How Does A Garage Door System Work?

The functional garage door is a vital component of your home. It’s used every day and you rely on it for entry or exit from the house, so knowing how to operate one should be easy enough! However, if something goes wrong with this important mechanism then this bad situation can quickly turn into an even bigger hassle than expected. This explains why most people don’t understand what their entire garage door opener does until there’s been trouble all along.

There are many different aspects to consider when it comes time for common garage door regular maintenance or repairs. If you know how all the pieces work together, then your chances of identifying worn-out hardware early on improve significantly! Let’s take a closer look at the garage door system. with help from the experts at Spark Garage Door Repair in Aurora, CO. 

Garage Door Anatomy 

The smart garage door systems are an essential part of your home that has many different basic components, including but not limited to hinges and cables. The most important thing you need for this garage system to work properly is regularly scheduled maintenance checks from Aurora’s garage door repair company experts who know what they’re doing!

Parts Of The Standard Garage Door that make it work

Overhead garage doors can be built from many different materials, but they all work on the same principle. The garage door moves up and down with ease. However, if the wheels are not able to move properly within their tracks due to bending or damage then you will have some trouble opening your doors easily! When prompted by the smart garage door opener, this garage door motor moves your doors safely and steadily using garage door torsion springs or extension spring mechanisms to counterbalance their weight.

Aside from the opener, let’s look at other parts of the garage door system.

Garage Door Hardware System

The operation of your residential garage door opener system is much more complex than it seems. There are many pieces to this hardware, and they all work together for an automatic opening or closing process that provides smooth operation every time! We recommend that you hire a professional garage door technician should there be a need to install or repair it.

Garage Door Springs: Springs performs the reliable operation of your electric garage door. They help it open and close, as well as stay that way with proper maintenance over time! There are two types of springs. Garage door torsion springs will typically last 10 years or more while extension springs are the ones that can only last seven years before they need to be replaced

Garage Door Cables: The cables work alongside the springs to lift and lower your electric garage door. They’re made from braided steel wires that give them strength, while their thickness depends on how heavy or light you want them for common types of Garage Door.

Garage Door Hinges: It is important to have the right hinges installed on your garage door panels so they can close properly and open easily. Make sure you get double-hinged doors for larger openings, as these will help keep them from closing while opening.

Garage Door Tracks: The standard garage door system includes both horizontal door tracks and vertical tracks to better support the weight of your opening. This helps prevent warping, bending, or cracking due to heavy winds!

Garage Door Rollers: Your overhead garage door uses nylon rollers to keep it from making noise when rolling along the track. Lubricate your rollers and they will glide smoothly without getting stuck or causing scratches on either side of where you live!

Reinforced Struts: The struts ensure your professional garage doors stay open without showing any signs of wear.

Weatherstripping: Weather stripping is a great way to maintain energy efficiency and insulation, as well preventing exterior elements from entering your automatic garage. It does this with the use of rubber or synthetic compounds that seal out water vapor plus pests like termites!

Galvanized steel is the material of choice for garage door parts because it provides strength, durability, and performance. The gauge number represents how thick this type of metal will be: lower numbers mean thicker products like panels or tracks!

Garage Door Installation Or Garage Door Repair – Contact Spark Garage Doors Today

When it comes to your modern garage door, you want the best of both worlds: convenience and safety features. Luckily for Aurora residents, there are reliable systems like a garage door remote control in the market today that will get you safely into every room in no time!

At Spark Garage Doors, we’re a locally owned and operated company serving homeowners throughout Aurora, Denver, and Littleton in Colorado. We’re the most affordable garage door repair service in town! Our automatic garage door repair service professional technicians in Aurora will work with you on your schedule and budget to fix any problem.

Contact Aurora’s garage door repair professionals at (720) 800 9966 for information on our garage door services.

Rolling Steel versus Sectional Steel Garage Doors

The steel rolling garage door is often seen as the more affordable of the two, but it’s important not to make assumptions about which type of commercial door will suit your needs. There are many factors that determine what kind of motorized panels fit into a building – from size and weight restrictions all way down to how much maintenance you want to be done on them over their lifetime!

Thankfully, our garage door repair company team at Spark Garage Doors Repair Aurora has extensive knowledge about all types of commercial garage doors. We’re here to walk you through the process and answer any questions that might arise. We have a few important tips for choosing your new garage door!

Rolling Steel Garage Doors – Pros

The durability of rolling steel doors makes them the perfect choice for commercial settings. You might hear people call them the overhead or roll-up doors, but they have a mechanism that retracts the whole thing into an easily transportable coil! Affordable, owner-friendly rolling steel doors are a great choice for any space. They’re applicable in both interior and exterior locations, and offer the versatility of being maintenance-free with an attractive & Innovative design that is sure not only to increase your property’s security but also insulation!

