7 Wall Covering Ideas For Your Finished Garage

You have an unfinished garage next to your beautifully-designed aesthetic home. Won’t it look odd and out-of-place?  Of course, it will and it will undermine your home’s value and safety too. That is why you must do a complete makeover of every square footage of your garage.

Most of us think only of the floor space and redo the garage’s concrete floor. What about the garage walls, then?  It is the walls of the garage that play an important role in the garage’s utility and appearance.

So, let us focus on covering up the walls of the garage and explore some garage wall covering ideas.

Reasons why you need wall covering for your garage

Garage walls offer the maximum vertical area which is under-utilized. The walls of a garage can be used to store tools, supplies, implements, equipment, etc.

If you want to use your garage effectively as a storage space or recreation den, the first thing you must do is cover its walls.  Only if you cover the walls with bright paint, the garage interiors will be well-lit and bright. A well-painted wall makes the garage look spacious or roomy.

Another reason why garage wall covering is a must is to make your garage energy-efficient. Covering your garage walls with a layer of batt insulation will reduce your energy bills to a great extent.

Covering the walls with acrylic latex paint also protects your garage from moisture and dampness. Here are some best wall covering options given by our Denver garage door repair experts from Spark Garage Doors.

7 Best Wall covering options for your garage

When you think of refurbishing the walls, you must think of durable options like these


Painting is the easiest and cheapest option for wall covering. You can cover any type of surface- wood, metal, concrete, or even cinder blocks with coats of paint.  The advantage of painting your walls is that you can even do it yourself. You also have a wide range of colors to choose from, for the walls. The disadvantage is that this is not a durable option nor is it a storage alternative.


A drywall is a covering that can be installed without the use of water on a garage wall. The gypsum drywall anchors to the garage wall by using resin or drywall screws. Although it is inexpensive, it releases silica dust which is harmful to health.

Wood Paneling

 Wood panels can add appeal to your walls. They are available as vertical wood planks or horizontal lats. You can even paint these wooden panels.

The advantage of using wood paneling is that it is easier and faster than drywall. These panels can easily accommodate built-in cabinets, shelves, or hooks to create ample storage space. There is no taping needed for their installation. The only disadvantages are that wood planks are expensive and may also need support between their wall studs.

If you have a garage with concrete walls or stud walls, then you can even opt for inexpensive plywood or OSB panels. They are easy to install and can be painted, stained, or even torched to give a  different look to the garage interiors. 

Metal Paneling

Many people are switching over to metal panels as alternatives to drywall or wood as metal is more durable than most materials. You can choose among various options like corrugated metal sheets, fencing, grating, or even diamond plating to cover the entire wall. Even reclaimed metal sheets from old tin roofs, barns, and sheds can be used.

Although durability is a huge advantage for metal panels, their cost is a definite disadvantage making it an expensive option to consider. Fitting or shelves might also need special screws and support.

Plastic or Fiberglass 

Using a plastic or fiberglass covering is a cost-effective and maintenance-free option. Easy to install, these panels are easy to clean and are hence a choice for areas of high traffic with exposure to dust and grime.

A fiberglass batt insulation might even act as an insulator and keep your garage warm during cold weather.

Storage Panels

Some people want to maximize the use of the entire space in a garage. To do this, they use lattice walls, slat walls, or peg boards for the garage walls. Though these are not aesthetic,  they are sturdy and great as storage options.


A backer board is a green board that is used for covering moisture-prone areas like kitchens or bathrooms. Unlike the drywall which collapses on exposure to moisture, the backer board has a wire mesh to allow air to circulate and keep the wall dry. It can be painted with an acrylic coating for a better appeal. Although the backboard scores with its easy installation, it is not an ideal option for fitting shelves as the screws can affect its moisture resistance.

Having looked at all the above options for covering your garage walls, choose the right one after a design consultation with professional garage door repair experts in Denver for the best results.

Call Spark Garage Doors at (303) 928-7200 to contact our Denver customer service representatives now.

What Is Aluminum Capping For Garage Doors?

The prospect of frequent garage door maintenance frightens many. We worry about the costs while we hunt for the right garage door specialist to fit another layer of protection to our door.  But, not anymore for aluminum capping has arrived as the perfect solution to reduce our maintenance costs.

What is aluminum capping? Is this really going to protect our garage exterior? Will it ruin its curb appeal? Is it a difficult process? What will be the cost of labor for the installation of aluminum capping ?

Let us unravel the answers to all these questions, one by one.

Aluminum Capping is a must for Exterior Maintenance

Aluminum Capping is aluminum sheeting fitted to a wood garage door frame or window. Some call it aluminum cladding or aluminum wrapping.

The main objective of fitting this aluminum sheet to the wood frame is to protect the garage door from wear and tear due to weather or rough use. The wooden garage doorframe might warp in both sunny and cold weather. If the wood frame is not protected, you might have to be ready for a full garage door replacement! To prevent this,  it is wise to call a garage door repair experts in Denver and fit an aluminum garage capping.

Aluminum Capping- – the installation process 

Fixing aluminum cladding to a wooden door frame is easier said than done. The aluminum sheet must be cut to shape to follow the contours of the door perfectly.  Garage professionals use a machine called a brake to cut this metal sheet with precision. If this sheet is not well-cut, it will ruin the aesthetic appeal of your door. The poor installation of the sheet will also lead to a lack of curb appeal damaging the exterior aesthetics. So, always call an expert garage professional to fit your aluminum garage door capping for cleaner curb appeal and efficiency.

7 Best reasons to fit an aluminum capping for your garage door


Remember those weekends when you longed for a holiday but were forced to strip sand, and repaint your peeling garage door. Not anymore, for your aluminum garage capping is going to protect your door from damage from weather extremesabsolutely zero maintenance! All you need is a soft cloth, mild detergent, and water to clean the sheet once a week.

