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How can you Keep Your Garage Cool During the Summer?

Summers can be hot and garages can be hotter due to their confined spaces. 

Most of us check our home’s HVAC, refrigerator, etc in the summer but forget the garage. A hot garage can be an ordeal to deal with, especially when you have to use it several times a day to park your vehicle. If you are using your garage for other purposes like extra storage,  you need a permanent solution to contend with the warm garage during summer.

Our Denver garage door repair professionals know some ways to keep your garage cool during the hot summer months. Before that, let us analyze why garages heat up during summer

Reasons why garages heat up during the summer months

Windowless garage

A garage without windows is hot and stuffy as there is no cross ventilation. Since there is no way for air to circulate through windows, the garage gets heated up.

Lack of garage insulation

Normally,  a weather seal is fitted to your garage door to prevent damage from weather. If your garage has no such seal, there will be intense heat within the garage. Even broken weatherstripping can increase the heat levels inside the garage.

Location of the garage

A west or south-facing garage will receive extreme heat during the afternoons and remains hot most of the day.

Ways to keep your garage cool during summer

To keep your garage cooler, you can opt for permanent or temporary solutions.

Permanent solutions to cool your garage

Natural ventilation through windows

Natural ventilation is the cheapest garage cooling solution. And to enable this, you must have windows for your garage.  If you are installing a new garage or redoing your old one, try to include windows in the design. This expense will be meted out by the savings from the energy bills that you get by using windows in summer.

Cross ventilation through vents

Provide roof vents and attic vents in the garage for passive ventilation. These vents allow air to circulate and keep the garage cooler. You can even have turbine roof vents if there are no ridge vents in your garage.

Garage door insulation

Every garage needs to be insulated to prevent the buildup of heat inside. The garage door insulation prevents the extra heat of the outside air from entering and increasing the temperature levels. It keeps the inside temperature several degrees cooler by acting as a reflective barrier for the heat.

Use of ceiling fans and ventilation fans

Another way to maintain cooler temperatures in your garage is by the use of fans. You can install a ceiling fan in your garage only if its height is at least 10 feet. Only then will its blades not hit your tall vehicle. You can also install a couple of exhaust or ventilation fans to push the hot air out. Explore options like pedestal fans or a powered shop fan to improve air movement within the garage.

Air conditioner

This is the most costly option to cool your garage. Go for it only when you use the garage daily for a prolonged duration.

Change the color of the exterior walls

Dark colors on the outer walls will only absorb heat. Repaint the walls in a lighter color to reflect the heat.

The above tips are the long-term solutions to cool your garage during summer. Here are some short-term ones.

Temporary solutions to cool your garage

Open or close the door

Keeping the garage door open at night and closed during the day helps to keep the garage cooler even during the hot climate.

Bucket of ice

Keep a bucket of ice in your garage and place a pedestal fan next to it. The cool air blowing over the ice across the room tends to be the effective solution temporarily.

Cool your vehicle before parking

Before you park your vehicle in the garage, allow the AC to run for a while in it. This will keep maintaining the internal temperature of the garage cool for a whole

Declutter the garage

A clutter-free garage space allows air to move freely and keeps the garage comfortable in summer.

Adequate garage air circulation, exterior colors of the garage door, garage insulation, and ventilation are the factors that govern the cooling of your garage in summer. From affordable options like fans to expensive ones like active ventilation systems, you can choose any of the options listed above.

Always consult local garage door repair specialists serving Denver CO like Spark Garage Doors before cooling your garage for the summer.

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