Sectional Steel Doors – Pros

Steel sectional doors are perfect for residential homes because they’re durable and offer great insulation. Heavy-duty sectional garage doors have wider panels than rolling steel and rest parallel to the ceiling when retracted; like their roller counterparts, they offer great versatility for your unique needs!

Galvanized steel sectional doors provide a range of benefits over their rolling counterparts. They’re relatively compact and durable, making them perfect for tight spaces or areas where violence may occur within the building structure itself. Additionally, there is insulation available depending on your needs!

Considerations Between Sectional & Rolling Steel Doors

The decision to choose between a sectional steel door and a roller door for your home can be difficult. It is important that you take into account all of the factors, such as performance in a range of applications or ease of installation–to ensure an informed choice!


Although there are many factors that go into determining how well a commercial garage door will perform, one important measure is its efficiency. With the high-efficiency metrics of some overhead doors, they can complete hundreds or even millions of cycles before wearing down.


When considering the best way to mount your overhead doors, you must first think about what type of mounting system will work for each individual situation. There are many options available including ones that require an overhead space or those built right onto stairs leading up into it!

The stainless steel sectional garage doors come with a variety of mounting options. For those who have limited space, there’s the vertical lift that brings your entire door up and out so you don’t need an expensive high entryway or lot size for parking spaces in front of the property where these are installed!


The one-piece construction of steel sectional doors means that you can purchase them in bulk and they will last longer than roller ones. You should also consider how long you’ll need the door for, and whether or not there will be maintenance costs attached to it in future years when considering these options thoroughly before making any decisions about which type of opening device would best suit your needs!


It is important to think of the size when it comes to designing your quality garage doors. You may need one that meets non-standard specifications, depending on how large or small an opening you have in order for everything to work properly and look aesthetically pleasing!


The rolling doors are a better choice if you want additional safety because their parts aren’t as exposed. They also require routine garage door maintenance services to ensure they’re secure and safe for use, which is why it’s important not just any traditional garage door will do–you need one that has been specially designed with your specific requirements in mind!

Still, confused about what types of garage doors to choose from? We can help you decide! Aurora’s garage door repair service experts are here to help. Contact the garage door repair specialists in Aurora today at 720-800-9966 and tell us the performance and functionality you desire from your residential garage door.

Your one call to the team at Spark Garage Doors can help you find the perfect steel roller doors or sectional garage doors for your home!

How To Reprogram A Garage Door Opener?

The main objective of using a garage door opstolenener is to help you operate the door safely. It should sense any obstruction in the path of the door and prevent the door from closing. So, a garage opener is essentially responsible for the safety of the individual while operating the door.

This garage door opener is also responsible for the security of the home and garage. When this security is compromised in any way, it is time to reprogram the garage opener.

While you might think this reprogramming is a simple task, you have to follow various step instructions to complete it successfully.

Before learning to reprogram the opener, let us learn more about it from garage door repair experts in Littleton.

How does a garage door opener work?

It works on a rolling code technology where the code is changed each time the door is operated. The opener has a receiver that receives a coded signal each time the remote is pressed or the keypad code is punched. The remote or keypad has a transmitter that transmits a signal of the right frequency when the correct garage code is used.

Why does a garage opener need reprogramming?

A garage opener has to be reprogrammed when

  • You are moving into a new house
  • Letting the house out to new tenants
  • You have a faulty garage opener
  • You give the garage opener code to any service technician or someone outside your home.
  • You lose the remote or it is stolen
  • You have  a fake garage door opener type
  • Detect suspicious activity near your home
  • You suspect that someone has tried to enter your home
  • You have forgotten the old code or the entire programming process

Basic Programming steps to rest your garage door opener to your remote

Before you do this, there are some preparatory steps. Have the instruction manual handy. 

Erase the previous codes

Garage openers always retain all the old codes as they are keyless entry systems. It is always better to wipe out the receiver memory and clear any data. Homeowners should do this especially when they are moving into a new home or when they are renting out to new tenants.

Before you reset the garage door opener code, it is better to delete the old data or codes. To do this,

  • First, locate the LEARN button on the opener. This LOCATE button is situated at the back of the opener on the motor housing unit. It might have a colored LED light beside it. You can use a step ladder to reach it.
  • Next, press the LEARN button for at least 6 seconds to erase the old codes

Remember, never stand near the garage door when you operate the opener.

Reprogram the garage opener remote

Garage door openers have remotes of different models. Some remote controls have buttons while others operate on a wireless mode.

These are the programming steps to be followed for any remote.

  • If your remote has a RESET button, reset it.
  • Otherwise, press the PROGRAM button and hold it till the LED light blinks.

If you have a Garage Door Liftmaster Opener, follow these steps

The Liftmaster Remote has a LEARN button on the motor.

