What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Grade Fire Safety Garage Doors?

Garage fires are also among the most destructive types of house fires. Every day, an average of eighteen garage fires make headlines across the United States. Over 93% of these fires start in attached garages in single- or double-family homes. 

Garage fires spread more quickly than other types of fires, and they cause more property loss than other types of fires. Fires that start in an attached garage cause an estimated $457 million in property damage in the United States each year.

Every year, these fires kill an average of 30 people. A lot of these deaths could have been prevented as per our resident Garage Door repair Expert at Spark Garage Doors.

Causes of Garage Fires

Garages are frequently multipurpose spaces. Parked cars, stored belongings, home appliances, power tool chargers, and flammable materials such as gas, flammable liquids such as oil, and paint thinner are just a few of the common items found in a garage that can cause a fire. An electrical malfunction is one of the most common causes of garage fires as per safety experts.

The first and most important step in ensuring home fire safety is to install additional safety options like heat alarms or smoke alarms on each level of your home. Installing fire alarms, smoke detectors, suppression systems, sprinkler systems, extinguishers, and any technology that allows you to alert people of a fire or mitigate fire damage are examples of fire protection systems inside your garage.

Here are some garage fire prevention tips from our Highlands Ranch garage door repair specialist.

Preventing A Garage Fire – Tips for Property Owners

  • Inspecting and improving the structure of the garage for fire safety.
  • Keeping flammable items properly stored or removed from the garage.
  • Safe use and maintenance of appliances, lights, outlets, and battery chargers.

Is it necessary for your company to have fire-rated commercial garage doors? It’s difficult to make a decision until you’ve learned about all of the benefits and features of these doors. Once you understand how useful and fire-rated commercial garage doors are for businesses like yours, you can decide whether they are necessary for the safety and security of your commercial building.

A commercial-grade garage door that can withstand exposure to fire for a specific amount of time is known as a fire door. Heavy-duty materials are used to make fire doors, which are graded based on how long they can withstand fire. The finest uses for fire protection garage doors are in commercial and industrial applications where visual access, safety, and aesthetics are important design factors.

By compartmentalizing buildings, these doors provide firemen and the building fire system more time to put out the fire before it spreads. People have more time to leave the premises while the fire is still under control thanks to fire-rated doors. The fire containment and fire prevention system of every commercial building must include these commercial garage doors. You can decide if these doors are perfect for you by understanding the advantages.

Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Doors Benefits

Commercial fire doors have numerous advantages! Safeguard your property. Everything inside your commercial building, from computers to upholstery, is vulnerable to smoke and water damage in the event of a fire. Fire-rated doors prevent smoke and fire from spreading throughout your commercial building, potentially saving your property from a much larger disaster in the event of a small fire.

Consider the people who work in your commercial building. Fire doors allow people in your building to escape while keeping the fire contained within your building. The use of fire doors in your building aids in the prevention of fatalities and injuries caused by fire and smoke inhalation.

The measure of safety. Fire doors are tough, thick, and difficult to break down. They are highly resistant to break-ins, so your property is safe from more than just fire.

Keep the damage at bay. Fires can be costly to put out, but when they stay contained in one area, the damage and cost can be much lower.

A wide range of commercial properties utilizes fire-rated doors to protect their operations and the people inside them. To find out more about new door installation and which ones are best for you, get in touch with Spark Garage Doors if you’re unsure whether you would benefit from a fire-rated door.

Our Fire-Rated Doors provide a variety of rolling steel doors to satisfy the demanding fire safety standards, peculiar opening dimensions, and exacting aesthetic needs. They are offered for use in commercial, industrial, institutional, and retail settings for service door and counter applications.

Give us a call if you require professional guidance on roll-up doors, garage door installation, garage door openers, or any common garage safety hazards. You can get emergency garage door repair services from a Spark Garage Doors specialist. We are accessible at all times and have an array of options for every need.