So, if you want your garage door to be free from maintenance,  opt for an aluminum garage capping at once. 

Best protection

Aluminum is a material resistant to water damage as it does not rust or corrode easily. Fitting an aluminum sheet tightly around your wooden frame will prevent it from cracking, warping, denting, or peeling. This metal layer will prevent the infiltration of water, dust, and debris through the bottom or sides of the door. For future wood maintenance, this capping is the best.

Seamless appearance for better aesthetic appeal

The level of the curb appeal of a garage has decided the resale value of your home. For an improved curb appeal, the exterior wood trim of your garage door must have fine lines and sharp contours with a seamless appearance. with aluminum cladding, you can get this improved appearance at minimal costs.

Extended lifespan for your door

The installation of aluminum capping will protect your door from inclement weather and prevent wood rot. This means your door will easily last longer for at least 5 years or more.

Better energy efficiency

Just a great appearance with protection is not enough for your door. your garage door must be well-insulated if you want to save on your energy bills. This energy efficiency can be easily achieved with the aluminum wrapping for your door.  This aluminum sheet acts as a barrier for your door from the outer elements and maintains the internal temperatures, thus making your door truly energy-efficient.

Cost savings

The average cost of an aluminum trim is between $8-$20 per linear foot. Even if you include the costs of labor and delivery, the amount would be far lesser than that of fixing a new door. With aluminum garage trims, you can definitely save on maintenance, repair, and replacement costs.

Better resale value

A well-maintained door fetches more value for your garage and home. The installation of an aluminum garage door frame cladding will definitely hike the value of your home.

Potential home buyers should always look for a house with garage capping. Or they should get a garage door aluminum capping for the long-lasting, beautiful, and elegant appearance of their doors.

If your garage door becomes worn out or even snaps, don’t be concerned. With inspections, maintenance, repairs, and all garage door services, you have a garage door repair service provider in  Denver you can rely on.

Our Centennial and Denver customer service representatives are just a phone call away. Call Spark Garage Doors at (303) 928-7200 now.

How Do I Choose Garage Door Color?

What is life without a rainbow of colors?  All of us wish to paint our garage doors well to improve their curb appeal. Those of us who want to play safe choose a neutral color. Others who like to experiment choose bold colors.

Again, the color you choose also depends on the use of the garage door. For residential garage doors, you can try using a rich color. However, for commercial garage doors, a sober or neutral color is best.

The other factor that dominates the choice of color for garage doors is the garage door style. If you have a carriage house-style door, you can opt for white or gray color.

The architectural style of the garage also plays a pivotal part in the door’s color selection. If you have an attached garage, its color scheme should match that of the house. Detached garages have more freedom to choose their color.

Why break your head over choosing a garage door color? Our Littleton Garage Door repair experts at Spark Garage Doors tell’s us these simple tips to choose the right color for your garage door.

Factors that help you choose the color of your garage door

Field color, Trim color, and Accent color of your house

The overall color with which your house is painted is called its primary color or field color. The most common primary color used for most houses is white.

The trim color is the color used to paint door frames and awnings. It usually contrasts the house color. The accent color is the color of the doors, windows, and shutters.

The color you chose for your door depends on the position of the doors in your home. This color should be in balance with the field and trim colors. It should not clash with either of them.

Basic color schemes

If you know the following basic color schemes in the color wheel, you can choose your door color better.

Monochromatic color scheme

In common terms,  this scheme refers to the color variations in a basic color ranging from the lightest to the darkest. You can choose gradations of color to bring out the contrast. For instance, you can paint the house in light gray, the awnings in medium gray, and the doors in dark gray.

Analogous color scheme

This scheme refers to the adjoining or consecutive colors in the color wheel. For instance,  yellow and green lie next to each other on the color wheel. So, an analogous color scheme for your garage could have yellow, green, and yellow-green options.

Complementary color scheme

Here, opposite colors on the color wheel are used to bring out the fine contrast. You can use cool colors like blue with warm colors like orange for the best effect.

Popular color choices for garage doors

When you choose your garage door color, know what category it belongs to and how to use it effectively.

Bold colors

Bold colors are prominent colors that make a visual impact. Yellow is a bright color that radiates sunny energy. Red is a dashing and dominant color. Purple denotes passion and is an adventurous color.

You must use a bold color along with a neutral color to highlight the difference. Bold colors are best used as accent colors and not for the main door.

Sophisticated colors

Some colors like black, gray, and chocolate brown give your door a sophisticated look. Black and chocolate brown look elegant while a gray garage has a dependable look. A white garage is the epitome of sophistication.

Relaxed colors

A garage with blue shutters has a pleasing appearance. Green is also a color that calms the mind. Choose such a muted color or a relaxing hue if you want your garage to have a placid look.

Neutral colors

Whatever be the architectural style of your garage door, you can play safe if you use a neutral color for the door. Black, white, ivory, cream,  or smoky gray are such neutral colors that you can count on.

Garage Door Color combinations to match the architectural style of your home

If you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garage, choose the following color scheme combination ideas that match the architectural beauty of your home.

Colonial- Let the primary color of your home be white, yellow, or brown with a  neutral door color.

Modern – Modern homes are all for adventure and use a white door with charcoal gray shutters or lime green trim.

Brick-Brick homes have charming accent color combos like yellow with cream, sage green with taupe, etc.

Make the right color decision after a color consultation with garage experts from Spark Garage Doors. Our garage door repair technicians in Littleton are ready to assist you with useful information.

Before you choose the color for your garage door,  use a garage door color selector or check with a color expert. Also, look at some color samples to get the right match for the color in mind. Call Spark Garage Doors repair technicians at (720) 902-4081 right now.  .

How To Avoid Garage Door Scams?

Life would be bliss if everything happens smoothly. If something goes awry, like a garage door malfunction, then, most of us do get tense. There is plenty of reason for us to be anxious as we need a reputable garage door repair company to service our door.

