanism again and open the door, simply press and hold down the lock button for at least 10 seconds!

Dirty Sensor

Stumped on why your professional garage door won’t stay shut? Take a closer look at the photo eyes! These small, but mighty gadgets can get covered in dust and grime after years of use. They may be found on both sides of the door–try cleaning them to see if they make all the difference.

If your garage door is having difficulty shutting, the problem could be due to a disrupted connection between two photo eye sensors. After testing it and finding that doesn’t solve the issue, contact a garage door specialist from a reliable garage door company for further assistance!

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

  • Examine the Situation

To get your garage door working again, the first step is to shine a light on what’s causing the garage door issues. You’ll want to look out for anything that might be blocking safety sensors or if an object has worked its way under your door – like a toy or small stone. Once you’ve identified where it’s coming from, then you’ll know whether regular garage door professional repairs are needed -or- if replacing parts yourself will do the trick!

  • Repair The Problem On Your Own

Avoid the hassle of locating a professional and save yourself time and money by tackling some minor issues on your own. Malfunctioning sensors or blocked safety mechanisms can often be easily remedied, although for more complex mechanical problems it is wise to entrust them to someone with full knowledge of how doors operate – improper repairs could cause irreversible damage!

Call A Professional

Issues with your devices can be complicated, and if you’re not a qualified technician it’s best to enlist professional help. Calling in a garage door service technician in Aurora means that any problems will quickly be diagnosed and repaired – leaving you worry-free!

So if you’re experiencing any problems with your garage door in Aurora, be sure to call our garage door experts from Spark Garage Doors Repair Aurora at (720) 800-9966. We offer fast and affordable garage door repair services, so you can rest assured that we’ll be there when you need us.

How To Prevent Bugs From Entering Your Garage?

To keep your garage free from pesky bugs, preventative action is key – regardless of the time of year. Whether it’s to beat the heat or escape winter chill, these common pests always find a way indoors – so ensure you’re regularly maintaining and protecting against their presence before they strike! Investing in an airtight door threshold seal and a caulk gun is a wise decision to help guard against potential bug infestations and any water damage, giving you peace of mind that your garage space is free from the elements — both inside and out.

Preventing Bugs From Garage

Want to maintain a pest-free garage? Here are some top tips from our Denver garage door repair company specialists for pest control – seal off any cracks and holes with silicone caulk and use a caulk gun to get the job done, store pet food supplies and animal food in airtight plastic containers, clean garage floor often, and stay on the lookout for spider webs and window screens!

  • Seal All Sources Of Food

Don’t let kitchen cabinets cramp your style! Consider utilizing the garage to store some of those essential food items. With winter temperatures providing chill-filled protection, you can rest assured that non-perishables are safe from any temperature extremes – not to mention pet treats and meals too!

Homeowners must take extra precautions to guard pest access to food. Pests are constantly on the lookout for a food source and temptation and unsecured edibles can be like an open invitation to them! To protect your property, make sure all dry foods such as cereals and grains have airtight containers that won’t allow pests in – nipping any potential infestations before they start.

  • Keep The Surroundings Dry

Keeping your garage door closed helps prevent rain from coming in, but it’s important not to forget about standing water! Anything from buckets and planters to leaky pipes and garbage can lids should be emptied so that the area is dry. It’s also important to remember that water loss through evaporation is a common problem in garages and can create a perfect breeding ground for insects. Quickly address any stagnant water, so you can relax knowing the problem won’t continue.

  • Have Defensive Options In Place

Taking preventative measures such as spraying insecticide along baseboards or placing bait traps outside can be a smart investment that could save you from having to contact a professional pest control company down the line.

  • Check The Walls

Unwanted pests can be a nuisance, and it only takes the tiniest gaps for them to find entry. Even if your garage door is closed tight, some bugs have been known to penetrate through small cracks or holes in walls – opening up an access point that allows even more of these pesky house invaders you’d rather avoid!

Inspecting your home regularly for cracks and crevices is a great way to stay ahead of potential pest issues. Even if only small areas show signs, addressing them quickly with a tube of caulk and a caulk gun can save you from more expensive treatments later on should an infestation occur!

