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Is DIY A Safe Repair Option For Garage Doors

Is doing it yourself (DIY) a safe repair option for garage doors? When things go wrong, you don’t just make a job more difficult but you can put yourself and others in danger if the door comes crashing down or some parts malfunction. Spark Garage Doors provides complete home garage door repair services in Aurora for all major brands of doors that are both safe and convenient for anyone with an average skill level. Think about it- we know how dangerous this kind of work can be! 

When facing a garage problem, people oftentimes think they can fix it themselves. However, consider these situations before your DIY garage door project.

Misdiagnosing Garage Problems

Garage door systems are made up of many parts, so it can be difficult to know which one is broken or loose. There is a chance that if you replace the wrong part, then your problem will still linger and cost time and money. Save yourself from this hassle by contacting our technicians who specialize in garage door maintenance–we’ll diagnose the issue with precision right away!

Torsion Spring Problems

Torsion springs are the most dangerous part of a door. When fully wound, they can cause severe injury or even death by releasing an enormous amount of force once damaged. Our professionals know how to replace and fix torsion springs so that you’re protected on your way in and out!

Tired from work? Let our experts help with safety-proofing your home today.

Fixing Wrong Parts

Imagine this: you’re at home, working on a project. Suddenly your garage door breaks and won’t open or close properly. You know it needs to be fixed ASAP but unfortunately, the store doesn’t carry any parts for that particular door. The parts are either too expensive or not possible to order online because the product is so hard to find. What do you do?

Don’t worry. Spark Garage Doors has access to original manufacturer parts from all major door brands. We can match up exactly what fits best with your specific model and install them according to specification in just one visit – saving time and money.

Falling Garage Door

When a garage door crashes, we cannot predict the causes of it. Garage doors will cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage if it falls on top of your car. We cant assure the safety of children or pets that might be around. You’re rendered helpless with any attempt at DIY when you come face-to-face with an out-of-control falling garage door. Spark Garage Doors technicians have the equipment and tools necessary to keep disaster from happening – so why risk it? 

Hiring one today is far safer than risking everything tomorrow by trying to take matters into our own hands.

Is your garage door not working properly? Don’t try to fix it yourself, just contact the pros at Spark Garage Doors! We are Colorado-certified technicians who can repair your residential garage doors in Aurora and Denver. Whether you need an inspection or want us to replace your entire system we will get there fast with our 24/7 emergency service for all Aurora area residents. 

Is your garage door not working properly or has small problems? Don’t try to fix it yourself, just contact the pros at Spark Garage Doors. Our Aurora garage door repair technicians serve Aurora and surrounding areas.

Give us a call today so we can keep getting work done around the clock, giving relief from everyday worries of having faulty equipment on hand!