Finding a legitimate garage repair company is a Herculean task these days. Many garage door scammers flood the market and are ready to hoodwink unsuspecting customers. Disreputable companies try to give false promises on product guarantees or charge inflated prices for simple repairs. Some fake companies go even one step further and might even rob our homes in the guise of garage door repairs!  Vulnerable homeowners can easily fall prey to such garage door repair scams if they are not alert. But you can trust Spark Garage Doors, a reliable garage door repair compay in Littleton.

The only way to avoid garage door scams is to learn more about how these scammers work and are on an alert lookout for them.

5 ways to avoid common garage repair scams

Learn about these common upsells and scams that garage door scammers resort to and avoid those scams.

The Rebuild Package scam

This is the most common trick dishonest technicians employ. The garage door repair service company might come for a seemingly caring maintenance visit. Then, they will suggest a whole list of garage door parts to be replaced. Right from the garage door springs, rollers, cables, and tracks, every component of your door will need replacement. What’s more, they will charge unreasonable prices for even a small component like a spring. They might even ask you to replace the door if you are an unsuspecting customer!

Alert Tip- The best way to avoid this rebuild scam is by gaining knowledge about your garage door. First, bear in mind that a good garage door will last at least 10 years. Secondly, it is very odd that all garage door parts fail at the same time! 

Look for the above telltale signs of a garage repair scam. Escape it by calling an experienced garage door professional for a second opinion.

The Lifetime guarantee Scam

This is the trick most garage door dealers adopt while trying to sell a high-priced garage door to you. The word “lifetime guarantee” is a warning sign that the dealer is trying to scam you.

Please remember that no garage door can last a lifetime, even if it is of the highest quality. The normal lifespan of a standard garage door is 10-15 years. 

Next, this lifetime guarantee does not cover spare parts or labor.

Alert Tip-The next time a garage door salesman uses the term lifetime guarantee, know that he is from a fraudulent garage door company and avoid him.

The Unknown Company Scam

A legitimate garage door company has a registered business address with complete details. It also has an authentic website and email address to support its physical address. 

A reputable company will have a good reputation in the market with a well-known name. It will also have a license to perform repair and maintenance services for garage doors.

Fraudulent technicians often land on your doorstep to service your garage door without an Id, license, or even a business card. sometimes, the business card they have may have a false address. This is the grossest scam you must protect yourself from.

Alert Tip– always ask for identification details from any garage repair technician. Check the building address, street address, etc. on the card with the details on the internet. Ask for his professional credentials like license, company ID, etc. Do not entertain any persons who lack this information and report their visit to the police authorities for safety.

The Low Price Scam 

On average, it costs anywhere between $150-300 for a  garage door repair. Some companies offer to repair your door at ridiculously low prices like $20 which is unbelievable. Some others offer false coupons and bogus discounts over hiked prices. they may even ask you for advance payment upfront to slash the bills. Do not fall prey to these tricks of cheap garage door companies.

Alert Tip-A honest garage company always charges fair prices for its garage door repair service. If the price is unbelievably low, then the service might not be thorough. Or the scam company might be using cheap or low-quality spare parts that might cause problems for your door again.

Beware of garage door repair scammers and look for the above common scam warning signs when you call a garage door repair technician in Littleton for service.  Always use a reliable garage door service provider and save yourself from such bad scams.

Realize that a trustworthy and genuine garage door repair company will never cheat its valuable customers with cheap tricks. Call Spark Garage Doors at (720) 902-4081. Our Garage Door Repair technicians are just a call away. 

8 Garage Fire Prevention Tips

Did you realize your garage is one of the most dangerous rooms in your house? According to the United States Fire Administration, 6,600 garage fires occur each year, resulting in $457 million in property destruction. The start of summer is an excellent opportunity to assess your home’s security features and consider what you can do to improve them. This is the time when the sun is beating down and the kids are at home without school and the time when most garage accidents or fires are likely to happen. 

When guests arrive at your house, one of the first things they see is your garage door. It plays a big role in the overall curb appeal of your house. But garage doors do more than just impact your home’s appearance. They also affect your energy bills, security, and even the resale value of your property. A garage fire can quickly spread to your home, causing extensive damage and potential injuries. Taking some simple precautions can help prevent a garage fire from starting, and also help contain any fire that does start.

Learn how to make your family safe and home from the possible damaging effects of a garage fire.

1. Do not Store Flammable Materials.

Unfortunately, combustible products are all too prevalent in garages. Among the flammable objects and materials that should not be stored and to be avoided are:

  • Lighter fluid

  • Aerosol cans

  • Brake fluid

  • Gas cylinders

  • Paint thinner

  • Turpentine cans

  • Propane tanks

  • Oil-based cleaning products

  • Paint cans and tins

  • Varnish

2. Safeguard material near your Water Heater and Boiler.

Keep all goods at least three feet away from your heat sources such as the water heater and boiler, if they are stored in your garage. A combustible item contacting these gadgets can cause havoc in your garage and your house.

3. Use Fire-rated quality Electrical Outlets

You may be aware of the electrical outlets in your home, but are you aware of the outlets in your garage? Today outlets are required not just to listen to that boom-box but for charging the EV car and mobile phones, powering shop tools and lawn mowing equipment. 

Use adequate wattage light bulbs and avoid overloading electrical cords. It is critical not to overload your electrical wiring and outlets. Each outlet should only have one appliance plugged in. Check that all cables are in excellent condition and are not frayed, damaged, or bent.

You should also avoid utilizing extension cords for garage-stored appliances and electrical tools. Electrical malfunction might occur when extension cables overheat.

4. Configure Fire Defensive Devices for safety

Are there smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms or heat alarms in your garage?

