12 Qualities Of A Reliable Garage Door Supplier and Builder

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You may have often heard from friends or relatives that one should always seek to purchase doors and other parts from renowned manufacturers and suppliers. How do you recognize a good and reliable garage door supplier who offers top-notch quality service and customer satisfaction?

We asked the experts at Spark Garage Doors, a garage door installation and replacement company to give us an idea of what were the top qualities of a garage door supplier and builder. They came up with a list of 12. According to our experts, a reliable garage door supplier should have the following qualities:

  1. Manufactures quality custom garage doors

Building custom garage doors of the finest quality is the main aim of a garage door supplier. Their custom garage doors must be of the best materials with no compromise on quality. The doors must not only be of smooth finish but also sturdy and resistant to wear- and tear. So, look for garage door suppliers who manufacture best-quality garage doors. 

  1. Uses original spare door parts for replacements

The strength and life of a garage door depend not only on its material but also on the spare parts used. The garage door supplier must fit the doors with high-quality genuine spare parts. If they use duplicate or poor-quality spare parts, the garage door gets damaged. To prevent this, the supplier must have these original spare parts available at all times. By this, they ensure that their custom garage doors function well without any hitch.

  1. Has a strong in-house service team or connection with garage door service providers 

Building and fixing a custom garage door is the main task of a garage door supplier. But this alone is not enough. What if the door gets damaged? They must repair it at once. They should not go hunting for a service team. Your project or job is easy if the supplier has a strong connection with local door service providers. 

  1. Sells quality garage door products at competitive prices.

A customer buys a  good-quality garage door from a reliable supplier. But with time and use, the door gets worn out and you have to replace it. See if your supplier trades the garage door products at competitive prices. This makes it easy for you to have a single point contact for all your garage door needs.  By doing this, the supplier ensures that the customers come back to them for all their garage door needs.

  1. Is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

It is always best to look out for a reliable garage door supplier who is also an OEM. When the garage door supplier is an OEM, their custom garage doors are made of the finest quality product available. This is because the OEM garage door supplier has to guarantee that each and every part of the garage door for a certain amount of years. 

  1. Has been in business for a long time

While selecting the garage door supplier, look at their experience. A reliable garage door supplier is one who has at least 5 years of experience and proper training in building garage doors. This gives them first-hand experience in dealing with all garage door problems. An experienced garage door provider can solve all your garage door needs in less time and with more precision than a novice provider.

  1. Has obtained genuine testimonials and online reviews

A garage door supplier with a good service record is what you need. You can gauge their track record based on what other local customers say. Choose the right garage door provider based on their customer reviews. These star reviews are available online on their website or on other home improvement sites as well. 

  1. Serves lots of customers in your city or county

A garage door supplier with a huge customer base is what you should look for. A supplier who handles many customers will have ample experience with garage doors. Besides this, customers come only because of their satisfaction with the company’s service. The fact that the supplier has many customers is proof for you to trust them.

  1. Offers a Warranty 

Choose a supplier who offers a warranty on their garage doors. A reliable garage door supplier is always confident in the quality they offer. They are never hesitant to offer a warranty in case something goes wrong like a malfunction or a spurious product.

  1. Gives free consulting

A good garage door supplier considers excellent customer service as their first priority. That is why they often offer a free consultation to their customers to guide them in selecting the right type of garage doors or maintenance plan.

  1. Takes adequate precautions during a pandemic

Social distancing and hygiene precautions have become compulsory due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Opt for a garage door supplier who takes safety precautions for a pandemic like wearing masks and gloves, maintaining social distancing, disinfecting garage door equipment and tools, etc. This will ensure the safety of both you and your garage doors.

  1. Offers virtual or online conferences 

In the current pandemic, customers may not be able to visit the retail outlet of the garage door supplier. In such a situation, the garage door supplier must have the facility to discuss online with customers. This helps them meet their garage door needs in the safety of their homes.

If you are in Denver or its neighborhoods and looking for installing a new garage door or replacement of your existing door, and looking for a reputable company, contact us at (720) 800-9966 for the following:

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3 Popular Residential Garage Door Styles For Denver Home Owners

Spark Garage Doors - Residential Garage Door in Denver, CO

A garage is more than a parking spot. It is an extension of your home. Since the aesthetic value of garage matters, customers are now choosing the option of customized garage doors for a standout factor.  

The demand for garage doors is increasing exponentially. According to the Garage & Overhead Doors Study by the Freedomia Group, by 2022, the demand for residential garage doors will be valued at $2.2 billion and the combined demand for residential and commercial garage doors will be $3.6 billion. 

