Converting your old fashioned garage door into an automatic one

Are you still grappling with your old garage door by opening and closing it manually? Then, it is time to move on and convert it into an automated one. 

Are you wondering if it is possible to automate an old door? And worrying about how expensive it is going to be. Don’t overthink. Just read on to know how easy and economical it is to automate your old door.

Reasons why you must convert your old garage door into an automatic one


The main reason why you must automate your old garage door is to provide total safety for your children and pets. Yes, with a manual garage door,  there is no way to sense a small kid or pet coming in the way of the door. This is highly risky and can cause fatal accidental damage. On the other hand, an automatic garage door has a photo-eye sensor that senses any obstruction along the path of the door and prevents door movement. Automatic doors are the safest for pets and kids.

Remote Access Control

With automatic garage doors, the best advantage is you can operate the door even from a distant location. All you have to do is make the garage door smart by connecting it to a smart device like your mobile phone, Apple Watch, etc. Your smart garage hub can now monitor your door, grant or restrict access to visitors, repair persons , or relatives.

Peace of mind while on vacation 

Put the garage door hub on vacation mode, and you do not have to worry at all about your garage and home. The smart garage hub takes care of the security and gives convenient alerts only when absolutely necessary.


If you have a smart door controller, you can even program the times when you want to leave your door open or closed.

Factors that govern the automation of your existing garage door 

Types of garage doors that can be automated 

Overhead garage doors can be quickly converted to automatic ones at little cost.

Up and over garage door

A Garage door specialist finds Up and Over doors easy to convert. These doors are easy to automate and all you have to check is if they have horizontal tracks.

Only canopy-style doors with vertical frames are difficult to automate. For canopy doors, you need an extra bow arm device.

Sectional garage door

All sections of your door can be automated provided they are in good condition. Just fit the correct motor that you need.

Roller garage door

Roller doors are also motorizable even if they were originally manual. Again the motor types play a major role here.

Condition of your garage door 

If you have a garage door in prime condition moving smoothly on its horizontal tracks, there is nothing to worry about. If your garage door has jerky movements or wobbles, you must first call a garage door specialist to repair it before you automate.

Ways to automate your existing garage door

Basic Garage door opener with wired sensors

This is the basic setup to automate your old garage door. It consists of an automatic garage door opener with a pair of safety sensors and mounting brackets. The opener is battery operated and the safety sensor is photoelectric.

Most of the owners come with auto-reverse safety features.

The average cost of a Chamberlain garage door opener ranges anywhere between $100- 800 depending on the safety features.

Garage door opener with camera

If you can upgrade your existing door with a garage opener with security cameras, you can actually see for yourself what happens at your garage. You can keep track of your garage security and see for yourself what threats arise.

Smart Garage Hub

This is the ultimate option you have for garage security. Here, the garage opener is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled. It has built-in smart features like remote monitoring and door access, app and voice control through other smart devices, automation integration, etc. 

You have many smart automatic garage door opener models like Liftmaster MyQ Home Bridge, Genie’s Aladdin Connect, Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Garage Hub, etc. Choose the right one after consulting an expert garage door professional. Call a trusted Denver garage door repair company to automate your existing garage door and to repair or service it.

Affordable and Easy Garage Door Makeover

3 Ways to Give Your Garage Door a Makeover

Homeowners often treat garages with scant respect. They think of giving their home a fresh coat of paint or a makeover but tend to leave the “boring garage” out. Little do they know that a quick makeover of your unused garage can increase the appearance and curb appeal of your home by 50-100%! This is why a garage makeover must be an integral part of your home improvement project.

Is a garage makeover a challenging project? Is it one of the affordable projects or will the project cost hit the roof? Can this be a DIY project or should we entrust this to experienced garage professionals?  Let us try to answer these questions by looking at some ways to uplift the aesthetic appearance of your garage.

3 ways to give your garage  the best and quick makeover

This is one of the most affordable projects among garage makeover ideas. All you have to do is give the door a new coat of paint. You can do this as a DIY project on your own if you think you have the equipment and expertise. Else it is best to leave it to garage experts who have both. 

Giving your garage door a coat of paint 

A fresh coat of paint will not only increase the aesthetic appeal but also the life of your garage door. The type of paint you use depends on not just the material but also the area where it is applied like garage walls, ceiling, garage floor, etc. You can use spray paint, acrylic latex paint, or epoxy paint depending on the surface. Epoxy paint is best for garage floors with its thick hardened finish. Acrylic latex paints are ideal for garage walls due to their quick-drying feature.