A smoke alarm is better at detecting smoldering flames, toxic fumes and dangerous gases. Heat alarms, on the other hand, are less sensitive to innocuous elements such as dust and humidity. As a result, many individuals install heat detectors in their garages.

If you pick a heat alarm, have an electrician link it to your home’s smoke detectors. When the heat alarm goes off, so do the smoke detectors.

A fire-rated door going from your garage to your home is another crucial and additional fire prevention element. To prevent the fire from spreading inside your home, the door should have a tight seal. It should not have a pet door, which can allow smoke and fire to enter. It should also include self-latching and self-closing mechanisms to guarantee that it remains shut.

5. Strengthen your Walls and Attic

Reinforcement of every portion of your home that contacts your garage is a vital technique to protect your home from fire.

Half-inch (1/2 inch) gypsum board should be used to reinforce the garage wall that connects to your home. Install 5/8 inch Type X gypsum board in the ceiling of any living space above your garage. If you have attic access from your garage, use an attic hatch cover to keep the attic safe.

6. Care for your Garage

Keep an eye out for any problems if you park a car in your garage. Dripping oil or gas from your automobile might ignite a fire.

If you find a leak, have your automobile repaired straight soon. Having your automobile inspected on a regular basis might help you avoid problems that could lead to a fire. A fire might be caused by cracked gasoline lines, defective fuel injectors, or a faulty automobile battery.

7. Look for a New Site for Auto Repairs

Many types of automobile maintenance might also be hazardous to do in your garage. Welding employs combustible materials and poses a significant fire risk. Find a different location for these activities and make sure to use safety gear.


For more information on fire prevention in your garage, please call (720) 902-4081, and a Spark Garage Doors specialist will contact you immediately. We have high levels of customer satisfaction due to the quality of our garage door repair services in Littleton, CO, fair prices, and rapid emergency response at no extra cost!

Tips For Parking In A Small Garage

You want to make parking in your garage as easy as possible, whether you’re a first-time homeowner who has only utilized covered parking or you have a new adolescent driver in your household. We understand how annoying it may be to have a tight-space parking spot in your garage even with extra space. Because many garages also hold bikes, seasonal decorations, camping gear and gardening tools, the real parking area might become very less in area. The obvious answer to parking in a tight garage is not just careful manoeuvring but also judicious use of the available garage floor space and vertical space. 

This blog contains two great recommendations for preparing your tiny garage for a novice driver, as well as three pieces of advice for physically placing your vehicle in a parking spot.

Preparing the Garage

Most personal automobiles can park in the parking garage or even in a tight spot. However, because many garages are also utilized for storage, you may not have access to all of your garage’s possible parking spaces. Complete these two tasks before you begin utilizing your garage for parking on a daily basis.

  1. Examine the sensors

If you have anything stacked along the garage wall, your vehicle may not be able to completely enter the garage. Evaluate the positioning of your garage door sensors as you prepare to transition from street or driveway parking to garage parking.

Compare the length of your car to the available garage space. Place an object where your car’s back bumper would be to see whether your door closes. If the door would not close, you may need to relocate your storage or use thin wall bumpers. 

  1. Create a stop mark

You might be unsure how far to pull into the garage. Create a simple mark that you can park your car on to guide it into the garage space. A ball suspended from a thread linked to the ceiling is one of the most typical garage markers. When the ball reaches the windshield, the automobile is sufficiently drawn in.

To assist you to hit your mark, you may want to consider a garage parking aid or an electronic parking attendant such as wall guides along the edges of the area or a robust bumper guard against your inner garage wall. These garage parking aids ensure that if you make a mistake the first few times, you don’t wind up harming your garage.

  1. Inspect your garage

As you prepare your garage, if you discover any problems with how the door performs, handle the garage door repairs as soon as possible. This first step guarantees that you don’t have to worry about parking while also dealing with an unreliable garage door. Checking the operability of your garage door also decreases the chance of your car being damaged if it is not drawn all the way into the parking garages.

Parking Your Vehicle

The most difficult aspect of learning parking tips in a garage is judging how much room you have on any given side. While you may provide yourself with tools to make parking more pleasant, adapting to the space simply requires time and experience.

Follow these three steps to learn how to park in a garage more simply.

  1. Examine your mirrors

For many drivers, squeezing into a tiny spot with no barriers appears to be much simpler than parking in a garage. This difference in perception stems mostly from the fact that you do not have to account for your side mirrors when parking in a parking lot, but you must be in an enclosed location.

You may feel more at ease parking in your garage if your side mirrors tilt or fold inward. You may feel secure enough to park with your mirrors out as your parking skill improves.

  1. Perform trial runs in an open area.

Perform some trial runs in an outside location before switching from outdoor to inside parking. You may utilize a parking spot with cars parked on both sides, or you can measure the clearance in your garage and draw your own imitation parking space.

Give yourself plenty of room when you drive into your simulated garage, and keep an eye on where your car is in relation to your goal place as you turn. This might assist you to become better acquainted with how to approach and enter your garage.

  1. Observe someone else park

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to manoeuvre your automobile into such narrow spaces, observe how someone else parks in a comparable spot. Observe your neighbors as they return home from work, or ask a friend to demonstrate parking in your narrow garage.

Take note of how much adjusting the driver has to make along the process so you can better predict what you’ll need to do to totally pull in.

While learning a new driving skill can be scary at any age, these pointers can help make the experience less irritating and stressful. As you acclimate to your exciting new housing arrangement, use these precautions to safeguard yourself, your vehicle, and your garage.

Call (720) 800 9966 if you reside in Aurora CO or the nearby regions and need help in garage door repair or replacement, and a Spark Garage Doors specialist will contact you shortly.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Glass Garage Doors

The glass garage door is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a unique style and aesthetic appeal. The sleek and sturdy design will give you the confidence that your home’s valuable items are protected from anything happening outside. If you’re looking for a garage door that will last and protect your home, then look no further than hard glass. Once you have seen a glass garage door, it’s difficult to see the allure of traditional garage doors.