  • Seal Things Up

Even if your property seems secure, make sure you have a garage door threshold seal installed. This small step can provide an extra layer of protection and help keep away water damage, insects, and common garage bugs! Invest in a door sweep and seal your home with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve done it right! Letting professionals take care of the installation ensures an extra-secure fit for maximum protection and window sills. Get ready to enjoy life without worrying about pesky drafts or noisy intrusions – buy yours today.

The good news is that when you need your threshold seal replaced or installed or need any other sort of routine garage door repair or installation, the place to contact is the Denver garage door repair team at (303) 928-2700.

Spark Garage Doors Repair Denver has been offering professional garage repair services at a competitive price. So when the time arrives that you need our assistance, contact our Denver garage door repair service professionals for a garage clean and to get rid of any unwanted pests!

To ensure a long-term solution, they’ll also inspect your natural environment and garage walls for any potential garage pest infestation and treat it accordingly. Call them today!

Organizing A Messy Garage: 5 Tips and Tricks

Organizing a messy garage can be an overwhelming task, but it is well worth the effort in the end. Having a neat and organized garage (garage layout, garage cabinets, garage storage space) can make a world of difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of how you use it. Whether you use your garage for storage, as a workspace, or both, there are many benefits to organizing a messy garage.

In this blog post, our Denver garage door repair company professionals will discuss five effective garage storage solutions to help you tackle the task of organizing a messy garage to a clean garage, organize space and enjoy the many benefits it can provide.

Garage Organization Tips

Organizing a messy garage can be a daunting task, but with the right garage cleaning tips and tricks, you can transform your cluttered space into an organized oasis. Here are five garage storage ideas to help you get started:

  • Make A Plan

Making a plan on organizing a messy garage (overhead space, wall space) is the best way to ensure that the job stays manageable and gets completed. Start by taking a look at the items you have and deciding what can be kept and what should be thrown away or donated. Once you have sorted through the bulky items, create a plan of attack to organize the items.

Choose specific tasks to work on, such as painting the garage walls, sorting through camping gear, (gardening tools, exercise equipment, lawn care equipment) garden tools, and power tools. Create (cardboard boxes) shelves or storage bins, and organize random items into categories. Set a timeline for yourself to complete each task and consider recruiting help from family and friends to make the process easier. With a plan in place, your entire garage can be transformed into an organized and functional clean space.

  • Clear The Space

Clearing the space from a messy garage is a daunting task for many homeowners. Start by taking everything out of the garage, discarding anything that is no longer useful, and separating heavy items into categories. To make the most of the garage space, consider utilizing vertical storage options and adding shelves and racks along the garage walls.

Don’t forget to find a place for the items that belong inside the house. Once all the unnecessary items have been cleared and organized, sweep and mop the garage floors to give your garage a clean and tidy look.

  • Create Storage Solutions

Creating storage solutions is a key step when it comes to organizing a messy garage. Investing in one or two large storage units or shelves can help make the most of the usable space you have. You can also use cardboard boxes or plastic crates to store items such as sports equipment, expensive tools and paints. As well as baskets, hooks, and pegboards to maximize the use of vertical space and hang items on the garage walls.

Labeling each container will make it easier to find items and ensure that everything has its own place. Finally, consider a pegboard wall to hang frequently used items, like (gardening tools, exercise equipment, lawn care equipment) expensive tools or camping gear, off the ground and out of the way.

  • Label Everything

Label everything for organizing a messy garage. This could mean purchasing a labeler or simply writing the contents of each box on the sides. Labelling will help you to keep track of what you need and what you don’t. It will also make it easier to locate items when you need them. Labeling everything will help you create a system that will keep your garage from becoming a mess again in the future.

  • Maintain The Organization

One of the most important steps in organizing a garage is to maintain the organization. This can be done by regularly cleaning and reorganizing the garage, as well as making sure items are put away in the designated place. You can also arrange a professional garage door service organizer from Spark Garage Doors Repair Denver.