Choose the color for garage doors depending on the material. You can use acrylic latex paint or spray paint for metal garage doors and wood doors depending on the price. Before you paint, remove all the loose paint so as to get a smooth finish.

You can even use spray paint and conceal the garage door windows. This will not only change the look of your garage but also add more security.

The average price for painting a garage door is $100-200. Check out the wide variety of paints and select one that gives you value for your money.

Adding an architectural feature

Installing a prominent feature like garage windows can also increase the curb appeal of the garage. Using a window decal is the cheapest option as it will cost around $100. Fixing Faux Wood windows may cost more but will give the look of a carriage style garage door. You can even install real windows if you want natural light to enter the garage.

The other option is to use overlays or garage door panels to cover the exterior of the door. For instance, you can use vinyl or synthetic panels with a wood stain to cover aluminum garage doors and get a classic wood look.

Last, turn your garage into a storage space by fixing some storage units. You can use this to store heavy equipment or sports equipment.

Adding some garage door hardware

Another option is to add some hardware to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your garage door. This can be in the form of decorative handles or a functional garage door opener. 

You can install decorative accents to your door to give it a carriage style look. These decorative accents are magnetic and do not need any installation. This is the easiest makeover option to improve your garage door style.

A coat of paint can liven up even a cluttered garage. Reusing garage spaces as storage options increase the utility of a garage. Adding garage door hardware or new decorative features enhances the aesthetic appeal. Homeowners can try any of these garage remodel options to get a better sale price for their homes. Call the garage door experts at Spark Garage Doors in Aurora, CO for a free consultation. 

Top Garage Door Repair Hacks You Should Know

Everyone tends to overlook things as long as they are working well. Just like garage doors.  People neglect Garage doors until they stop functioning and need repair. Then they hurry to call a garage door professional. 

Calling a garage door specialist is the right thing to do, but you should do it more often. You should call a garage technician for annual inspection and regular maintenance. This will reduce the frequency of repairs needed.

If you are a careful homeowner, you can still avoid repairs by following these simple hacks. 

Top repair hacks for garage doors that you should know.

Before you call the garage specialist, you can try any of these repair hacks. If the problem persists, only the garage door repair company can rescue you.

Check your batteries 

This might seem silly to you but this is the simplest problem your garage door might face. The garage door opener operates on batteries and if these batteries are dead, it will not open or shut. 

If you have an automatic door with a garage door remote, then you must check the batteries and replace them. This is the common garage issue with a smart automatic garage controller which you can easily correct. So, if your garage door does not open or shut, first check the batteries and replace them.

Check the power

The next easiest thing to do is to check the power. If there is a power outage due to extreme weather, your opener’s motor might not work. If luck is by your side, your garage door system might have a manual override facility. This comprises a red handle at the end of a cord. If you pull this emergency release cord, the door moves up and down. 

Check the weather stripping  

The weatherstripping is a rubber seal that protects your garage door from weather damage. Even this weather stripping can suffer damage over time. If this happens, you will find water, debris, dust, and even rodents entering through your garage door. To prevent this, check your weather stripping from time to time and get it replaced. 

Defrosting your garage door

In cold weather, your door can get stuck. A simple hack you can adopt is to add salt to your weatherstripping. You can use kitchen salt or kosher salt. This simple trick can save you from further repairs and expenses.

Check the position of the sensors

An automatic garage door may have a wired sensor or wireless sensor. These have to be in the right position or your door will not open or shut fully. To correct this, check the position of the wireless sensor and see if they are pointing in the horizontal direction across the door span.

If you have a wired sensor, check if the wires are in place and in good condition. If any of the wires are loose or damaged,  mend them immediately by taping them.  

Check the springs

A garage door spring is a very small part of the door but one which can cause fatal injury if damaged. Your door might have a torsion spring or extension spring. Check both and if you find them faulty, do not try to replace them. Call a garage door repair service at once.

Lubricating the door’s hardware

Your garage door consists of solid hardware like hinges, screws, ball bearings, etc. These need lubrication periodically. All you have to do is to buy a good lubricant like WD-40 and use it to oil the roller, extension spring, hinge, etc. Do not use this silicone spray directly on the tracks as it will lead to dirt buildup.

