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Do You Know When To Replace A Garage Door?

The automatic garage door is an important part of the aesthetics and improves the curb appeal that you place on your home. Like any other home equipment, a garage door will, at one point, develop some problems that may need repairs or replacements. However, it is quite challenging to notice when your garage door has reached its end-of-life stage since it is constantly exposed to the outdoor elements, which speeds up its wear and tear rate.

This blog post by our Denver garage door repair experts provides vital information on how you can know when to replace your garage door to ensure you’re getting the most value from this important part of your home.

What to Consider When Replacing a Garage Door?

When considering replacing the automatic garage door, there are several key questions that will help. We’ll go over them one by one below.

Is the Door Really Broken?

Not sure what constitutes serious damage? You should replace your professional garage door if its structural integrity has been compromised due to warping or rust. You’ll also want to replace your door if garage door materials have cracked or rotting panels, which can cause uneven weight distribution and put extra stress on the frame and modern garage door opener.

If your door has large dents or gouges, you’ll want to replace it to ensure smooth movement and avoid further damage to the garage door panel folds. Finally, damaged doors may be unbalanced, which can be problematic for the garage door track and garage door motor.

Is the Door Operating Properly?

If your standard garage door makes a lot of noise or vibrates excessively, it may have broken garage hinges, worn-out bearings, uneven tension distribution, or broken springs. All of these smart garage door issues can be very dangerous since these parts hold the door up and are under an extreme amount of pressure. For example, if the garage door spring breaks, the door may drop, leading to property damage, injury, or even death.

Dirt and debris that’s collected inside your average garage door rollers can also prevent normal operation and make a lot of noise. Additionally, if the chain is covered in rust or debris, your automatic opener might make some unpleasant noises. Finally, your standard garage door should respond quickly and begin quietly opening and closing at a consistent rate. If it doesn’t, it’s time to get a new one.

Can You Afford to Replace the Door?

Although the price of a new garage door may initially worry you, it’s important to understand that it often costs more to repair an old door than to buy a new one. There are many affordable, high-quality options available that still look great and have a long lifespan. If you’re wondering “when is it time to replace a garage door,” this might be the motivation you require.

How Old is the Door?

If your insulated garage door is damaged and over 15 years old, it’s probably time to look for a replacement. After all, it doesn’t make sense to put money into garage door repair, when it will probably need to be replaced in the near future. With so many options, you’ll have no trouble finding a door that complements your home while also increasing its curb appeal and resale value.

Is the Door Right for Your Climate?

Begin by considering the climate in which you live. Due to harsh weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, your entire garage door may rust, warp, or fade, so it’s critical to consider your location when selecting a new door with the assistance of a garage door professional.

Start with the following if you’re unsure of what to take into account when replacing a garage door in your particular climate:

  • Do you reside in a hot climate where your door receives a lot of sunlight? As a result, over time, dark colors may fade and the topcoat may degrade, resulting in expansion and contraction that may result in cracks, splits, and bows.
  • Do you live in an area where high winds are common? This can cause dirt, debris, and rain to be driven onto the exterior face of your commercial garage, causing protective topcoat layers to wear away and causing water absorption and deterioration.
  • Do you live near the sea? Salt is extremely corrosive to most surfaces, amplifying the impact of normal aging.
  • Do you reside in an area that frequently experiences tornadoes or hurricanes? During a storm, a hole in your residential garage door can lead to an internal pressure buildup that can cause your roof and supporting walls to collapse. 

With years of experience in fixing, installing, and replacing all major brands of garage door manufacturers as well as damaged garage door systems, we are your go-to experienced professional garage door repair technicians in Denver. We offer proper maintenance to a wide range of garage materials, all brands of garage doors, styles of garage doors, colors, and other aspects.

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