  • Push the remote button
  • Push the LEARN button on the motor
  • Hold both buttons till the garage door opener light flashes to indicate that the opener is now reset.

To change the code on the Liftmaster Remote, press the LEARN button and wait till the light turns on, and then push the button on the garage door remote.

Resetting the garage door keypad

  1. Locate the LEARN button on the opener. It must be on the wall’s control panel or the main opener unit itself.
  2. Press and release the button quickly. In case there is a MyQ panel on your Liftmaster opener, then you might have to repeat this process
  3. Within 30 seconds of pressing the LEARN button, you must enter the new keypad code. enter the new code and press ENTER on the garage door opener keypad.
  4. Now, the LED indicator light will either blink or go off. This means that the keypad code has been reset.
  5. You can now test the new code

Choose. a simple 4-digit garage door code that is easy to remember for you and hard for others to decipher. Remember, never set the codes in programming to be your birthday, anniversary, or your phone number. Follow the above programming instructions given by our Littleton garage door repair professional to reset your opener.

Whatever the type of garage door may be, you need a good opener for it. Check out the best brands of garage door openers like Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Genie, Raynor, etc at Spark Garage Doors Littleton. 

Call an experienced garage door repair professional for garage door opener service and maintenance from Spark Garage Doors at (720) 902-4081.

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What To Know About Replacing Garage Door Panels?

Many people consider their garage door to be an important part of their house because they use it several times per day when leaving or returning home. Garage doors are subjected to daily wear and tear, which can put a strain on the door’s internal mechanisms. Garage door panels may show physical signs of wear and tear on the outside. As a result, for damaged garage doors, you may want to consider garage door panel replacement or whole garage door replacement.

Can You Replace a Garage Door Panel?

If a garage door is damaged in a minor accident and only one or two panels are damaged, garage door panel replacement may be an option. Replacing only one or two garage door panels is often a simpler and less expensive way than repairing the entire garage door.

While replacing an average garage door is possible, it is usually unnecessary in cases of minor damage or wears and tear. A garage door should last about ten years before needing to be replaced by a Parker garage door repair professional. Most garage door replacements are reserved for more severe cases and only when absolutely necessary to maximize the lifespan of your current garage door and save you money.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Custom garage door panel replacement is intended to correct signs of potential damage by replacing single or multiple garage door sections. If only one garage door panel is damaged, replacing it may be less expensive than replacing several garage door panels or the entire door. Replacing a garage door panel on a budget can help homeowners maintain their garage doors and ensure the longevity of their investment.

Replacement of a Single Panel

If a single garage door section is damaged, you may want to consider a singular panel replacement to restore your garage door’s functionality and appearance. It is possible to replace a garage door panel without replacing the entire garage door.

Replacement of Multi-Panel 

If multiple garage door sections are damaged, you can replace them without replacing the entire garage door. For example, if two of four panels were damaged in a minor accident, replacing two panels rather than replacing the entire garage door may be more cost-effective.

If three or more of your panels are damaged, you may need to replace the garage door. In some cases, replacing the majority of the sections can be as expensive as replacing the entire garage door. As a result, it is sometimes preferable to replace the entire garage door so that you can enjoy a new product for roughly the same price.

Replacement of Color-Matching Panel

It is critical to color-match your garage door panels when repairing a garage door. With sun exposure, your garage door sections may fade or change shades slightly over time. In these cases, replacing a garage door panel without color-matching can result in an unappealing appearance, affecting curb appeal and the overall aesthetic of your property.

A professional garage door technician can assist you in replacing garage door sections while ensuring that the color matches your existing panels. Garage door repair services can ensure that new panels are installed properly and quickly, allowing you to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing garage door as soon as possible.

Garage Door Replacement

While there are numerous reasons to replace an entire garage door, the following are two of the most common indications that your garage door is damaged or broken:

1. Sagging Garage Door

Wooden garage doors may seem to sag, bend, or buckle without regular garage door maintenance or repair. Large gaps in the door when it is closed are frequently an indication of sagging, which means you might need to replace the entire garage door. Sometimes a weakly reinforced automatic garage opener will cause a sagging garage door.

2. Peeling Paint and Cracking Wood

A wood garage door’s lifespan can be extended and its appearance maintained with regular refinishing. A basic garage door’s stain or paint may eventually start to peel or crack, frequently as a result of rotting or failing wood. If you see cracks in your garage door panel, there may be moisture buildup or holes in the wood.

The garage door repair professionals at Spark Garage Doors are committed to offering the highest-quality products and services with a persistent dedication to professionalism and superior quality. We are a reputable garage door dealer in Parker, providing top-notch services for both commercial and residential garage doors. Our Parker’s expert garage door repair company can assist you in locating the perfect garage door.

Additionally, Spark Garage Doors in Parker provides a wide variety of repair services, such as replacing garage door springs and fixing garage door openers.