Make sure to never let items pile up and maintaining a strict organization system can help keep the garage clutter-free. When it comes to the garage ceiling and layout, consider keeping it simple and utilizing dedicated space as much as possible. With these tips and tricks, any Colorado garage can be organized and kept that way.

If Denver residents need help organizing the garage, contact a professional garage door repair team from Spark Garage Doors Repair Denver at (303) 928-2700. They are just a phone call away.

Which Is Better: Two Garage Doors or a Large Double Door?

Spark Garage Doors - Garage Door Repair Services

When it comes to choosing the dream garage door for your home, the garage door options can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for extra space, then a double door could be the right fit! Compare your options to maximize storage potential and discover which solution is best suited for your needs.

Both have their advantages and drawbacks, and the decision ultimately depends on your personal needs and preferences. In this blog post, our Littleton garage door repair company specialists discuss some crucial details to consider when choosing something so important.

What Is The Size Of Your Entire Garage?

When planning your home’s electric garage, consider that an attached or detached unit needs to be a minimum of 18ft by 22ft. Got two 8′ x 7’ separate garage doors in mind for your dream home? Then you’ll need to think bigger – at least 22 feet wide. Our garage door experts recommend an extra couple of feet on either side too! These popular twin-door setups open the opportunities for a truly stylish setup that fits all your needs.

If you’re looking for extra garage space, try a larger garage with doors up to 9′ wide. To accommodate such an expansive opening, the entire structure must be at least 24 ft in width; Accounting for any front-facing entryways would add even more necessary area!

When thinking about your next vehicle purchase, size is an important factor to consider. SUVs, vans, trucks, and even small RVs need more space than a sedan or motorcycles. Remember to take this into account to get the best vehicle for your needs.

Make sure you give yourself the freedom to open your residential garage doors and enjoy loads of storage space with ample room on both sides. Now that the technical details are taken care of, it’s important to assess your budget situation. Let’s explore some other useful strategies for making this project a success!


With two garage doors instead of one, you’ll be able to maintain a warmer and drier environment in your garage. This not only increases comfort but can also reduce utility bills – allowing temperatures between 45-50°F will keep energy costs down while keeping the space cozy year-round!

Possible Malfunction

Installing two separate standard garage doors is a reliable way to ensure that your vehicles are always accessible, even if something malfunctions. Having a single door can result in both cars being stuck inside if anything goes wrong, so it may be worth considering double-door protection for peace of mind.

Owning More Than Two Vehicles

If you have a lot of vehicles to park, maximizing your standard garage space with one large door is the way to go. Trying to fit three cars and a motorcycle into two smaller doors can be close to impossible – not something anyone needs in their life!

The Triple Garage Door

Going larger than a double garage door? Triple garage doors might be the answer! They offer plenty of space to fit vehicles plus extra recreational equipment, like ATVs and motorcycles. This type of garage door is often found on properties with more affordable land prices due in part to its minimum square footage requirement – 900 ft.2 (84 m2)!

Thinking About Appearances

Make sure the exterior of your home stands out in all of its glory by considering a two-single garage door solution. With this approach, you can ensure that both aesthetics and architecture receive equal attention – making passersby stop to admire it!

To soften the look of a double durable garage, easily spruce up its appearance with an inviting pergola! Additionally, two large flowerpots or lush plants on either side can bring out extra charm. For even more ambiance and a touch of nature, consider setting up trellises that enable climbing foliage to grow over the entrance for some added appeal.

Price Check

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of a single or double garage door, it’s important to consider more than just cost. While two separate doors may come out comparably priced, adding in an electric opener garage door system for each will increase the bill significantly. If your choice is between dual singles versus one large custom garage door size option – keep in mind that any extra construction such as building walls between them could add even further on additional costs.

When it comes to double-door openers, weight matters. For optimal performance, choose a door weighing between 8 and 10 pounds (3.5 – 4.5 kg). Ensure the spring system is fully functioning for your opener to be able to operate successfully without requiring more power!

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the potential dangers of a powerful automatic garage door opener system! Even though it can be operated with just one hand, always keep an eye on what’s below as these openers have enough strength to lift significant amounts of weight. Stay safe by staying alert when using this machine.