Clients are seeking garage doors of varying styles, designs, and colors. With this comes a demand for new styles, designs, and innovations. Sturdy and sleek doors, with bold colors, are now dominating the market. Classic styles, with a new age spin, are also in great demand. 

Seasonal trends have made full-view glass doors with aluminum panels a popular choice. The demand for affordable luxurious looks has paved the way for fiberglass garage doors. It gives a rustic premium look at low cost and maintenance.

Which Garage Door Style is Right for You?

The choice of a garage door style depends on a number of factors, including location, utility of the garage and the look of your home. Sometimes it comes down to safety and privacy vs. style and elegance. 

We asked the experts at Spark Garage Doors, a garage door installation and replacement company to give us an idea of what were the most popular styles of garage doors, their Denver clients opted to go with. Here is what Denver, Aurora, and Centennial residents chose most often:

1. Carriage House Style Garage Doors

Just like the name suggests, the carriage house doors give a sense of a carriage house. The door is designed to look like a typical barn door commonly found in rural areas outside Denver. Get in touch with a technician to guide you in picking the best carriage style door if you wish to have the countryside feel or a classic look.

2. Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Contemporary style garage doors are garage doors designed with the modern style. They’re the best fit for contemporary house designs, especially for the cool, chic and urbane Denver resident. These doors are made of aluminum material and fitted with glass panels that permit the light to enter the garage. Doors designed using this style are simple, attractive with clean lines and fine finishing giving that desired contemporary appearance. This door style is the best choice for those who intend to use the garage as a studio or a recreational area.

3. Traditional Style Garage Doors

Traditional style garage doors are versatile as their style goes well with almost all home designs and appearances. Normally, these garage doors are made of aluminum material and designed with raised panels. This style is ideal for the Denver residential homeowner who wants a simple appearance and hassle-free garage door searching process.

Why are These 3 Garage Door Styles So Popular?

Nearly one out of every five residential garage doors sold today in North America is a carriage-style door according to the 2013 Carriage House Door Sales Report by the Doors & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA). An estimated 19% of American households opt for carriage style garage doors. Using substitutes to wood have made carriage style garage doors affordable. 

Carriage garage doors are apt for Victorian style homes. Suburban homes looking for a vintage decor opt for carriage style garage doors. If you are looking for natural light for your garage, you can opt for a contemporary glass fitted garage door. 

Contemporary garage doors made of steel are inexpensive, but durable. Traditional raised panel garage doors are an ideal choice if you want customization. They can be easily insulated and allow natural lighting through windows.

The curb appeal and the resale value make carriage style glass doors a popular choice. With the trend pointing towards superior durability at low cost, fiberglass, and vinyl glass doors have gained popularity. 

These materials make strong, durable, and low-cost contemporary garage doors. The demand for glass doors is also steadily rising. Glass with aluminum panels is the signature look of a modern garage.

If you are in Denver or its neighborhoods and looking for installing a trendy new garage door or replacement of your existing door, contact us at (720) 800-9966 for

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4 Major Garage Door Panels To Choose for Your Home

Spark Garage Doors - Garage Door Panels in Denver, CO

You have a variety of garage door panels to choose for your home. At Spark Garage Doors, we are often posed this question. How do we choose the right door panel for our Denver, Aurora, or Centennial home?

The experts at Spark Garage Doors will help you in choosing the ideal residential door panels based on a variety of factors including aesthetics, budget reliability, weather, insulation requirements, etc.

Let us first understand the four major garage door panels available in the market.

1. Long-Raised Panels

Long-raised panels are more rectangular hence giving the door depth and uniqueness. Doors designed with long raised panels match well with different home designs hence being versatile. If you’re afraid of making a mistake about door choice for your home, this panel model is recommended.

Protruding long rectangle patterns is the distinguishing feature of long raised panels. The texture suits wide garage doors well. A single car garage door with long raised panels will typically have two long rectangles on each panel. For a two-car garage door, each panel will have four long rectangles. Long raised panels are clean and crisp, giving the garage a calm appearance. Long panel patterns are best for contemporary style houses. The patterns add a dramatic element to your garage structure.

2. Short-Raised Panels

Unlike the long-raised panels, short-raised panels are square hence giving the door the desired depth. These panel models are the best choice for those with colonial or Victorian home designs and they enhance the appearance of Tudor home models.