All the above hacks can help you make your garage door quieter and more energy-efficient. You can try these DIY projects as basic first aid measures. But if you want to prevent garage door replacement, it is best to call a professional garage door repair company like Spark Garage Doors in Aurora, CO for lasting results.

How does it Work? Parts of a Garage Door

What do you notice when you see a garage? The most striking feature of a garage is the door. Garage door panels add to the aesthetics of your property. Garage door openers are now a style statement.

Does your garage work on the remote control? Do you have automatic garage door sensors? The garage door opener system has come a long way. Modern garages look sleek and easy-going. With smart locks, your garage will be functional even with a power outage. Garage door systems have changed with technology. But the major components of a door remain the same. Understanding the common parts of a garage door helps in proper care and maintenance.

Is everything on track? 

Let’s take a look at a luxury and sturdy car. The car may have everything to ensure it glides smoothly on the roads. But despite being the best built, it will suffer from a puncture if the roads are bad. Similarly, the garage door tracks and rollers need to complement the door style. Before you select the type of track, you may want to consider:

  1. How much is the headroom between the door and the garage ceiling?
  2. What is the side room space?
  3. How high is the top section of your door?

Garage door opener parts and operations:

Modern garages come with an easy opening mechanism. Today, most garages can be controlled with remote control. For most doors, the garage door opener operation is standard. The opener is like a box that hangs from the ceiling. Each time you push a button or a switch, the opener receives the signal. The motor then supplies the energy to set the door in motion. So the opener has many mechanical parts for smooth function. But the best of elements can wear out. If you are familiar with the standard mechanism of the opener, you will be able to maintain it better. Garage door technicians can help you decide whether a faulty opener needs to be repaired or replaced.

Smooth garages make life easy. But the doors are complex and heavy structures. So what is the one part of the garage you cannot ignore?

Experts suggest that the garage door springs work overtime. The entire weight of the heavy structure rests on the springs. Besides heavy lifting, springs ensure that you have a balanced garage. If the springs break, your door will be out of sync without a counterbalance. Moreover, a broken spring can impact the pulleys and cables. If you see the cables hanging loose, you should check your garage springs. Most overhead garages use extension springs. Extension springs are cheaper than torsion springs. But did you know that torsion springs are more sturdy?

Cables, pulleys, and springs: It is all connected!

Energy from the springs causes the drums to move. The drums are, in turn, connected to the cables. Have you wondered why the door is not working, even if the springs are fine? It is because a garage has many interconnected parts. Cables are the connecting points between the opening mechanism and the door. The drums rotate, causing the cables to roll and the doors to open.

The safety sensors are not parts you can afford to ignore.

Neglecting safety sensors is an open invitation to fatal accidents. Kids and pets play around your garage. Garages are keep-safes for your expensive objects. A garage door without a safety sensor, your garage door can close on any obstruction. The obstruction can be your beloved kids and possessions.

Whatever the type of garage door, you will have fundamental maintenance issues. From the garage floor to the garage walls, every component matters!

How Garage Door Springs Work?

Did you know that an average garage door weighs almost 150 lbs? But how can one lift or lower this heavy door so easily? It is all because of the simplest component namely garage door springs. These springs do the actual lifting and lowering of the door. Let us take a look at how these springs work.

What is the role of garage door springs?

Of all the components, garage door springs are the most important. They carry the total weight of the garage door. If these springs were absent, the heavy lifting of the garage door would never be possible. The tension in the springs is stored as mechanical energy. This energy stored in the springs helps to lift or lower the door. Garage springs also maintain the balance of the door. They distribute the weight evenly throughout the door. 

A garage door can have one or more springs. The heavier the door, the more springs and replacement springs are needed. But this number also depends on the type of springs used.

What are the two types of springs used for garage doors?

There are two types of garage springs- torsion springs and extension springs. Garage door torsion springs are fitted on top of the door on a horizontal torsion bar. They are responsible for holding the weight and maintaining the balance of the door. Garage door extension springs are attached to the track cable on the sides of the door through the cables. They use counterbalance pulleys running through spring anchor brackets to work against gravity.

Do garage door torsion springs and extension springs differ? 

First of all, the position or placement of these springs differ. Torsion springs are placed horizontally above the garage door. They are wound over-center bearing plates and connect to safety cables passing over cable drums at both ends. Extension springs are vertically placed on either side of the door. 

Secondly, the mode of operation of these springs varies. The torsion springs wind and unwinds to lift or lower the door. The extension springs extend and contract to do the same.