Hopefully, the above points by our Littleton garage door service experts have helped you with your decision. We offer a wide range of panel designs, architectural designs, architectural styles, and garage door materials from various garage door manufacturers. 

However, you can always contact our garage door repair experts at (720) 902-4081 to learn more about your options or get started with the build. We can explain this topic more in-depth or go over your options for powerful door openers, colors, and cost of materials, on your larger garage.

Transform Your Garage Into A Safe Haven For Your Dog

Spark Garage Doors - Garage Doors Maintenance

Having a pet can be a wonderful and rewarding experience, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges. One of the most common issues is finding a safe and comfortable place for your pet to stay when you’re away from home. While it can be tempting to leave your pet in the backyard, these solutions can be dangerous & unkind to your pet. A great alternative is to transform your garage into a safe haven for your dog.

With a few simple modifications, you can create a cozy and secure environment that your pet will love. In this blog post, our Littleton garage door repair company team will explore how to do just that. Before getting into the modifications let’s see some benefits of keeping your pets in the garage.

The Benefits Of The Garage

Let’s take a moment to explore why the entire garage can be an excellent home-away-from-home for your pup while you’re away. Beyond just adding a kennel, there are several other valuable benefits of keeping them in the garage instead!

Space – Your garage is an ideal space for four-legged family members, giving them ample room to spread their wings and explore. If your pup prefers the safety of a kennel, you can bring it out into the open area of your garage – with just one simple change that door will become more than just extra storage! Your dog’s familiar safe spot blends in seamlessly within this spacious environment.

Warmth – Winter weather can be beautiful, but it’s also a time when our canine friends need to stay cozy indoors. Leaving your pup outside in cold temperatures puts them at risk of frostbite and even death if the mercury drops too far! Keep an eye on local forecasts so everyone enjoys their winter safely.

Quiet and Undisturbed – Is your pup a barking fiend who chases after every passing shadow or squirrel they spot? With an insulated (R-16) garage door, you and your dog can enjoy some peace and quiet away from the hustle of activity outside. Plus it will provide protection against cold conditions for both you and Fido!

Encourage a ‘Look around’ The Garage To Your Pet

To successfully and safely introduce your adult pet to the garage, gradually allow them some period of time inside. Encourage familiarization with their new space with multiple short visits before letting them out again. An important reminder: don’t ever chain or tether a dog in the garage as this can cause serious harm!

Keeping your garage clean and orderly when you leave a pet there is essential. For dogs that are already housebroken, simply walking them before leaving and after returning should suffice; if not, puppy pads or newspapers will help contain any messes until you can return to address it appropriately. Cats also need a litterbox for the duration of their stay in the garage – no matter how long!

Introducing your pet to the garage doesn’t have to be a hassle – use gradual progression and positive reinforcement for an easy transition. Create boundaries with physical obstructions, then let them explore further as they become more accustomed. And don’t forget that spending quality time together in the space will help make it enjoyable for both you and your furry friend!

Ensuring Warmth

Insulated garages can be a great home for your pet all year round! Providing insulation in both summer and winter will keep them comfortable no matter the weather – keeping temperatures regulated to ensure their safety.

During the cold, winter months it’s important to keep your detached garage in a comfortable temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. To help with this, make sure you have proper insulation and open a window when needed during summertime.

Additionally, ensure that humidity remains below fifty percent by occasionally measuring with a hygrometer; if necessary employ dehumidification methods year-round for optimal climate control in your garage space.

Keep Pet Food and water

When you’re away and plan to leave your pet behind, make sure that they stay hydrated! Provide a full water bowl in an easily accessible location – such as the garage. Additionally, ensure to preserve their feeding schedule so it won’t disrupt their bathroom routine. If possible use bowls designed not to be knocked over for extra peace of mind while you’re away from home.

Keep Them Comfortable

Your pet’s comfort should be your top priority! Equip the garage with an area for them to rest and relax in, such as their kennel or a comfortable cushion. Additionally, provide something that carries the scent of you when they are alone so they don’t feel lonely while you’re away. An old T-shirt is ideal—your furry friend will appreciate it!