The weight of the glass can cause the entire garage door to be heavy enough to equal the weight of a steel garage door panel, so depending on the overall weight of the door, an electric garage door opener may be a good option for the glass garage doors. Glass doors aren’t just made of glass–they’re usually an aluminum frame with glass inserts, though some options may be available for steel. A residential glass garage door’s aluminum frames can be coated in a wide variety of colors, including grey, bronze, and white.

For further energy efficiency, insulated glass garage door panels are available. Compared to all other garage door materials, glass options can be less energy-efficient than steel or aluminum doors and more fragile with considerations for privacy and security. These doors may be visually spectacular and provide an unrivaled level of brilliance to a home. However, they are not without their drawbacks. So let’s look at their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Glass Garage Doors 

A popular choice for Curb appeal – There’s no denying that if you want to improve the curb appeal of your house, there are a few things you can do, such as installing an all-glass custom garage door. The number one reason consumers choose a glass garage door is because of this.

Open up the garage space – Bringing natural light into the garage is a terrific way to make it more appealing, whether you use it solely to park your car(s) or have transformed it into an office/workspace or home gym. You can make your garage a warmer, brighter, and more adaptable component of your home by adding an all-glass garage door. One that can be put to a wide variety of uses.

Stronger than you think – Glass door panels are no longer fashioned of fragile window glass as in the past. They’re now made of tempered glass, which is as durable as wood or metal panels. If you’re truly concerned about security, you may have panels made of bulletproof glass.

No painting required, ever – Many types of garage door panels require painting or staining every couple of years. If you don’t take adequate care of wooden doors, the paint may fade and the wood will split. Glass panels are an exception. Simply wipe them with glass cleaner and a soft cloth every few months, and you’re good to go.

Disadvantages of Glass Garage Door 

We’ve covered some of the numerous advantages of glass garage doors. Let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages of glass garage doors now.

Weight – Make no mistake: all of those glass panels are heavy. As a result, if you’re replacing your present door with glass panels, you’ll almost certainly need to upgrade your garage door opener as well. Torsion or extension garage door springs may also be required.

Expense – Tempered glass panels are more costly than other common garage door materials, such as fiberglass, wood, and steel. It will cost considerably more if you want them to be frame-less and possibly have a mirrored outside so people can’t look in. If you want tinted glass, you’ll have to pay more. In the end, laminated or opaque glass panels are a luxury.

Lack of insulation – Hollow panel steel, fiberglass, or aluminum garage doors have the benefit of being able to be filled with insulation. This will keep your garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This insulation is lost when using all-glass panels.

As you can see, both sides of the glass garage door debate have solid points. Which side you choose will be influenced by the style of your home, your personal preferences, and your budget.

For residents of Aurora and the neighboring areas, our garage door technicians can maintain the reliability of your garage for years! We work with a variety of garage door types and designs, as well as provide quick and easy garage door repair and regular maintenance! If you’d like to learn more about custom glass garage door installation services, contact Spark Garage Doors, the garage door specialist at (720) 800-9966. 

Keeping Kids Safe Around Garage Doors

If you’re a parent, grandparent, babysitter or someone else who frequently manages kids at home, child safety is undoubtedly a top consideration. This article highlights some garage safety recommendations from a garage door specialist to help keep your children safe whether they are playing in your garage or close to the garage. Some residential garages and automatic garage types can be hazardous environments for children, but a few simple safety steps can keep your family and pets safe. 

Garage doors, although extremely convenient, are also household products that are subjected to extreme stress. This tension is necessary for garage doors to function effectively but if your garage door isn’t properly maintained, it can cause serious problems. A poorly maintained garage door can be a safety hazard for kids, as well as an inconvenience. Make sure to regularly check your garage door to ensure that it is functioning properly else it might be dangerous to your child.

The garage door is one of the largest moving things in any home, and it may be quite dangerous if not utilized properly or if it fails mechanically. A faulty garage door can cause significant harm or even death to children playing in the garage. For a young child,  playing with the garage door remote can be a very appealing temptation, but they may not grasp the ramifications of pressing that opening or closing button. A garage door remote will most likely appear to a child as a toy or a TV or gaming remote. 

Several deaths and injuries from garage door accidents were recorded in the 1980s and 1990s, prompting child safety groups, Consumer Product Safety Commission and well-meaning garage door companies to investigate the safety features of garage door equipment.  UL325-compliant garage doors, on the other hand, cause nearly no significant accidents or deaths today. Although new smart technologies may alter how we open and close garage doors, kid safety remains a key consideration. 

The garage may be a dangerous place for children, especially during power outages, but a few simple safety steps can help safeguard your family. Many objects in the average garage can attract the interest of small eyes and hands, and many of them can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. When your children are old enough to go outside without continuous supervision, make sure they care to understand how the garage door works.

Many risks can be avoided by educating kids about garage door safety. Gently but firmly inform your children about the dangers of garage doors to keep them safe when playing in and around the garage. Teach your children these tips for garage door safety, and you can feel more secure that your entire home is safe. 