The third is the life expectancy of the spring. Torsion springs are robust and last longer than extension springs. The ends of the extension springs are fragile and break easily. Even if one extension spring breaks, both have to be replaced.Next, the cost factor. Extension springs are costlier than torsion springs. They need frequent garage door spring replacement too.Lastly, the number of springs needed depends on what type of spring you use. A lightweight door can work with one single torsion spring. But not with one single extension spring.  

If you use the extension spring system, you must always have a pair of springs to balance the weight of the door. But since the torsion spring is fixed up along the horizontal track, even one will do for a light door.
For heavier doors, you might need even 3 to 4 standard torsion springs.To avoid stress on the garage door opener, professional technicians always suggest the use of torsion springs.

Basics of Garage spring replacement

A broken spring is fatal to your door and life. Since the torsion spring holds the weight of the door, the door can crash if it breaks. So you cannot take chances with bad springs.

The average life of common torsion springs is five years. But the consistent lifting of the door causes its wear and tear and reduces its tension rating. So if you have a weakened spring, you need to put in extra effort to lift the door.Avoid all this and call the garage door repair company at once. They can even do a garage door extension spring conversion to a torsion one. This is the best idea as the cost of conversion is very less when compared to the savings on spring repair.

Torsion spring replacement is not an easy task that you can do on your own. It is better to leave this to experienced garage door technicians to do the spring repair service.

How to know if the door has a broken spring?


Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

A new garage door may cost anywhere between $800 to $2000 depending on the type of material used. This is a lot of money and you would obviously think twice before spending it. So, is it really time to replace your door? Are there any warning signs that tell you that you have to go in for a garage door replacement? Let us take a look.

What are the critical signs that indicate that your garage door needs replacement?

Noisy Garage Door

Is your door making an unusual noise? is it squeaking, screeching, or making creaky noises? Then, the garage door springs might be worn out or it may have misaligned tracks. Do not ignore these unpleasant noises. They are the warning signs that tell your garage door has damage from wear and tear. Call a garage door company to replace the garage door for its quieter operation.

Security Issues
Is your garage door opener faulty? Are its garage door sensors not working? Are the opener lights shining well? Does it pose any safety risk?  
If there is any problem with the security features, it might pose a huge safety hazard for your home. Do not take any chances. Call a garage door specialist to resolve these safety issues.

Energy Efficiency 
When was the last time you had a look at your energy bills? Are they skyrocketing? This increase in energy consumption could be due to your faulty garage door. Its weather strips might have worn out. or it could lack insulation. 

A broken garage door can hike your energy costs. In summer, they allow hot air inside the garage and house, thereby increasing the AC costs. In winter, the damaged panels let in cold air and your heating costs increase.
Call expert garage door professionals at once and get your door double-wall insulation to reduce energy costs.

Weather Damage
Harsh weather conditions prevail in places on the East Coast in the US where heavy snowfall and floods are common. This bad weather could cause damage to panels, torsion springs, motor units, etc. Wooden garage doors can warp while steel doors rust due to weather conditions. Call a trusted garage door technician for the new garage door installation.

Frequent Garage Door Spring Repair
If you need to do garage door spring repair often, then it is time to replace your door. If the torsion springs are loose, they could cause the door to come crashing down. This causes damage severe garage door accidents. If this happens, the door suffers permanent damage. Prevent this by calling a garage door specialist at once to install a new door.

Outdated technology 
Does your door have outdated technology features? If so, it is under a major security risk as today’s burglars are experts in deciphering access codes. That is why you must install a door with modern code systems. Here, the advanced technology allows you to create a new access code each time you use the lock. 

Call a reliable garage door company and ask them to fit a modern garage door with LED Sensor lights, Safety sensors, Automated reversal feature, etc.

Visual damage
Do the architectural features of your garage door show signs of damage? You may think that it is just cosmetic damage, but this exterior damage reduces the curb appeal of the door. If the house has a freshly painted door or is renovated but the garage door has cosmetic issues, it will lower the aesthetic appeal of the house. This will reduce the resale value of the house.

Age of the door
If your garage door needs constant maintenance all the time, it means it has become old. Now, call a professional garage expert and get an automatic garage door installed.

If you observe any of the above obvious signs of damage to your door, do not honk about garage door repair. But go in for replacement as this might be a more cost-effective project in the long run.Is your garage door not working properly or has small problems? Don’t try to fix it yourself, just contact the pros at Spark Garage Doors. Our garage technicians serve Denver and surrounding areas.Give us a call today so we can keep getting work done around the clock, giving relief from everyday worries of having faulty equipment on hand! 