Call Spark Garage Doors Parker at (720) 800 9966 to schedule a service or get an estimate to begin with garage door repair right away.

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Garage Door?

The garage door is something that is almost certainly used on a daily basis. It serves as an entrance to your garage and house, as well as a safe place to keep your car and other belongings. They also serve cosmetic purposes, such as improving your home’s overall appearance and curb appeal.

With so many advantages, you don’t want your typical garage door to suffering from excessive wear and tear. That is why proper maintenance of the garage is critical in order to avoid costly damage and extend the lifespan of your garage door opener and garage. Learn more about the broken garage and its garage door maintenance and garage door repair as well as how to tell when it’s time for garage door replacement.

What is the lifespan of the garage door?

The average garage door lasts between 15 and 30 years, depending on the door, you, and your environment.

A variety of factors influence the lifespan of your residential garage door, including:

  • Usage: The number of open/close cycles your garage door can withstand is determined by the type of garage door springs you have. The more you use your garage door, the closer you get to the end of the cycle and the shorter its lifespan.
  • Care: If you perform regular maintenance on the reliable garage, your door will likely have a longer lifespan without any garage door repair and age more slowly.
  • Quality and Price: A high-quality garage door purchased from a reputable garage door repair company in Parker will most likely last longer than a lower-quality garage door. Generally, the higher the price of a garage door, the higher the quality.
  • Local Weather: The State of Colorado often experiences inclement weather such as storms, hail, and high winds. As a result, your garage door may sustain some damage, potentially shortening its lifespan.


With proper care, the life expectancy of both automatic and manual doors can last well over a decade. Manual garage doors typically have longer lifespans than automatic doors because they have fewer parts to maintain. Most homes now have automatic garage doors, which require more regular maintenance to keep them working for a long time.

The life cycle of each garage door material in automatic garage doors is measured in cycles. If the door opens twice a day, the life cycle of basic torsion springs is around 10,000 cycles, or seven to ten years. Better garage springs can withstand more cycles and last for many more years. You can expect your garage door to last for many years if you:

  • Regularly check it
  • Every few months, lubricate the moving parts
  • Annual maintenance is required
  • Parts should be replaced at the end of their cycles.

Does the garage style make a difference?

The lifespan of a garage door can vary depending on the material used. Aluminum garage doors with proper maintenance can last up to 30 years. Similar to this, a well-maintained, premium steel garage door can last for 30 years with the appropriate care.

If you give wooden garage doors the proper care and upkeep, they can last for many years. Checking wood garage doors for rot and damage is necessary to stop warping and other issues. To keep them looking good, you should apply a fresh finish every few years and make sure they have a weatherproof protective coating.

How to make the garage last longer?

A garage door professional should inspect your garage door for damage and maintenance once a year to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. These routine maintenance procedures keep your door operating safely and smoothly, maximizing the return on your investment.

For the longest garage door lifespan, conduct a home inspection using a garage checklist every six months. This comprises:

  • Cleaning and washing the windows, garage door track, Garage door rollers, and all garage door components.
  • Lubricating the springs, armbar, bearing plate, nylon rollers, lock, and keyhole.
  • Examining the operating systems for cracks, chips, and other damage.
  • Testing and cleaning the photo eye sensors.
  • Checking the batteries, remote, weatherstripping, and garage door opener system.
  • Testing the balance and operation of the door.

The best way to extend the life of your entire garage door so you can use it for many years is to perform a visual inspection and preventative maintenance by a Parker garage door repair team from an expert garage door company.

When to replace the garage door?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine whether your garage door has reached the end of its lifespan. Luckily, there are a series of factors you can take into consideration to decide whether you should replace your professional garage.

If your garage door is exhibiting these signs of damage, it may be time to invest in a new one:

  • The door is not functioning properly
  • Your wood door is cracked, damaged, warped, or peeling
  • Your aluminum door has dents and dings
  • You notice rusted or broken parts
  • The garage door sags
  • The door is noisy or slow to open or close
  • You want better insulation for a more climate-controlled garage

Garage Door repair technicians will respond quickly if you notice any problems with your garage door. Spark Garage Doors has a wide range of tools, parts, and expertise to repair any garage door product.

Call Spark Garage Doors Parker at (720) 800-9966 to schedule a service call.

6 Garage Door Hinge Types

Garage doors are one of those features that improve the curb appeal of your home. However, most individuals don’t think about it until they need to fix something. It’s understandable, even if it’s not the greatest course of action for a homeowner to take. This is especially true for the small features that come with garage doors, such as the hinges. If you’re anything like me, you had no idea there were several sorts of hinges until lately.

