4 Garage Door Solutions to Common Problems

The garage door adds beauty to the house. About 66% of the houses in the US have garages or a carport. The new homes are now built with a garage. Yet, garages are unnoticed and unloved by most of the homeowners. Most of them consider garages as only a place to park their car and store their things. But garage doors need little attendance once a month.

Garage doors are chosen carefully by the customers based on their taste and convenience. These garage doors become a big frustration when something happens in their operations. Broken garage doors, old/outdated doors, damaged parts, worn-out doors, garage door remote problems, dead batteries, missing parts, and deficiency in battery operation are some of the main problems associated with the garage doors. In that case, you can either troubleshoot yourself or call garage door technicians for service. 

The common garage door problems and solutions are:

  1. Garage door opener fails to work

Garage door openers are the motorized devices that open and close the garage doors by the press of a switch located in the wall or with the help of a remote key. Belt-driven, chain-driven, screw-driven, and wall-mounted openers are some of the common types of garage door openers. Chain and screw-driven garage door openers won’t work properly if they are not lubricated at regular intervals. Apply garage door spray lube or silicone-based lubricant to the garage opener four times a year. Remove the dust and try working again. if nothing turns up, call Spark garage door professionals to solve your problem. 

  1. Loud noise

The garage door track creates a loud noise if one or many of its parts are loosened or broken. Remove the dirt and other debris on the garage door rollers with a soft cloth. If your garage door makes screeching noise, then it’s time for lubrication. Oil the parts carefully following the directions. 

  1. Track Misalignment:

Misaligned tracks are another common issue that requires the attention of garage door experts. The doors are very heavy and a small change in the alignment can affect the entire garage. Always seek the help of professional garage door companies for garage door repair service and maintenance. 

  1. Broken or Old springs

Garage door functions are controlled by torsion springs. When garage door springs break, the door cant move up and down. it will get stuck in the middle or won’t open at all. When a spring breaks in the garage door, we can hear a big bang sound like that of a firecracker, if we are at home. If we are away, we may not be able to identify the problem, unless we see the hanging spring.

Sometimes, spring may not break and instead get stretched over time. In that case, the door may open or close very slowly than the normal speed. If the speed is reduced, you can call your garage door service and replace the old spring.

Problems in the garage door opener can be easily predicted and if serviced regularly, it will last long. Whenever you hear loud squeaky noises, find rust in the garage doors, or have misaligned tracks, contact Spark Garage Doors for garage door repair service in Denver.