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We believe in empowering garage owners with knowledge about doors and their numerous parts. That’s why we have invested in contents that describe varying types of doors, their numerous parts and issues that affect their performance. Here, you’ll find tips on how to identify, prevent, fix simple door problems using DIY hacks and know when to contact a technician.

What Type of Garage Door is Best?

Oftentimes, the garage is one of the most overlooked areas of a house. Most people think that it is just a place to store their vehicles or other stuff which cannot be put in other places. But that is not the only attribute of a garage.  One important thing that it can give to a

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How Much Should It Cost to Repair a Garage Door?

Your garage doors are likely prone to regular damage. If you own a vehicle and use it daily for work, the garage door will be a victim to wear and tear. It is an inevitable problem but it can be repaired.  If you notice that your garage door is broken or malfunctioning, it is best to fix

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How Long Do Garage Door Openers Last?

A garage door is an important part of a house. It serves as added security for your home and can also improve its overall look. However, it would not be complete without a functioning opener.  Why is a garage door opener important? For one, it is very convenient. An automatic garage door opener can make the coming

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