Safety Matters

Keep your garage floor a safe haven for everyone. It’s important to identify any safety hazards that could harm household members and pets, such as exposed wires or objects they may choke on. Make sure to sweep regularly, cover dangerous items like lawnmowers when not in use, and safely store anything which might be dangerous when unattended!

You can contact our garage door repair experts from Spark Garage Doors Littleton at (919) 701-3003 and we can explain your options. You can even get a quick and easy online quote if you’d prefer.

Preventing & Removing Mold In Your Garage

Spark Garage Doors - Garage Door Mold Removal

Mold is a common problem in garages, as they are often damp and dark places. Mold can cause damage to the structure of the garage and create health issues like asthma attacks. It is important to take steps to prevent and remove mold from the garage in order to keep it safe and functional. This can be done by avoiding poor ventilation, using dehumidifiers, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

With the right preventative measures, you can keep your garage safe from mold. Keep your garage mold-free with a few easy steps from our garage door repair company technicians in Aurora! Refresh the space and preserve its condition for years to come.

Mold Growth In Garage

Keep an eye out for signs of mold in your garage – it can grow quickly! In just 24-48 hours, high levels of humidity and moisture make the perfect conditions for its expansion. Be proactive to curb any risk now.

  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Darkness
  • Food Source (e.g., wood, plants, fabric)

In warmer months, it’s essential to keep an eye out on the garage environment for mold. But beware: even when the temperature drops during wintertime, if temperatures aren’t freezing mold can still thrive and spread – highlighting the importance of monitoring year-round!

Mold Prevention In Garage

Don’t let black mold become a source of frustration! Take control by finding and eliminating the underlying cause. This way, you can be sure that no new areas will become affected – giving your home (and peace of mind) long-lasting protection.

Find any water leaks

Is your garage a potential source for mold growth? Leaky pipes or unsealed doors could cause moisture to build up in the area, which is the perfect condition for unwelcome guests. Mold spores feed off of this kind of warm water – protect yourself and check those areas today!

Check your humidity levels

Keep an eye out for increased temperatures in your garage! Lack of ventilation can help increase high moisture levels, so be sure that air is able to flow freely indoors and outdoors. Taking humidity control steps will ensure a pleasant and dry garage space.

Clear out your garage

From family photos to fabric, the accumulation of items in a garage can create an inviting playground for white mold growth. Avoid these potential health risks by limiting what you store long-term and removing the rest to locations where extreme temperatures won’t be present—turn your cluttered space into one that’s organized!

Clean Up the water in your garage

Don’t let standing water become a major problem in your garage! Ensure that you can keep the garage dry by installing an effective drainage system, or as an interim measure use a squeegee to help prevent any excess moisture.

Watch Out For These Garage Areas

Keeping your garage neat and dry is an important part of controlling the presence of mold. To prevent potentially harmful growth, address any presence of water or heavy rainfall leaks in your garage as soon as possible for optimal protection.

Garage doors

Wooden garage doors can be prone to unwelcome houseguests: mold! Without proper sealing, water leakage provides the perfect habitat for this pesky problem. Fortunately, with simple preventative measures from our Aurora garage door repair service experts like properly sealing your door, you can avoid additional moisture invasion and keep unwanted visitors away from your valuable investment.

Garage Walls & Ceiling

Moldy walls and ceilings don’t discriminate – leaks, cracks, or a lack of insulation can create the perfect environment for mold spores to start flourishing. Poorly insulated rooms may even give them an extra boost!

To keep your garage in peak condition, it’s important to perform regular mold inspections of walls and ceilings for cracks. A proper ventilation system not only circulates air into the space but also helps mitigate the source of mold growth on ceilings – keeping everything looking its best!

Garage floor

Protect your garage and its contents with the right drainage solution. From water brought in by weather, cars, or people’s feet to any type of mold spores and mineral deposits; all these elements can cause structural damage if left untreated. Putting a proper method of draining out excess moisture buildup is key for keeping your property safe from harm!