Challenges you could face with your garage door

The last thing we want when we come home is for a problem to pop up. And it does, and that too, most often with our garage door. Yes, garage doors can be annoying and non-cooperative, at times. They refuse to open or close when we want. Or create a raucous noise for all to hear.  There are many such challenges you could face with your garage door. Common garage door challenges you could face Your Garage door does not open or close. This is the most common garage door challenge anyone could face.

Your garage door may not open because of Cold weather
In freezing weather at places like Alaska, Minnesota, or North Dakota, this happens often. When the temperature plummets to minus degrees, your garage door refuses to budge. When this happens, do not panic. Just call your garage door experts at once. They will sort it right away.

Garage door opener problem
Your garage door might not open because its opener is faulty. Check if its motor’s wire is cut or disconnected. Call garage door experts to repair or replace the opener without delay.

Remote or Keypad not functioning
Check the remote of your automatic garage door. Are its batteries dead?  Replace them and check. If your garage door does not open even now, check the keypad of your garage door. If your remote or keypad is faulty, call garage door experts and get them fixed.

No power
It might sound silly to you but check the power supply. Is there a power outage or is a fuse blown? This could be one reason why your garage door did not open or close.

Your garage door is noisy
Is your garage door making loud noises? Check out if you hear any of these noises. The last thing we want when we come home is for a problem to pop up. And it does, and that too, most often with our garage door. 
If you hear a rattling noise from your garage door, you can be 100% sure something has come out. It could be your nuts, bolts, springs, or rollers. Never take a chance if you hear a rattling noise from your garage door. Call the garage door experts at once and get the missing parts replaced.

Squeaking noise
This squeaking noise means the rollers of your garage door need lubrication Or they might be worn out. Call garage door experts and get them oiled or replaced.

Grinding noise
In case your garage door gives out a grinding noise, be sure its rollers are at fault. They need oiling or replacement which only garage door experts can do.

Popping noise
Is there a popping noise from your garage door? Then it is the springs which you have to check out. The torsion springs might need oiling, adjustment, or replacement. Get them fixed by calling garage door experts.

Your garage door moves unevenly 
If your garage door does not have a smooth and one-shot movement, its movement is uneven. This means something is barring its tracks. Check if there is any obstruction. If not, see if the tracks are bent. In either case, call garage door experts. Do not attempt to remove the obstruction or straighten the tracks on your own as it is risky. Summon the garage door experts and get it done safely and professionally. 

In any case, call garage door experts at once and get them fixed.Everyone has challenges including garage doors. But there are some challenges which we can fix and others which we should leave to experts. Leave garage door challenges to experts. Spark Garage Doors Denver experts can handle and fix all your garage door challenges with safety and precision.

The Importance of Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Do you know that more than 70% of the Americans use the garage door to enter their home?  