The typical pattern of short raised panels adds volume and intricacy to a garage door. Short raised panels add greater depth to the structure. The pattern gives a garage a busy look. A single car garage door with short raised panels has four small rectangles on each panel. For a two-car garage door, each panel will have eight small rectangles. Except for the texture, there is little difference between long and long raised panels.

3. Glass Door Panels

Glass panels are specifically designed for contemporary home models. Choosing a garage door with this panel design allows you to decide on the number of window panels you need per section. Also, you can select the type of glass that allows in the amount of light you need through the door.

Glass panels with aluminum frames are apt for a sleek and sturdy garage door. They are most suited for contemporary style homes. Glass allows the flow of natural light and warmth, making glass panels eco-friendly. Glass garage door panels are also rust and corrosion-free and hence are easy to maintain. Full view glass doors are a trend these days and one can even opt for more opaque glass for privacy at the touch of a button! This may however not be a good fit for older and Victorian era homes or streets.

4. Flush panels

Flush panels are the ideal choice for those seeking an elegant appearance. These panels are flat and moderately textured. It is advisable to choose the texture that rhymes well with the walls around the home.

Flush panels blend with the exterior. They offer a minimalist design. The straight and clean lines, with minimum texture, ensure that your garage is innovative, yet discreet. Without raised or recessed texture, they are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike glass and raised panels, flush panels generally do not have windows. The flush panels can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from wood to steel. The material used in the panels determines the durability of the doors.

If you are in Denver or its neighborhoods and looking for installing a new garage door or replacement of your existing door, contact us at (720) 800-9966 for

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Do-It-Yourself Tips for Garage Door Opener Installation & Maintenance

Spark Garage Doors - Garage Door Opener Installation

A DIY or Do-It-Yourself garage door opener installation process is difficult but not impossible. However, like all risky and challenging DIY projects, we recommend that you seek the guidance of professional installers instead. It is advisable to engage a technician in garage door installation for an accurate assessment of the door job’s difficulty and subsequently to execute the project. 

Always follow adequate safety precautions when working on any door project. Disregarding safety information as mentioned in the installation guide and overlooking safety hazards or specific instructions can lead to serious injury. 

Here are some tips from expert garage door installers that you can take note of before embarking on your garage door opener installation project:

  • Assess the garage door type before purchasing the opener

It is important to note that older door types may not be compatible with modern remote door openers. If you have a newer door model and especially those with many horizontal sections, they will however work well with many opener types.

  • Choose the right door opener

Choosing the right opener for your door is paramount as it determines the quality of door performance. Note that if you need an opener with quieter operation, then you will need to go for a belt drive as compared to a chain drive opener. However, both work almost the same way. Openers designed with modern technology are available now and are the ones that you should use.

  • Assemble the opener parts

Read the work instructions in the instruction manual carefully to understand how to assemble the parts. Attach the rail and slide the trolley over the rails. Fix the rail to the motor which is the largest part of the opener. At the end of the rail, mount the pulley making sure that it is directly opposite to the motor. At this point, get the chain or belt and insert it through the rail, taking it around the pulley and to the motor. Once this is successfully done, fix the belt or chain to the carriage using a screw.

  • Fix the bracket

Fix the bracket to the wall and put the end of the assembled opener into it. Lifting the end of the assembly, fix the power unit to about 7 inches high from the floor. Finally, connect the bracket to the garage door. Do not hesitate to contact a reliable garage door provider for assistance if you find this task difficult to accomplish.

Once your DIY project is complete, make sure that you carry out regular preventive maintenance on the garage door and some tips are noted below:

  • Have a support for the door

Assuming that there are no existing door problems, do check and make sure that the weight of the door is adequately supported by springs, pulleys, and cables. Further disconnect the opener and check whether you can easily lift the door using your hands. If this is not possible, contact a garage door technician for the maintenance job.

  • Observe and listen for faults and problems

Start with a safety inspection. Faulty door parts tend to produce grinding noise, jerking movements, or make the door slide faster than usual. If you notice any of these signs, you may need to check whether the pulleys, cables, and springs are intact. Fasten the hardware and tighten the screws, bolts, and nuts. You may need to consider a complete garage door spring replacement if they are broken.  

  • Clean and lubricate the moving door parts

Remove all clogged dirt and apply the recommended lubricant on a regular basis. Replace any broken, aged and worn out parts such as garage door rollers, brackets, cables, and openers.

If DIY is difficult, worry not! Spark Garage Doors has a team of local garage door professionals offering assistance at an affordable price. Call (720) 800 9966 or email office@sparkgaragedoors.com for a free garage door installation quote!