  • Make sure there are no people or pets in the way of the garage door before closing it. Make sure any power tools, paints, lawn chemicals, and other potentially hazardous materials are stored in secured cabinets.
  • Teach them not to play in a closed garage, particularly if smells are present. To avoid fire threats, unintentional poisoning, and other dangers, properly dispose of any hazardous materials such as old paint, lawn chemicals, unneeded wood or pesticides.
  • Never park bikes, sports equipment or other toys in the path of the garage door. Keep dangerous equipment and other gadgets safely stored away using outlet covers and cabinet locks, just as you would inside the house. When not in use, unplug any major power tools, appliances, or equipment, and always secure your car doors.
  • Use the garage door opener sparingly and only if you lose your house key. The remote control is not a toy, and the device buttons should not be pressed for the sake of amusement. Keep your entire family secure by emphasizing to your youngsters that garage doors and openers are not toys.
  • If your garage door has a passcode, don’t tell anyone, including their school or college friends, what it is. Even if they’re friends, it’s best to keep the code to yourself. That way, you can be sure that only people you trust will have access to your home.
  • When the automatic garage door is opening, never hold on to it or “ride” it up. Even if the garage door is closed or not moving, do not climb on it. To avoid climbing, never leave rope hanging or laying around, and always store ladders carefully.
  • It may be tempting to touch the garage door while it is moving, but small fingers can easily get pinched by the door panels. Teach your young children about the potential danger in the garage and keep an eye on them at all times.
  • Playing near the automatic garage door should be avoided. It’s advised not to take any chances and avoid the area where the door opens. When your children are in the garage, educate them about the potential hazards and add some rules for playing near the door.
  • The photo-eye sensors at the bottom of the tracks should not be moved or tampered with. The safety feature of a garage door might be thrown off by this. Your family can avoid major injury and damage to themselves or others by following this easy garage door safety sensors requirement.

Discuss these safety lessons from Spark Garage Doors at the earliest with your younger children to avoid such risky situations in your garage. A professional garage door repair company like Spark Garage Doors will also examine the numerous other safety features on your door and offer to add any safety upgrades if so required.

Spark Garage Doors is a reputable garage door company that can assist you in ensuring you add all the safety features to your garage door systems. If you have any questions about garage door safety, please contact us. We offer a variety of safety customization and protection choices to help you design the perfect garage door for your property.  For regular maintenance of your existing garage door or for high-quality garage door repair, garage door replacement and installation, call the garage door technicians at Spark Garage Doors at 303-928-2700.

A Guide To Garage Door Repair Service

Today’s garage doors can weigh as much as 500 pounds! That’s why, when anything goes wrong, it’s so difficult to move them. The primary reason is that a garage door system consists of more than just the door and the rails on which it runs. The system is complemented by extension springs, huge torsion springs, cable drums, and garage door openers.

If any of these components stop working properly or break unexpectedly, the door or doors may stop moving… or perhaps come crashing down! The door will then remain out of action until that part is repaired or replaced, in either case. While some garage door repair and garage door replacement are simple, others will necessitate the services of a skilled garage door service technician.

Each component has a distinct purpose. The tracks maintain the door in place, the springs assist in lifting the weight, and the garage door opener lifts the whole thing with a single click of a button. If the springs fail, the garage door cables and cable drums serve as a backup.

Even though garage doors are an important part of our daily lives, most people take them for granted and risk incurring hefty repair costs due to a lack of maintenance. Garage door issues can occur at the most inconvenient times, so to avoid faulty garage it is necessary to perform regular maintenance and repair some garage door parts regularly.

It is therefore advisable to hire a reputable garage door company that can deliver high-quality and professional garage door maintenance services without burning a hole in your pocket. If you have an old garage or your garage door has been malfunctioning or you need advice about maintaining your garage repair services, you have come to the right place. To help ensure the seamless performance of your reliable garage door,  our experts have listed three garage door parts that need periodic replacement.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door springs are under a lot of tension because they are responsible for bearing the weight of the door. When the huge door moves downward due to gravity, it also pulls down on massive load-bearing springs, causing tension. When the time comes to reverse the direction, the tension in these garage door springs makes it significantly easier for your opener to lift the door again.

Because of a broken garage spring, the garage door will not rise with the automated opener or by hand. The lack of force that springs provide makes it twice as heavy. Garage door spring replacement is doable on your own, but it can be complex and risky, and the ability necessarily varies greatly depending on the type of springs you have. If the process doesn’t seem like something that you’re ready to take on, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a reliable garage door repair company that can get the new springs installed in no time at all.

There are several types of springs on various types of garage doors, and the ease with which these springs can be replaced varies greatly. Extension springs are used indoor systems with long springs that run parallel to the tracks on both sides of the door. They look like they’re floating in mid-air, long and sleek. Torsion springs are thicker springs connected to a metal rod at the door opening.

If you have an older door with a single section that swings up in the air, you might have vertical springs on both sides. These are side springs, which are frequently used in conjunction with other extension springs in the air.

The difference between extension and torsion springs is now minimal. When you close the door, they use the weight and gravity of the door to tense up and load, leaving you with enough energy to raise the door back up when you open it. When extension springs are loaded, the energy is stored outside and desires to return to the center, but torsion springs are twisted when the door lowers and release energy by untwisting back in the opposite direction.

Torsion springs, as you could have guessed from the name, are the more dangerous type to work with. While working with torsion springs is doable, it can be quite harmful if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t pay close attention to the SOPs. These torsion springs hold a lot of energy, which you want to keep bottled up and not lashing out at you. They are under tension, and you must keep this in mind at all times. You may be able to handle things on your own. However, for many of us, garage door spring repair is simply not worth the trouble. We strongly advise that you call a garage door specialist unless you are completely confident in your abilities—it is simply safer and easier that way.

To replace torsion springs, you’ll need a winding bar, which allows you to simply twist and untwist the springs to change the amount of torsion. A winding cone is located at the end of each torsion spring. This is where the winding bar attaches and can spin the entire spring. To gradually release them, steadily turn the bar while pressing the spring against the door.

When you have a torsion spring replacement, make sure that the door is closed before starting work on your car. With only two torsion springs on a door, if one is broken then you’re halfway there! The installation is really easy once you have unwound and removed the springs from your old door. Then just wind up new ones, and put them in place to make sure everything works well before finishing off by greasing all joints with an appropriate lube!