There are various ways to classify garage door hinges, and each class has its own set of variables that might affect the ultimate outcome of your hinge installation. Highlands Ranch’s garage door repair experts tell us the most important one to remember:

  • Commercial/Residential
  • Numbered
  • Gauge
  • Truck Door Hinges
  • Anti-Pinch

How to Order the Correct Garage Door Hinges?

It’s critical to understand that there are practically hundreds of different sorts of hinges that are all regarded as equivalent by other categories. In other words, home number 1 hinges can be found alongside business ones. There are also some low gauge household and commercial hinges available.

Residential Hinges vs. Commercial Hinges

Commercial garage door types are bigger and heavier than those seen in the residential homes of your neighborhood. As a result, they are more likely to be reinforced. Residential and commercial doors have distinct construction. Residential hinges will frequently include numbers that indicate where they should be used, but commercial hinges will not.

Numbered Hinge

If you have a residential garage door, you may have seen a number imprinted on the hinge leaf. These relate to the joints on which they are permitted to be used. Here’s what you should know:

  • The locations where custom garage door hinge numbers are supposed to be used are addressed.
  • You may also consult the essential garage door manual to determine what types of hinges to use. Most garage door manufacturers and manuals will include a chart for your specific door that you may refer to.
  • It should be noted that certain business doors might employ residential door numbers for their joints.
  • #1 hinges are only intended for the component that links two sections together. 
  • When you’re stuck, consult with someone like a professional garage hinge installation. 


The thickness of the common garage door hinge is referred to as gauge, and it is an important aspect of how effectively anything will operate for you. The thinner the hinge, the lower the gauge rating.

  • As far as gauges go, you will notice a variety of standard measures. 11, 14, and 18 are the most prevalent ages. A 16-gauge door could occasionally be seen, although this is unusual.
  • A 14-gauge hinge is required for most basic residential garage doors. If you are unsure, it is acceptable to seek advice from Highlands Ranch’s popular garage door technician or to inspect other hinges on your door.
  • Lower gauges can be used on a door that requires higher gauges, but not the other way around. You will almost certainly end up with a broken hinge if you try to put a greater gauge on a low-gauge door.
  • Various gauges may be referred to by different names at times. For example, an 18-gauge hinge may be referred to as a “narrow leaf.” This is quite natural, yet they are still the same.

Truck Door Hinges

Truck door hinges are in a category of their own since they are designed for a considerably larger, bulkier, and more secure door. These are often sold in kits and are determined by the number of panels on the garage door. These are often manufactured with an extraordinarily high reinforcing grade and are significantly heavier than typical hinges.

If you want a new truck garage door hinge, you will almost certainly need to purchase a hinge kit designed particularly for your current garage door type. Having said that, you might be able to get a universal-fit truck kit. If you have a commercial truck door that is custom-made or has several garage door panels, you may need to contact the custom manufacturer of the garage to obtain new components.


Anti-pinch garage door hinges are meant to be easy to work with and won’t injure hands that are lifting them up. They also won’t harm wiring that could be around the hinges, either. Almost any kind of perfect garage door can be anti-pinch. 

The various components determine the kind of hinge. The suitable sort of hinge is chosen with the assistance of Spark Garage Doors repair specialists in Highlands Ranch to ensure optimal door functioning.

Garage door repairs in Highlands Ranch and the surrounding suburbs are serviced by Spark Garage Doors.

For any Highlands Ranch garage door repair services, call Spark Garage Doors right now at (720) 902-4081.

Pros And Cons Of Attached And Detached Garage

A garage is a vital component in most houses. The right garage can be a crucial component of a house, offering additional storage space for cars, gardening supplies, tools, sports equipment, bikes, and more.

However, garages are not a universally effective solution. What works for one family or home might not be suitable for another. Before purchasing or building a home with a garage, you can decide if you’re house hunting. Additionally, you have the option of selecting from the type of garage, either an attached garage or a detached garage.

Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of attached and detached garages explained by our Highlands Ranch garage door repair experts.

Attached Garages

Attached garages, as the name suggests, are garages that are attached to a house. Typically, a door in these garages leads to the inside of the home, creating an extension in which to park a car and store numerous family and household items. Attached garages are the most common option for houses, and they are often fairly standard in shape and size.

Advantages of Attached Garage 

  • Easy to use, especially in bad weather conditions
  • Less expensive to build
  • Less expensive to manage and repair
  • Meets homeowner association requirements
  • Increases property values

Pets, children, and groceries can all be brought inside much more easily with an attached garage, allowing for easy access to the interior living space. However, attached garages have a few drawbacks that put off homeowners.

Drawbacks Of Attached Garage

  • Hard to fit onto a small lot
  • Posing a security threat
  • Increased fire risk
  • A challenge to expanding may compromise a home’s exterior appearance
  • Necessitate more expensive building permits when built

The most significant disadvantage of an attached garage is often security. An unprotected garage is easy to break into, especially if an electronic opener is used, and can provide a criminal with direct, unwanted access to your home.