Types of Garage Doors

When installing a garage door in your apartment, the earliest decision you need to make is the type of garage door you like to install in your home. People who wants to install a new garage door in their homes have many options available for them to choose; they obviously need to know the alternatives so that they can be able to make a good choice about the size and type that will suit their garage.

1. Manual or Automatic Doors

People who want to install a new garage door have the opportunity to pick between manual and automatic doors. Years ago, there have been some issues that the automatic garage doors have safety risks in the home with children, properties, or pets, but some additional safety features have been to the automatic doors. Automatic doors now have may advantage over the manual door options such as convenience, affordability, and accessibility. The main advantage of doors is that very little effort is required to close and open them. Using the remote control to operate it right from your car without moving out.

2. Sectional or Panel Doors

Sectional doors normally are categorized into four panels arranged above each other which will definitely become the formation of the whole garage. These classifications, as a matter of fact, allows the entire garage to pull back upwards for the door not to move outwards so that the garage can open because they are together and rollers are inserted into the har, protected by a track on various sides. Garage doors with these attributes are more popular since it has various designs available.

3. Tilt Doors

Tilt doors are typically standard; if opened, they perform so through a tilting mechanism. There are two choices for this type of door. We have the jamb fittings and the track fittings. Jamb tilt door is the local fitting. Track tilt door functions more differently from the jamb tilt door. Typically, this choice gives home owners the privilege to easily tilt the door backward and upwards to recess garage door back in the garage. Tilt doors are mostly.used in personal garages on private apartments and elements, units like security, durability, appearance, and ventilation are necessary. Some home owners do not prefer the tilt door because they don’t like the appearance of a standard tilt door since it has an old-fashioned design and may make a house look old.

4. Roller Doors

The roller garage door is among the most effective garage door alternatives available, with easy opening and closing method, it operates neatly and smoothly. The roller garage door is naturally made up of a curtain that comprises slats that can roll round itself above the garage door opening, produced with either aluminum or steel. When comparing rollers door to tilt doors, with roller doors rain or snow can’t penetrate into the garage. Roller doors perimeter is sealed firmly and the bottom is sealed which protects pets or dust from entering. They have great features of controlling the opening and closing of the garage door.

How To Pick Garage Door Company


Garage door companies, like every other company, likely to have various personality styles and set up their management in various ways. Reparation of garage doors is amidst the most tender problems that require to be urgently resolved. Garage is referred to as the sanctuary that accommodates and upholds your cars safe. If garage door is cracked or broken under any circumstance, ensure its fixed immediately. Don’t wait long before you take action. A standard  garage door company ought to exhibit some major qualities that are listed below


A standard  garage door company must be highly specialized. This signifies that if a company claims to be expert, the company must have related experience to proof the claim. The most advisable method to discover the area of specialization is by making research about the company from the Internet or from some of their customers.


No individual will want to do business with an organization that is usually unavailable. Extreme determination should be shown by their capability to be available every time. One can never guess the period that your garage door will breakdown. A standard garage door company must always be available to serve and provide for the needs of their customers every minute.

Good Reviews

In a normal world, standard garage door companies must have nice reviews from their customers basically by rendering great services. A garage door company that have great reviews from customers worked for it, this which indicates that they really care about their customers satisfaction and feedbacks.


A garage door company with good reputations must stand behind the services rendered by offering a good warrant. If you found a garage door company that doesn’t issue warranties, don’t work with them as you may be given a poor service.


Everything must be extremely agreed upon at the beginning. The price of services provided and their other related fees should be explained before starting a project. If issues come up during the project, the garage door company must relay the information immediately with any other additional charges which will be used for replacement or repairs. A standard garage company must never make their client feel in the dark, every issue must be thoroughly reported immediately.

Well equipped

Whether a garage door company offers a low or high rate services, they must have standard equipment for work. A garage door company must use high quality tools or materials to ensure your garage door is well installed. If a garage door company uses substandard equipment, the service offered may not be perfect.

Good Customer Service

Everyone will want to do business with a garage door company that treats all of their customers as valued customers from the beginning to the end of the project. A good garage door customer service must be able to speak with all their customers politely may be in person or phone, and must be able to give customers clear information of what is being needed for the repair.

Closing the door manually


How to close the garage door manually is one of the most important DIY hacks that all should know.

