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We believe in empowering garage owners with knowledge about doors and their numerous parts. That’s why we have invested in contents that describe varying types of doors, their numerous parts and issues that affect their performance. Here, you’ll find tips on how to identify, prevent, fix simple door problems using DIY hacks and know when to contact a technician.

Why Does A Garage Door Rust And How To Prevent It?

You just installed a new garage door or repainted your old one. You notice rust spots on the door or rusty edges as you walk through the garage. What was the point of spending all that money on a new garage door or a fresh coat of paint? One thing to remember is that water

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Why Is My Garage Floor Damp?

There are several common causes for your garage floor feeling wet. The most common is traditional condensation, also known as sweating (garage floor sweats). The problem could also be due to improperly installed concrete (excess moisture below the concrete slab). There is a simple test you can use to determine which type you are dealing

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What Is The Standard Depth Of A Garage?

Home buyers usually prefer buying a home with a garage. They use the extra space for parking vehicles or even as a living space. Be it an attached or detached garage, the garage size matters. Garage builders often go by standard garage sizes as a rule of thumb. The standard dimensions are in square feet

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How To Reprogram A Garage Door Opener?

The main objective of using a garage door opstolenener is to help you operate the door safely. It should sense any obstruction in the path of the door and prevent the door from closing. So, a garage opener is essentially responsible for the safety of the individual while operating the door. This garage door opener

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What To Know About Replacing Garage Door Panels?

Many people consider their garage door to be an important part of their house because they use it several times per day when leaving or returning home. Garage doors are subjected to daily wear and tear, which can put a strain on the door’s internal mechanisms. Garage door panels may show physical signs of wear

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What Is the Average Lifespan of a Garage Door?

The garage door is something that is almost certainly used on a daily basis. It serves as an entrance to your garage and house, as well as a safe place to keep your car and other belongings. They also serve cosmetic purposes, such as improving your home’s overall appearance and curb appeal. With so many

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6 Garage Door Hinge Types

Garage doors are one of those features that improve the curb appeal of your home. However, most individuals don’t think about it until they need to fix something. It’s understandable, even if it’s not the greatest course of action for a homeowner to take. This is especially true for the small features that come with

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Pros And Cons Of Attached And Detached Garage

A garage is a vital component in most houses. The right garage can be a crucial component of a house, offering additional storage space for cars, gardening supplies, tools, sports equipment, bikes, and more. However, garages are not a universally effective solution. What works for one family or home might not be suitable for another.

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Noisy Garage Door – Causes And Solutions

You probably don’t give your entire garage door much thought during the day if you’re like most people. You use it to enter and exit your house, but it doesn’t take up much mental space. until it starts to be noisy, that is. A noisy garage door that requires repair might annoy your neighbors, make

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What To Know About Garage Floor Epoxy Paint & Coating?

The garage serves a variety of purposes for many homeowners beyond merely parking a car there and storing stuff that doesn’t fit in the basement. Many individuals use their garage as a location for hobbies like carpentry or to work on their cars. Epoxy paints and varnishes are the ideal alternatives for garage floor protection.

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