Extension springs are thought to be much easier to replace. You can remove and replace your door’s springs without causing any unsafe tension. When you open the door, the springs will lose most of their tension and should be safe to handle. Use clamps to keep the door from slamming shut on you when you initially open it and begin working on it.

The process is easy. Simply disconnect the springs from their respective brackets, pulley or cable then install a new one by attaching it with plastic adhesive for an efficient installation that will last longer than you do! That’s it! Make sure that you have an experienced technician working with the garage door material you want before you hire him or her.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

What a mess if your garage door won’t open all the way or won’t open with a remote or if your garage door’s not working?

The opener is a pivotal component that serves as the control mechanism for opening and closing your home. It also provides security by providing an extra layer of protection against unwanted intruders who might try breaking in during times when you’re away. 

If it becomes damaged or breaks, you need to have the repair done right away because there are things that can happen if left unattended for long periods of time like unexpected breakdowns in automatic functions such as closing and opening doors properly which would leave residents at risk from intruders who may want access into their homes. Any garage door technician knows that your garage is a special place. That’s why when you come in for repairs or service – whether it be routine maintenance like replacing batteries on remote controls or fixing leaks due to weatherization systems- the technicians will take care of all the details with their extensive knowledge and skill sets so there are no worries about what might go wrong next!

The three most common types of garage door openers are chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive. The names refer to the several types of pulleys in the garage door opener’s motor that move a trolley back and forth on a track, allowing your garage door to open and close. A power unit is installed on the track.

There are more components to a garage door opener. signal sensors connected to access devices and receivers, as well as a quick-release mechanism utilized during crises or power outages. At the same time, it has a sophisticated assembly that is linked to a power unit.

Repairing a broken garage door opener is not a chore for the inexperienced. It’s a complicated system that has to be serviced by a professional. We specialize in repairing malfunctioning garage door openers and have thousands of delighted customers.

In most situations, the opener has a minor technical issue that can be fixed without replacing the entire garage door opener. We recommend that you call a professional to fix your garage door opener, since doing it yourself might result in harm.

One of the most significant elements of your garage door is the garage door opener. When you use your keypad, remote, or mobile app to start the lifting or lowering procedure, it communicates with the opener. Because your garage door is utilized as an entry to your house 1500 times or more every year, it is common for your opener to require maintenance and repairs. Because your garage door opener has so many moving components, all garage door opener repairs should be handled by a knowledgeable expert.

Call the garage door professionals who can handle garage door opener repairs. They work promptly and efficiently to assure the flawless operation of your garage door opener. These professional technicians are also trained to repair all makes and models of garage door openers. They also service and repair all garage door manufacturers’ garage door openers. When you entrust them with your garage door opener repair, you can be assured that you will receive top-notch service and workmanship. When it comes to garage door opener repair, always trust the experts to get the job done right!

List of Garage door opener services:

  • Chain Drive Garage Door Openers
  • Belt Drive Garage Door Openers 
  • Smart Garage Door Openers 
  • Side Mount Garage Door Opener
  • Screw Drive Garage Door Opener 
  • Wall Mount Garage Door Opener
  • Jackshaft Garage Door Opener
  • Direct Drive Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage door cables are an important part of the system that supports your garage during movement and keep you safe. Inspections and preventative maintenance are vital for keeping your wires in good shape all year. The product is designed to perform at its optimum for a specified amount of time, but it will not be able to last as long due to normal wear and tear. Pay attention to these warning signs so you don’t suffer from the common pitfalls,

  • Hesitation or slow movement
  • Halting when the door tries to open or close
  • Dangling cables
  • Rust
  • Noise from the door

Even if you think the damage is attributable to something else, you should never ignore it. Many people wait until they notice a problem before calling a garage door expert. Regular maintenance will assist extend its life so that when it does need to be replaced or repaired, there will be no problems repairing it before they happen. While certain obvious concerns, such as damaged wires, are simple to see, skilled technicians are trained to conduct in-depth examinations to look for less visible indicators of wear and tear. When necessary, they make changes and conduct rapid and economical repairs.

Some commercial and residential garage doors are large and complex, with several moving parts to manage and maintain. The cables help lift the door and moderate its drop by transferring energy from the coiled springs.

A cable can get frayed or worn, unbuckled or detached, drop off a pulley, stretch, or break. It’s helpful to know how to fix a garage door cable if this happens. The type of cable system, whether torsion or extension spring, influences how garage door cables are reattached and replaced. Here are some more things to look at when checking at malfunctioning cables:

Examine the Cable

Lift cables should be inspected regularly to avoid damage or harm. Cables that are frayed or rusty should be replaced before they break. When the door is fully open, cables that sag or appear loose are more prone to become unwound from drum rollers or slip off pulleys. The sag could have been caused by cables stretching or a clamp slipping. If this happens, tighten the cords.

Clamp the Door

This stage is influenced by where the door is when the cable breaks or releases. Attach a C-clamp to the track as close to but beneath the bottom tire as feasible if the door is completely or half-open. This will prevent the door from closing. If the cable breaks, leaps a pulley or gets disconnected when the door is fully closed, clamps are not required.

Turn off the Power Supply

It is preferable to turn off the garage door opener’s power supply and detach it from the door lifting mechanism to avoid harm. This also allows you to reposition the door if necessary. To unlatch the connection, locate the release pull rope and tug on it.

Open the Door

To remove the stress on the torsion or extension springs and make it easier to repair or reconnect wires, the door must be fully opened. Lift the door until it is completely open, then clamp it in place to keep it from rolling down. Heavy doors may need the assistance of two or three people to raise the door in a level way and avoid binding or harm.

Examine the Springs

When a cable snaps, it can send a tsunami of energy into an extension or torsion spring. Check the springs for cracks or breakage and repair them if necessary. Loose cables may be caused by torsion spring slippage, which may involve spring tightening and rewinding.