Top reasons for closing the garage door manually

  •  Power outage

A garage door is a heavy moving object that requires electric power for best performance. Power supply may not be stable due to varying reasons such as interruption due to repairs, environmental factors such as hurricanes that temporarily interfere with supply, unpaid power dues and much more. If there is no power supply into your garage, you will need to operate the door of your garage manually.

  •  Assessing door balance

Regular assessment of the garage door balance is highly recommended for maximum door performance. The door loses its balance after a period of time, a situation characterized by the door crookedly hanging or weird noise when opening or closing. In order to effectively assess the balance, the power output should be put off to facilitate opening and closing of the door manually.

Important reminders

1. Ensure that you have the required tools such as a ladder.

2. Read the door manual to get information on the location of different door parts such as brackets, red cord and chain that operates the door.

3. Get a helping hand. A garage door is heavy and lifting it manually my lead to injuries if you do not have an assistant.

The procedure

In order to close the door manually, it is vital to understand how to open it manually. Here is how to go about it;

Open the door manually

  •  check for the red cord

Ensuring that the power output is off, get the ladder to locate the cord usually hanging in the brackets present in the chain. Normally, the cord is usually near the door and is red in color, save for few exceptions. If you are not sure whether you’ve the correct cord, call a technician for confirmation.

  •  Locate the plastic red knob

Check for a plastic red knob at the end of the red cord. If you observe closely, you will find that the cord is hooked on a lever which is tilted at a 15 degree angle. Now, use the knob to jerk the cord and pull it to lock the lever downwards.

  •  Lift the door to open

Here, call your assistant to help lift the heavy door upwards. Do not release the door especially if you are driving the car in but let your assistant hold it.

Close the door manually

  •  Pull the door down

When carrying out this procedure, remember that the door is off the track hence no support. In this case, pull it downwards carefully till it touches the garage surface. Wait for the power supply to complete the process.

  •  Lock the door back in place

Once the power supply is back, pull the red cord till you notice the brackets slipping back into the chain hence locking the door into the powered carriage. Remember that involving a technician to close the garage manually is recommended.


Best rated garage door brands


Having a quality garage door will differentiate your apartment apart from the rest in your area.

having a bad garage door will make your investment to fall in few days. There are lot of factors to purchasing the accurate garage door for various home

If you’re looking for the best garage door brands, you’re definitely at the right location. The best kind of garage doors are attractive, durable and usually come with good warranty. This article discloses the best rated garage door brands


DYNAVO is one of the best producing garage door brands,  produces garage doors with a high speed in rolling up and down. They tender high rate of efficiency works to a large range of required services. Their automated open and close garage doors saves time and enhances the efficiency of one’s material flow, daily activities and traffic of goods and personnel.


Wayne Dalton garage door is among the top rated in the industry. The company offers a large number of garage door patterns in different options and colors rapidly improves your home’s appearance. Wayne Dalton garage doors will not only beautify your apartment, but will also add more value to it.


In the terms of constructing components, garage doors, frames, gates and facilitators take the Hormann group, making the group one the Europe’s leading supplier of those products. The leadership of Hormann has been achieved through years of continuous development consequently because of quality products, innovation and closeness to the patronizer. Hormann is the Europe’s top rated garage doors suppliers. Millions of garage doors have been manufactured and supplied across the globe by Hormann group.


NAPOLEON/LYNX is a top class company in producing, marketing and distribution of garage doors and its components. A private owned company for more than 25 years. In the early 1980s, the company began to expand its business with the manufacturing of its personal garage doors presently the Uni-com and the Encore.      

Windsor Door

WINDSOR DOOR group is a producer and supplier of residential commercial and garage regional overhead steel doors products with more than 50 years of experience. The group is proud to offer services to commercial builders, dealers, regional and custom builder and international home builders across the universe.


Since their existence, Chamberlain have manufactured and supplied more than 500, 000 garage doors and other related electric operators. Chamberlain is UK’s biggest autonomous garage doors producer and have erect their good name by providing a quality, honest and value based services that has never losses loyalty of their customers, which is a reason for their continuity.


United Doors Technologies is garage door manufacturing company based in Arizona. They produce commercial and residential sectional garage doors made of wood and steel. With more than 150 years of experience in door manufacturing and installation, the company is widely known for providing quality, innovative and value drive products at a low range of price. Their main policy allegiance to perform good business activities which will responsibly safeguard and use the environment resources.


The ultimate guide for purchasing a garage door

Purchasing a garage door

The pattern of your garage door posses a unique influence on the entire outdoor design of your house.

