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5 Ways To Make Your Garage Door More Secure

Garage security should be a priority; after all, it’s often where your most valuable possessions are kept. From power tools to vehicles – important items can easily accumulate in this area. And even if they don’t store their valuables there, many people would still worry since automatic garages have direct access to their homes! As a homeowner, security is of the utmost importance in all areas of your home. To ensure safety and protection for what’s housed inside it, here are some tips by our garage door repair company experts in Denver to help you secure your smart garage!

Ways To Make Garage More Secure

1. Install Motion Activated Lights

Secure your overhead garage after dark with motion-sensor lights which also improve curb appeal! These handy safety features detect movement, creating a visual signal which helps deter any unwanted visitors. They also make it easier to navigate across your property at night – perfect for throwing out the trash or getting some late-night errands done in complete safety.

For heightened safety and garage door security, motion-activated lights are a must near garage entrances. Working with an electrician is typically necessary for installation. So consider having garage door sensors installed at key locations like the main entry doors and any side or back entries in your garage area!

2. Install Foggy Glass

Enhance the security of your modern garage door by installing an opaque glass door. This won’t only deter potential thieves and burglars whose reconnaissance may be encouraged with a view into your space, but it will also keep its contents secure from unwanted prying eyes.

Outdated glass in your garage door and side or back entrances? Consider replacing them with opaque panels for better security! Talk to a professional about the available options that best suit you.

3. Store Your Garage Door Clicker in Your House

Protect yourself from potential burglars with your garage door clicker! Keep the device safely stored in its designated spot, so if you need to park away from home it is not an invitation to unwelcome guests.

Ensure your garage door is always secure by safely stowing away its clicker. For best results, keep it with you in a purse, briefcase, or another item when traveling to and from your home – never leave the commercial garage door remote in sight inside of an unattended vehicle!

Keep your home safe and secure by taking the necessary steps after a garage door clicker is stolen. Don’t wait to reprogram your automatic opener, as it could leave you vulnerable to potential risks. If unsure of how to do this yourself, contact an experienced representative from your garage installation company for assistance!

4. Trim Your Landscaping

Unwanted pests can easily use landscaping to get closer and sneak into your home. Keep large shrubbery, trees, and bushes some distance away from the house so intruders are less likely to hide in them.

Maintaining your landscaping can help ensure that no unwelcome guests are hidden near any entrances to your home. Keep shrubbery and other large plants away from garage doors for added garage door security, so you’ll always feel safe at home!

5. Install a Garage Door Opener if You Don’t Have One

Installing a secure garage door opener provides an important layer of security for your home. Your family is protected from intruders, who are unable to open the entryway without having the proper access code technology or garage remote control device. For added peace of mind, contact a professional today and discuss installing one in your garage– you won’t regret it!.

Contact the Experts

Are you looking for ways to make your garage door more secure? Reach out to a garage door repair service expert in Denver who can provide the information and resources needed. At Spark Garage Doors Littleton, our garage door professional will be happy to give suggestions that can help you keep your garage secure & safe.

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