Detached Garages

Detached garages, on the other hand, are not connected to a house. Garages may be nearby, but they may also be on the opposite side of the property. Because of the freedom of a standalone format, detached garages are often larger or more creatively built.

Benefits Of Detached Garage

  • Flexibility in size and location, as well as the ability to maximize lot area
  • More space for automobiles and workspace
  • If necessary, it is easier to expand or add to
  • More protected
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Could boost resale value

In general, detached garages have far more space than attached garages. A detached garage, for example, can provide space away from the main house for those who enjoy hobbies such as construction, car repair, or welding. Furthermore, detached garages can be nestled into the corners or sides of properties to avoid detracting from the size of the home.

Drawbacks Of Detached Garage

  • Access to the home is less convenient, especially in bad weather
  • Inconvenient access to the home, especially in bad weather
  • It may take up too much yard space
  • The most significant disadvantage of a detached garage is its lack of convenience.

Wrangling everyone and everything inside from a garage across the property can be difficult for those with young children or who regularly carry large loads into the home. Furthermore, additional utility hookups can be costly and can cause monthly electricity rates to rise incrementally.

The decision between an attached garage and a detached garage is usually dictated by a homeowner’s preference for convenience or flexibility. An attached garage is quick and simple, providing quick and easy access to your home.

A detached garage, on the other hand, can be larger and easier to use, with no restrictions on space near the house. A detached garage is ideal for garages with space for two or more cars or a workshop, and it offers a lot of potential for those who want to spread out.

When it comes to detached versus attached garages, there is no right or wrong answer. So it’s up to you to figure out what works best for you. There are numerous advantages to consider, ranging from garage space and garage size to simplicity and convenience.

A garage door repair expert in Highlands Ranch can assist you with regular garage door maintenance. Spark Garage Doors provides garage door repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance for all types of garage doors, including sectional doors, roll-up doors, and glass garage doors.

Our Highlands Ranch garage door repair technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For garage door repair or garage door opener repair, contact Spark Garage Doors Highlands Ranch at (720) 902-4081. O

Noisy Garage Door – Causes And Solutions

You probably don’t give your entire garage door much thought during the day if you’re like most people. You use it to enter and exit your house, but it doesn’t take up much mental space. until it starts to be noisy, that is.

A noisy garage door that requires repair might annoy your neighbors, make sounds that are uncomfortable to hear, and awaken those who are fast asleep. Additionally, unusual noises and loud noises are frequent indicators that your door has a problem. So, in order to keep using it securely, you should examine all of your parts.

Finding the source of the issue is the first step in figuring out how to fix a noisy garage door, and there are several reasons why your garage door can be so noisy. Fortunately,  problems with a squeaky garage are simple to fix by Aurora’s garage door repair professionals and your garage will quickly regain its peaceful charm.

Bolts and nuts

You might need to tighten your nuts and bolts once again after years of use and damage from opening your door. These tiny components play a crucial role in holding the different components of a common garage door system in place. Brackets, garage door hinges, garage door tracks, and other average garage door components all contain nuts and bolts.

You may tighten nuts and bolts using a tool and socket to make that annoying garage door noise disappear entirely. You can hear some rattling or shaking if your bolts, nuts, or screws are loose as they move from their locations. Avoid securing them too firmly as doing so risked stripping the screw holes or yanking pieces through the door.

When inspecting the nuts and bolts as part of regular maintenance, it’s a good idea to look for rust and debris in the residential garage as well. If you find that there is too much buildup on your screws, you may need to replace them.

Garage Door Rollers

Your door is attached to the rails by its metal or steel rollers, which also help it move up and down. Applying garage door lubricant to all of your door’s moving parts can stop your garage door from squeaking quickly. Grinding and squeaking are typical indications that your worn rollers need to be replaced. Loud noises can be produced by metal rollers rolling down a metal track, and these noises can get worse if one or both of these components contains rust or other wear-and-tear indicators.

To stop a noisy garage door, you might simply need to grease the rollers. If after lubricating your rollers you continue to hear weird or loud noises, you should probably consult a garage door expert. Additionally, if you currently use metal rollers, you want to think about converting them to nylon rollers. Since they will feature noise reduction, switching will save money.

Garage Door Springs

Torsion or extension springs are probably present in your garage. These components are in charge of effortlessly raising your door and maintaining the tension that holds the door in place. Lubricating your springs may quiet the noises you’re experiencing if they’re not worn and still work correctly.

It isn’t much you can do to fix your spring if it is damaged or seems to be really worn out apart than hiring a professional for garage door service. In these circumstances, broken springs can make noises like rumbling, popping, or pounding if the door closes abruptly. Any damaged spring has to be replaced right away.