Be Proactive

If one cable has to be replaced due to fraying, corrosion, or breaking, replace both lift cables at the same time. When replacing wires, it’s also a good idea to repair the bottom mounting bracket. Check for wear where the cable joins to the top frame on extension spring doors and repair components as needed.

Use Proper Tools

To keep the door in place, use C-clamps or blocks and clamps on both tracks. When working above your chest height, use a ladder or step-stool; it is safer and gives more strength for activities than reaching. As needed, use pliers, vice grips, a hammer, wrenches, screwdrivers, and winding bars. Wear safety glasses and gloves as well for your protection.

 Why Choose Spark Garage Doors Repair Denver?

It might be a difficult scenario when you’re looking for a competent garage door provider servicing Denver CO. You need a company you can rely on, with garage door experts that perform the work correctly the first time, on schedule, and within your budget. At Spark Garage Doors Repair, we have a long list of satisfied customers who can attest to the high-quality job we do on any budget. On Google, Yelp, and other big-name sites, we have a slew of great ratings from happy consumers.

Aside from that, there are a few more benefits to using Spark Garage Doors Repair:

  • Accurate estimates: There will be no unexpected post-service invoices with hidden costs that were never mentioned. We provide free and precise estimates upfront to ensure that our work falls within your budget and expectations.
  • Low-cost options: When it comes to financing your garage door project, you can count on finding some of the most affordable options when you pick Spark Garage Doors Repair. We want you to have a reliable working garage door regardless of your financial situation, therefore we will match any written quotation from a competitor with our correct price guarantee.
  • Regular employees: Outsourced labor is frequently imprecise and unreliable in the garage door industry. At Spark Garage Doors Repair, we train all of our employees ourselves once they have undergone an extensive background check and certification process.
  • Experience:  Whether or not we installed your garage doors originally, our trained garage door professionals are likely to be able to work on any style of door you have. Wayne Dalton, Northwest Door, CHI, and others are among the top garage door brands we service regularly, springs, cables, and all.
  • Preparedness: Springs, cables, or openers can break at any time, which is inconvenient. Fortunately, we’re always ready to act and solve the problem before it causes you any inconvenience. Just give us a call, and our fully stocked and repair-ready trucks will be on their way to you.

If your garage door becomes worn out or even snaps, don’t be concerned. With inspections, maintenance, repairs, and all garage door services, you have a garage door repair service provider in Spark Garage Doors you can rely on. 

Call our Centennial and Denver customer service representatives at (303) 928-7200 to know more about our garage door replacement services in Denver and Centennial CO or to schedule your next maintenance service.

Don’t Ignore These Garage Door Repair Issues!

Most homeowners don’t give their garage doors much thought until there’s a problem. But as anyone who’s ever faced a broken garage door can attest, these problems can be a real headache. Nothing is more aggravating than dealing with a common garage door problem or a broken garage door opener. Fortunately, there are many professional garage door repair services that can help to fix common issues. A Garage Door Repair Company in your vicinity will often take care of these strange garage door noises. 

From broken springs to malfunctioning openers, garage door experts have the tools and experience to get your door working again. In many cases, they can even diagnose and repair more complex problems that require special parts or equipment. So if you’re dealing with a garage door maintenance problem, don’t hesitate to reach out to a qualified garage door repair technician in Aurora.

You Shouldn’t Ignore These 5 Common Garage Door Issues

The average garage door may last up to several years with proper care and maintenance without needing garage door upgrades or costly repair jobs. Major garage door repair difficulties can emerge from time to time if left neglected for a lengthy period of time. Although it can happen, a functional garage door rarely stops operating totally out of the blue unless it is the result of a mishap. A jammed, damaged, or completely blocked door is frequently preceded by one of the following symptoms. When you see these warning signs, call a garage door service company right away.

#1: Lot of squeaking and screeching noises when operating a garage door

#2: A garage door that won’t open or close all the way

#3: Garage door panels that are bent or broken or have other signs of damage

#4: Broken springs or missing parts that prevent your garage door from working properly

#5: A garage door that appears to become “stuck” in the middle of its opening or closing cycle. It’s easy to dismiss any of them as a little irritation or to complain about them for a few moments before moving on with your day. But it would be a huge error, one that might easily cost you time and money.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Garage Door Issues

As you might expect, your garage door is unlikely to mend itself, and most problems will only become worse with time. That means taking necessary maintenance tasks will almost always catch up with you, starting with things like:

Bigger garage door repair bills – The longer you wait to fix the problem, the more likely it is that parts may wear out and break. If the problem is not addressed while the motor is putting strain on other components, a simple spring repair can soon develop into an expensive repair and you may need a new garage door installation.

Insecure entrances to your home – When your garage door stops functioning correctly, it becomes the equivalent of an open window, allowing people inside your house.

A loss of insulation in climate control – In another way, a damaged garage door might act as an open window, enabling hot or cold air to pour into your home. Of course, this will affect temperatures and energy expenses, but it may also cause property in your garage to deteriorate due to exposure to the weather.

Issues of safety and injury – Garage doors that have broken or opened while people are there can be dangerous, and many people are wounded every year as a consequence of incidents caused by garage doors that have fallen or opened while people are present. You never want a family member to suffer because a section of your home isn’t fixed.

None of these is a problem Aurora CO homeowners want to deal with, and in many cases, they can be prevented by a quick call, a few new parts, and a little bit of care. Your garage door is an important part of your home, and one that’s easy to maintain so long as you don’t procrastinate on regular maintenance. If your garage door is trying to tell you something, be sure to listen!

If you are unsure about your reliable garage regarding any safety issues it’s worth getting garage door professional assistance. Feel free to call Spark Garage Doors Repair in Aurora CO
and see if we can give you some maintenance tips or come out and assess your door issues. Call (720) 800-9966 for an experienced Aurora garage door repair professional and a Spark Garage Door specialist will contact you shortly.

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