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4 Reasons To Buy An Insulated Garage Door

Even though extreme weather in the State of Colorado can range from hot climates to blisteringly cold climates, Littleton residents must make sure to be prepared for the elements. We layer up with cozy coats and insulate every corner of our homes – so why not do the same for detached garages?

Insulated garage doors are an accessible way to keep your space comfortable throughout each season in this state! Here at Spark Garage Doors Littleton, we understand that insulated garage doors are much more than a luxury item – they provide true functional value for any home. Insulated garage doors not only boost comfort and convenience but also come with added benefits like sound reduction, stability in extreme temperatures, and improved energy efficiency!

Learn all about why an insulated garage door should be your next significant home renovation below.

Insulated Garage Doors Versus Non-insulated Garage Doors

Prepare for a toasty winter with an insulated garage door. Don’t settle on just any old option – shop around and find the right fit that will ensure your home stays warm all season long! Plus, you can enjoy energy savings while doing so. Invest in any type of insulation now and feel good as comfortable temperatures drop.

Before making the decision to insulate your perfect garage, it’s important to understand exactly what an insulated one looks like and how much of a difference insulation can make. Learn more about this key distinction here from our garage door repair company specialists in Littleton!

What Makes an Insulated Garage?

If cost is a factor, an insulated garage door may initially seem more expensive than a non-insulated door. But they’re worth the additional investment; offering multiple layers of steel and insulation to keep your indoor temperature regulated all year long!

Polystyrene insulation is the most cost effective and popular choice for garage doors, providing reliable thermal protection and creating a more comfortable space.

Polyurethane insulation is the premium option for garage door insulation. This sturdier and thicker material offers lasting protection from vibrations, making it a great choice for those looking to invest in long-term performance and longevity.

If you’re planning to repurpose your garage, invest in an insulated version with polyurethane – it’ll give the space a professional feel and will serve as perfect conditions for either band practice or projects!

Is an Insulated Garage Right for Your Home?

Ask yourself a few questions:

● Do you have an attached garage?

● Do you want to use the common garage as something more than storage?

● Is your garage a living space; i.e. a spare room or a place where your pets sleep?

If you can say yes, or even maybe, to any of these questions, you should seriously consider an insulated garage with Spark Garage Doors Littleton.

Need more reasons to consider an insulated garage door? Check out the reasons below by our garage door service technicians in Littleton.

Insulated Garage Door Installations Save You Money

Much like any significant household improvement project, an initial upfront cost comes with insulated garage door installation.

Still, insulated garage doors pay for themselves, and more, in time. And, unless your garage isn’t attached, this garage space often leads to an entryway and butts up against a living room, kitchen, or other indoor areas.

Extreme heat or cooling loss in your modern garage doors can occur through these spaces in several ways, whether through poorly sealed doors or from average entering and exiting. However, when the entire garage is insulated, this loss is minimized, meaning that your furnace or A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to ensure things stay comfortable.

You save hundreds every year through energy efficiency and long-term cost savings. The result? Lower energy costs.

Insulated Garage Door Installations Help The Environment

Insulation decreases the workload on your furnace and A/C than uninsulated garage doors, you won’t just pay less for your energy—the environment will, too.

By investing in an insulated garage door, you’re also investing in the health of our planet. What’s more environmentally friendly than that?

Insulated Garage Doors Provide Sound Reduction

Insulated garage doors are filled with insulation, whatever that means for the given model. Compared to traditional models, they are more solid and provide a quieter running experience because they do not rattle as much. They also provide an excellent sound buffer when closed.

Does this mean that traditional garages are noisy garages? Absolutely not. It simply means those who want premiere sound reduction find the right solution in insulated garage door installation.

If you own a loud truck, live in a busy neighborhood, coexist with light sleepers, or have a home that backs up to a busy road, an insulated garage door may be just the ticket to a more peaceful and quieter life.

Insulated Garage Doors Add A Whole New Room To Your Home

If your current garage door isn’t insulated, you probably don’t spend a lot of time in your residential garage doors. If you do, it’s not the most pleasant experience. 

With insulated garage doors, though, it’s like adding a room to your home. It offers comfortable, regulated temperatures and the privacy of indoor space.

Want to build a home gym but don’t have the room? How about a space to pursue your painting passions? A woodworking area? A storage spot? A mechanic’s shop? No matter your dreams, your insulated garage door can help achieve them using the space you already have on hand.

When you’re ready to make the change to your commercial garage, give our Littleton garage door repair team a call today at (720) 902-4081.

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