Loud Garage Door Opener

The most mobile component of your system is an automatic garage door opener, and safe door operation depends on its functionality. A garage door issue might be the cause of straining and popping sounds.

Every opener includes a drive operator that works with the springs to lower and raise your door. This drive operator might be a chain, belt, or screw drive opener. Chain drives are often quieter than belt and screw drives, but they are more recent in garage systems. If the chain or support rails are loose, you can hear rattling, and a fading motor may make strained noises that indicate it isn’t producing enough power to function.

To remedy a loose drive, you’ll need to arrange a service appointment with a garage door expert at Spark Garage Doors Aurora. On the other hand, if your motor is failing, you’ll need to replace your opener.

Your garage door might stop making noise with proper garage door maintenance. To ensure that your door receives the care it needs, our skilled and experienced garage door  repair specialists in Aurora can examine and maintain it.

If your door is already noisy and these solutions haven’t made it any quieter, please contact our garage door technicians for advice on how to fix the problem. We are Aurora’s go-to repair company when it comes to garage doors. We provide a wide range of reliable garage doors in different materials, brands, designs, colors, and additional functions. Nobody can match our affordable repair costs for faulty garage door repairs!

What To Know About Garage Floor Epoxy Paint & Coating?

The garage serves a variety of purposes for many homeowners beyond merely parking a car there and storing stuff that doesn’t fit in the basement. Many individuals use their garage as a location for hobbies like carpentry or to work on their cars. Epoxy paints and varnishes are the ideal alternatives for garage floor protection.

Garage floor epoxy coating enhances the exterior appeal and resale value of your property in addition to protecting it from harm.

In this article, we’ll examine epoxy garage floor treatments suggested by our Aurora Garage Door Repair technicians to help choose the option that’s ideal for your home.

What is epoxy paint for garage floors?

Epoxy garage floor painting often has a matte or satin finish and is comprised of latex acrylic. Although it was initially intended for industrial usage, garage and basement flooring regularly utilize it. Epoxy, often known as one-part epoxy, may be applied in a little amount. An epoxy coating is different from epoxy concrete floor paint, as we’ll see in a later section of this blog.


The advantages of selecting epoxy garage floor painting,

  • Produces a robust, long-lasting protective, and professional coating.
  • Simple to clean using a vacuum, brush, or mop.
  • Because it is resistant to corrosion and chemicals, it is perfect for garages.
  • Heat-resistant, shock-resistant, and moisture-resistant, therefore it shields against hot tires.


Paint for epoxy garage floors:

  • is extremely slick when smeared with oil, which raises the risk of falls
  • It will ultimately require refreshing or repainting to keep its beauty.
  • is susceptible to discoloration based on the circumstance.

What is an epoxy coating for garage floors?

Epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener are the two components that make up epoxy floor coatings, as was previously established. The interaction of these two chemicals begins a curing process that creates heat and hardens the mixture into an inert plastic. The length of time it takes for a coating to cure will depend on the specific coating mix.


There are many benefits of epoxy garage floor coating:

  • Improved concrete adhesion compared to paints made with oil, water, enamel, and acrylic.
  • Resistant to dampness, mold, and mildew, making them ideal for any environment.
  • Excellent for cold locations since it can endure below-freezing temperatures, salt from the roads, and deicing chemicals that can quickly destroy concrete.
  • Has a high bond strength, minimal porosity, and is very durable.
  • Simple to maintain and clean with water and a mild solution
    completely conceals microscopic faults in the concrete, such as tiny spider cracks.
  • With expert installation, lasts up to 20 years, and frequently has a 15-year manufacturer guarantee


Epoxy garage floor sealer has some drawbacks as well.

  • More expensive than epoxy paint, which can be applied by oneself and purchased from a home improvement store.
  • Because two chemicals must be combined, expert installation is typically necessary.

Types of epoxy coatings for garage floors

Epoxy garage floor sealers come in four different categories. The option you select will rely on the appearance, feel, and functionality you desire from your garage floor. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type.

1. Self-leveling epoxy coatings – These coatings give your floor a new look and increase its longevity. They come in a wide variety of colors and gloss levels to suit your own tastes.

2. Metallic epoxy coatings – Metallic epoxy coatings provide concrete surface depth and radiance. They’re popular in upscale garages since they come in a variety of forms and combine industrial strength with a chic appearance.

3. Quartz Epoxy Flooring – These coatings, which have beautiful quartz grains in them, are frequently utilized in upscale garages with a lot of foot traffic. They are ideal for high-traffic areas since they are also incredibly strong, slip- and spill-resistant, and durable.

4. Novolac Epoxy Coatings – Novolac is an artificial chemical that is a popular choice and frequently used in place of natural floor resins like shellac. The cured form of Novolac offers improved heat and chemical resistance in addition to chemical, acid, and other harsh element resistance.

