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Keeping Kids Safe Around Garage Doors

If you’re a parent, grandparent, babysitter or someone else who frequently manages kids at home, child safety is undoubtedly a top consideration. This article highlights some garage safety recommendations from a garage door specialist to help keep your children safe whether they are playing in your garage or close to the garage. Some residential garages and automatic garage types can be hazardous environments for children, but a few simple safety steps can keep your family and pets safe. 

Garage doors, although extremely convenient, are also household products that are subjected to extreme stress. This tension is necessary for garage doors to function effectively but if your garage door isn’t properly maintained, it can cause serious problems. A poorly maintained garage door can be a safety hazard for kids, as well as an inconvenience. Make sure to regularly check your garage door to ensure that it is functioning properly else it might be dangerous to your child.

The garage door is one of the largest moving things in any home, and it may be quite dangerous if not utilized properly or if it fails mechanically. A faulty garage door can cause significant harm or even death to children playing in the garage. For a young child,  playing with the garage door remote can be a very appealing temptation, but they may not grasp the ramifications of pressing that opening or closing button. A garage door remote will most likely appear to a child as a toy or a TV or gaming remote. 

Several deaths and injuries from garage door accidents were recorded in the 1980s and 1990s, prompting child safety groups, Consumer Product Safety Commission and well-meaning garage door companies to investigate the safety features of garage door equipment.  UL325-compliant garage doors, on the other hand, cause nearly no significant accidents or deaths today. Although new smart technologies may alter how we open and close garage doors, kid safety remains a key consideration. 

The garage may be a dangerous place for children, especially during power outages, but a few simple safety steps can help safeguard your family. Many objects in the average garage can attract the interest of small eyes and hands, and many of them can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. When your children are old enough to go outside without continuous supervision, make sure they care to understand how the garage door works.

Many risks can be avoided by educating kids about garage door safety. Gently but firmly inform your children about the dangers of garage doors to keep them safe when playing in and around the garage. Teach your children these tips for garage door safety, and you can feel more secure that your entire home is safe. 

  • Make sure there are no people or pets in the way of the garage door before closing it. Make sure any power tools, paints, lawn chemicals, and other potentially hazardous materials are stored in secured cabinets.
  • Teach them not to play in a closed garage, particularly if smells are present. To avoid fire threats, unintentional poisoning, and other dangers, properly dispose of any hazardous materials such as old paint, lawn chemicals, unneeded wood or pesticides.
  • Never park bikes, sports equipment or other toys in the path of the garage door. Keep dangerous equipment and other gadgets safely stored away using outlet covers and cabinet locks, just as you would inside the house. When not in use, unplug any major power tools, appliances, or equipment, and always secure your car doors.
  • Use the garage door opener sparingly and only if you lose your house key. The remote control is not a toy, and the device buttons should not be pressed for the sake of amusement. Keep your entire family secure by emphasizing to your youngsters that garage doors and openers are not toys.
  • If your garage door has a passcode, don’t tell anyone, including their school or college friends, what it is. Even if they’re friends, it’s best to keep the code to yourself. That way, you can be sure that only people you trust will have access to your home.
  • When the automatic garage door is opening, never hold on to it or “ride” it up. Even if the garage door is closed or not moving, do not climb on it. To avoid climbing, never leave rope hanging or laying around, and always store ladders carefully.
  • It may be tempting to touch the garage door while it is moving, but small fingers can easily get pinched by the door panels. Teach your young children about the potential danger in the garage and keep an eye on them at all times.
  • Playing near the automatic garage door should be avoided. It’s advised not to take any chances and avoid the area where the door opens. When your children are in the garage, educate them about the potential hazards and add some rules for playing near the door.
  • The photo-eye sensors at the bottom of the tracks should not be moved or tampered with. The safety feature of a garage door might be thrown off by this. Your family can avoid major injury and damage to themselves or others by following this easy garage door safety sensors requirement.

Discuss these safety lessons from Spark Garage Doors at the earliest with your younger children to avoid such risky situations in your garage. A professional garage door repair company like Spark Garage Doors will also examine the numerous other safety features on your door and offer to add any safety upgrades if so required.

Spark Garage Doors is a reputable garage door company that can assist you in ensuring you add all the safety features to your garage door systems. If you have any questions about garage door safety, please contact us. We offer a variety of safety customization and protection choices to help you design the perfect garage door for your property.  For regular maintenance of your existing garage door or for high-quality garage door repair, garage door replacement and installation, call the garage door technicians at Spark Garage Doors at 303-928-2700.

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