Garage doors will give you access to display your unique or personal design while improving the beautification of your apartment. When it is the period to select new garage doors a homeowner will actualize there are large varieties of colors and patterns available. Prices of garage doors depends on the kind of door, material and size you choose. Here are some steps to consider when purchasing a new garage door

Garage Door Brands

The brands to purchase is one of the most important tips in purchasing a garage door. Every company tender varying materials, construction, aesthetics, window, specifications configurations and many others. Here is a list of brands you can choose when purchasing a new and quality garage doors.

       • Wayne Dalton

       • Clopay

       • Chi Garage Doors

       • Denco

       • United Doors Technologies

Classes of Garage Door Materials

When it is time to choose the material for new garage door, there are lots of available options to go for and each options has their separate merits and demerits.

Wood and Wood Composite: Some wooden garage doors posses a standard aesthetic worth and as well has the advantages of a naturalized materials. These type of materials are also among the most expensive available options for quality garage door.

Steel: Garage doors made of steel are basically produced from two different surface of galvanized quality steel. Steel garage doors are more easier use than the wooden garage doors and they have more potential to rust or dent.   

Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors are excessively lightweight, that makes them a standard material to use for large garage doors.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass garage products are typically versatile and may be produced to camouflage any kind of material, like iron and wood grain. In spite of that, fiberglass garage doors are not suitable during the cold seasons.

Installation of Garage Doors

When performing an investment in your apartment, like purchasing garage doors, you will definitely want to ensure that the investment is perfectly installed. Before purchasing a garage door it is a notable idea to invite an installer to visit your apartment. This creates the opportunity to make sure perfect measurements are recorded so that the perfect sizes are purchased.

Patterns of Garage Doors

There are only four major panel designs to select from among the varieties of options for garage door. Every of these patterns will  be customized with a large number of window configurations and styles.

Flush Panels: This type of garage door panel are plane doors with little texturing attached to them. Flush Panels are modern door design with clean and straight lines which can complete your apartment’s style without creating much attention to your garage.

Long Raised Panels: Garage doors that has  long raised panels are usually a local garage door which works with different kind of home exterior designs.

Short Raised Panels: This type of garage door panels are highly versatile and has a classic design that match with varieties of home exteriors.

Carriage House Panels: These garage door panel are mostly referred to as “barn style” garage doors. They have a rustic and distinct look that are complimentary for different homes.

Why Your Garage Door is So Important

Why garage door important

Garage door is among the most significant parts of our homes and one of the most usually forgotten parts as well. Garage door is an essential property to each home, we make use of it every day to egress or enter our homes. Garage door installment is among the best home advancement projects one can easily do to achieve some great advantages. Below are some of the reasons why you should purchase a quality garage door.

• Ensures adequate security

Everyone needs safety in their homes. By purchasing a garage door, you’ve already taken steps to tighten the security of your home. Garage doors are much safer, particularly for pets and children. In case of security breach, some garage doors in Denver are made up of photoelectric sensor, that will discover presence when they are opened or closed. You will surely have peace of mind knowing that your garage door is made of quality materials, that will last long. This will also provide more security for all your proper.

• Improves your home value and appearance

With different types of design elements, colors and finishes available, purchasing a garage door may be about the styles. Installing a garage door will totally change the appearance of your home. When you install a quality garage door, you are adding more  value to your home. Installment of garage doors will make a nice impression on serious buyers, buyers don’t just go for looks alone. When buyers are buying a house, all aspects of the home would be inspected to ensure there’s safety, utility costs and security, all these which are the qualities of garage doors.

• Convenience

This is one of the major advantages of an automatic garage door. If you have an installed automatic garage door, you can decide to be in your car till you’re out or in of your garage, you don’t need to come out of your car before you close or open your garage door. You won’t have to come out of your car in bad weather to close or open your garage doors. An automatic garage door grants automated easy access because it eliminates the stress of carrying the heavy garage door. Lifting garage door up and down might not be easy for people with muscle strain, so one can easily access the garage door with a remote opener.

• Protection From Seasonal Elements

Particularly during some fall months, seasonal elements start to threaten car exteriors. For example snow, rain, salt, debris and all other related sources can spoil your vehicle exterior designs, if your garage is not fully covered. But installation of a quality garage door will protect your vehicle from all these elements.

• Shows your personal style

The pattern of your garage door reveals more about your unique personal style. For instance, you can install  garage door that has a country, ranch,  traditional, modern style. The number of designs and patterns available may make it absolutely difficult for you to determine the pattern that fits your personality.

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