How Much Do Garage Floor Epoxy Paint & Coatings Cost?

Based on the following variables, the cost of epoxy garage floor durable finish varies greatly:

  • Engaged in concrete preparation (grinding vs. acid etching)
  • Any floor repairs before application
  • Number of coatings Quality of the materials utilized
  • Regardless of whether you work with an expert or do it yourself

If you’re on a tight budget, a single coat of water-based epoxy paint may be purchased for as little as 27 per square foot on average. For around $1 per square foot, high-performance, commercial-grade epoxy coating system kits are offered.

Professional installation by garage door experts in Aurora typically involves at least one base epoxy color coat, color flakes, and a clear topcoat and starts at around $4 per square foot. Alternatively, you might choose a fast-coating technique, which costs around $6 per square foot and has to be done by an expert.

The first step in improving your area is to apply a high-quality garage floor epoxy paint or finish. Call Spark Garage Doors Aurora at (720) 800 9966 if you want to install a brand-new garage door in your house. Simply give one of our Garage Door Repair specialists a call.

Reasons To Replace Your Garage Door

One of your responsibilities as a homeowner is to keep your house in good condition. When parts of your home wear out, you’ll need to have them repaired or replaced. You should also think about changing the overall style and feel of your home. Maintaining your home is critical, and one important part of your home is your garage. The garage door is a large investment for your home, and while it lasts a long time, you will need to replace it at least once or twice in your lifetime. It is possible that a garage door installation or garage door replacement is required.

The door, as you might expect, is the most frequently replaced component of your garage. Choosing to replace your garage door system can have a significant impact on the appearance of your garage and provide you with a number of advantages. The following are some of the most compelling reasons to consider given by our garage door repair specialist in Littleton for garage door replacement.

Top 7 Reasons To Replace Your Garage

Less Secure

Many older-style residential garage doors are not as secure as their modern garage door materials. This is due to the fact that garage door opener materials have changed and improved over time, as have security features. It is critical that your garage door be as secure as the rest of your home, as weak or damaged garage doors can be targeted by cunning thieves, allowing them easier access to your home.

Inadequate Safety Features

Modern garage doors and garage door openers include several safety features, such as remote controls, that older-style doors do not. An old garage door can be dangerous. Replace it with a new one to avoid this. There are numerous optional safety accessories that can be installed on the door to increase the level of security.

Pinch-free Designs – aid in preventing little fingers from becoming entangled between garage door hinges.

Manual release – If your overhead garage door uses an automatic garage door opener and there is a power outage, this feature allows you to manually disengage the opener so that you can still operate your door.

Battery backup system – This allows the automatic garage system to continue operating even when there is no power.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Replacing your entire garage door with one from a reputable garage door company, such as Spark Garage Doors, will immediately increase the curb appeal and value of your home. There is a wide variety of colors, finishes, and garage door styles available. With all of these options, you can completely change how your home appears to your neighbors. This is especially true if the previous door was worn and out of date. Because it is the first thing onlookers and passersby notice when looking at your home. This is especially useful if you intend to sell your home.

Noise Reduction

You’ll be surprised at how quiet and smooth a new garage door operates. To open and close the door, the original garage door openers used a chain drive. In most cases, replacing this with a belt drive or something similar will significantly reduce the noise. Proper Maintenance of your new smart garage and following the advice of your professional garage door installer on servicing will also make a significant difference in the long run.

Reduce your energy costs.

Garages serve a variety of functions. They are sometimes converted into an extra room. In comparison to new garage doors, old garage doors lack proper insulation. If you use your garage as an extra room, replacing your garage door and garage door panels with new ones that have proper insulation and allow you to get the right amount of heat and cold that is comfortable for you will save you a lot of money on energy bills.

Costs of Cooling and Heating

If you use your garage space for work, you can significantly reduce your cooling and heating costs by having an expert garage door professional install a garage door with R-16. This insulated garage door will keep cool air in during the summer and cold air out during the winter, and it will quickly pay for itself in savings.

Maintenance and Time

Another advantage of installing a new garage door system is that you should be able to drastically reduce the amount of preventative maintenance required. Once you’ve decided on a color for your prefinished garage door, you’ll discover that most metal doors require very little maintenance. Cleaning them will frequently require nothing more than a little water and soap. Scraping flaking paint and repainting your garage door on a regular basis will become a thing of the past.

Because we have years of experience fixing, installing, and replacing all major brands of garage door manufacturers as well as damaged garage doors, we are your go-to professional garage door technicians in Littleton. We offer a diverse selection of garage doors in various materials, brands, styles, colors, and other features. Nobody can beat our low garage door replacement costs!

Reach out to Spark Garage Doors in Littleton at (720)-902-4081 for garage door services such as repairs or replacement.


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