Remove Existing Mold

Want to keep your entire garage free of mold growth? Prevention is key! Follow these tips for a cleaner, healthier environment:

  • Check for any excess water seeping into your garage and take steps to repair it. Examining the door, garage walls, ceilings, and floors can help identify potential leaks – giving you peace of mind that all is well!
  • Ventilate your garage properly.
  • Clear out the garage.
  • Install a water drainage system.
  • Protecting your garage from excessive moisture is essential in preventing the growth of mold and safeguarding against damage. By taking proactive steps specific to its location, you can ensure that your valuable items remain safe in all conditions!

If mold growth persists, contact a professional garage door repair team from Spark Garage Doors Repair Aurora at (720) 800-9966 to come out and look at your garage. They are there to determine if there is a structural mold issue with your garage and also suggest if your garage needs mold remediation experts to help you out.

The Benefits Commercial Garage Doors Offer

A reliable and secure garage door is essential for any business that utilizes a space to store its goods or assets. Investing in a high-quality commercial garage door ensures both the security of your company’s items as well as easy access by employees when needed. Don’t get caught short – make sure you’re protected with an ideal solution today!

When it comes to commercial garage doors, there are many options available at Spark Garage Doors Repair Aurora. Our Aurora garage door repair company specialists are committed to safeguarding your business with top-tier commercial doors. Our team works hard to ensure the highest level of protection through quality garage door installation services, noisy garage door repair services, and perfect garage door maintenance services – so you always have peace of mind. In the interim, take a look at some of the advantages that our collection of top-quality commercial doors and garage door openers has to offer.

Advantages Of Commercial Garage  

Easy access & unmatched security

Ensure the security of your business operations with one of our commercial garage doors. Our experienced technician’s selection guarantees easy access and top-notch protection so you can focus on what matters most.

Secure and efficient access for your business is possible with our commercial overhead garage doors! Choose the style that works best for you, such as overhead sectional doors or roll-up doors. Each option delivers exceptional security along with convenience – get the perfect fit tailored to your indoor space today with the help of experienced garage door specialists!

Allow you to take advantage of your space

Accessing the full potential of commercial space by experienced professional technicians is made easier with overhead garage doors. Auto repair shops especially can benefit from this, since more room to work in means better professional repair service for their customers’ vehicles! Moving cars into and out of professional garages also becomes a cinch – without worrying about any damage being done due to frame or fitting obstructions.

Creates a great first impression

When choosing a business for their needs, customers want the assurance that they are getting nothing less than professional garage door service. With garage-run companies, in particular, this peace of mind is crucial – after all, no one wants to worry about security when it comes time to entrust valuable possessions!

High-quality overhead doors can be a key factor in creating not only confidence but also an excellent first impression. Investing in regular maintenance and upkeep of your commercial & residential garage door company’s entrance demonstrates that the business values its customers as well as itself.

Protects what’s most important

Protecting your business investments is a priority for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, criminals prey on the opportunity to access stock, equipment, and other assets – often through vulnerable overhead doors! To prevent such costly losses it’s essential that quality products take measures to secure their premises against theft.

Guard your business against the elements with our robust & reliable overhead doors. Keep what matters safe and secure! Investing in a secure, durable door is the best way to prevent theft and minimize long-term costs associated with replacing stolen items through insurance – providing peace of mind for years to come!

Expertly installed

The right commercial garage door could be what propels your business to success. With the myriad of options available, making this choice wisely is paramount! An improperly installed or unreliable unit could create issues ranging from difficulty in opening and closing to security concerns, leading you back to calling a professional contractor for repairs. Avoid potential headaches by selecting an experienced company upfront!

Fortunately, at Spark Garage Doors Repair Aurora, we offer some of the overhead doors and openers that the industry has to offer and our technicians are trained to the highest standards. Commercial businesses get the protection and peace of mind they need with a reliable garage door system from the Aurora garage door service team. Not only will their products provide years of optimal performance, but each installation comes with a workmanship guarantee so you can rest assured knowing your business is secure 24/7!

If you are a business owner operating in Aurora and the surrounding area that is looking to keep their business premises secure and operations running smoothly, a commercial garage door from Spark Garage Doors Repair Aurora may be the solution you are searching for.

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