If your garage door is such a main entry point to your home, you must maintain it with proper care. This is why you must do annual maintenance for your garage door for the following reasons.Does my garage door need annual maintenance?
As per statistics, a garage door is used at least 20 times a day,
This means your garage door is subject to a lot of weathering. It needs regular maintenance. 
Secondly, Colorado has hot summers and cold winters. In summer, the dust accumulates on the garage door tracks. This debris buildup can cause misaligned tracks and damage your door.  
In winter, frost jams the rollers and torsion springs of your garage door. To prevent further damage, each year your garage door needs preventative maintenance.
This is why you must opt for annual garage door tune-ups with experienced professionals. 
Whether residential garage doors or commercial garage doors, both need maintenance once a year.
Denver garage maintenance experts can serve you in any part of Denver 24 x7 throughout the year.
6 Benefits of garage door maintenance
Prevent costly damage due to garage door wear and tear
Your garage door gets worn out with frequent use. You can stop this weathering with regular garage door tune-ups.
Save money by preventing expensive damage
Garage door issues crop up often like broken springs, frayed cables, misaligned tracks, etc. If these are not resolved at once, your garage door might even need replacement. By doing a garage door tune-up once a year, you can prevent expensive damage to your garage door.
Avoid unexpected garage door issues
There is no time or warning for a garage door problem to arise. Avoid such unexpected repairs that cause extreme tension. Call a garage door service expert at once to do this preventative maintenance.
Avoid safety risks and injuries 
A noisy garage door means you have broken rollers. Broken tracks or springs can even cause the door to crash causing grave injuries. The best thing is to do an annual garage door tune-up to avoid these safety risks.
Use your warranty to the best advantage
Usually, it is the garage door components that need frequent replacement. But they are usually under a limited warranty. When you do an annual inspection, the garage door technician can identify the faulty parts and see if they are under warranty. Now, you can easily replace them under warranty at no additional cost.
Extend the life of your garage door 
The more care and attention you give to your garage door, the longer it lives. Spend a little every year for your garage door tune-ups and watch your garage door serve you loyally for a lifetime.
More peace of mind 
Regular maintenance means you have taken all the safety precautions for your garage door. Now you can stay relaxed and worry-free.
What does annual garage door maintenance entail?
When you say “annual maintenance”, is it just looking at the garage door from top to toe? No, an annual garage door maintenance involves the following tasks
First, the garage door repair company inspects the door thoroughly. It checks for all broken and worn-out parts. Not just rollers or springs, even the garage door opener and photo-eye alignment need checking. 
Repair and replacement
Next, the garage door expert repairs the faulty components. He replaces damaged springs, broken tracks or rollers, frayed cables, etc. 
The Garage door springs cannot be too tight or loose. The garage door expert adjusts the spring tension, pulley balance and track alignment. Setting the limits for the garage door opening is the next main task. All these adjustments ensure the garage door works smoothly.
The springs, rollers, and tracks need to be oiled for the smooth functioning of your garage door.
An annual maintenance of your garage door is like the health checkup of your garage door. Do an annual maintenance to save and protect your garage door.
Spark Garage Doors Denver knows how important annual garage door maintenance is to ensure the longevity of the garage door. Call us today to check our annual maintenance plans for your garage door.

Installing myQ Technology-Enabled Garage Door Opener for Smart Homes

What if your garage door opener could do a lot more? The latest generation of smart openers simplify life and improve home security in ways never imagined. Keep reading this post from our professional garage door company to learn more!

What is myQ Smart Home?

The myQ Smart Home is a wireless garage door opener technology that allows you to monitor and control your garage from anywhere. You can check whether it’s open or closed, receive alerts about activity on the door, as well as remotely open and close it without having to be there in person.

With myQ, you can keep track of your garage from anywhere. You’re able to monitor and control the door with a free app for iPhone or Android phones so if something goes wrong while out of town, it’s easier than ever to get home safely! Plus, there are never any worries about being locked outside again because now you’re always in charge.

The myQ opener is easy to install and compatible with most opener models- just check compatibility before buying! Get peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, no one can get through without an invite.

The following are the advantages of myQ technology.

Sensor Alerts

To keep your son or daughter from running out into the street, you can use a garage-door sensor that alerts and tracks when the door is open. This will allow you to know they arrived home safely after school as well as verify if they left it open in the morning before leaving for work.

Save- Time

The remote control system for your garage means you can allow people like dog walkers or maids to enter without having them wait by the door. You also have peace of mind knowing that any deliveries will be securely stored until someone arrives after-hours, and this is a time saver because it’s not as if anyone has everything they need at their fingertips 24/7!

Smart Operation

If you are not sure whether you closed the garage door or not, check with the myQ app. The myQ technology helps you to check the condition of the garage door far away from home—in traffic, at the store, or at work. With myQ LiftMaster technology, you can make sure that everything is locked up tight with just a few taps on your phone without having to go out into the cold again.

Create Alerts/ Notifications

Using the myQ app, you can set up alerts that will tell you whenever your garage door opens. This allows you to take immediate action if ever your garage is opened and know it wasn’t someone in the family who did so. The most valuable feature of notifications for people with busy lifestyles or frequent travelers!

Garage Safety Enhancement with myQ Technology

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your garage door safer, a smart WiFi remote is a perfect solution. The high-tech system can integrate with all of your other tech gadgets and offers many safety features that are sure to keep intruders at bay without compromising on convenience.

  1. You can program lights for the garage door to make sure that somebody has pulled in.
  2. Smart technology like built-in security cameras can be integrated with your garage doors for enhanced security.

For a well-maintained home, go with Spark Garage Doors to get your driveway door opener upgraded. Contact us for garage door services in Aurora and surrounding areas.

Should You Do DIY Garage Door Repair Or Leave It To the Professionals?

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