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What is a Faux Wood Garage Door?

Real Wood has a rich quality of its own. The aesthetic appeal and elegance of wood are unmatchable. But not everyone can afford natural wood doors. Real wood doors are expensive and need regular maintenance. That is why most people opt for faux wood doors.

A faux wood door is a worthwhile investment as it has the appearance of wood with grain patterns. This authentic-looking wood grain finish has a great curb appeal and requires low maintenance in comparison to real wood doors.

So what exactly is a faux wood garage door?

Faux wood garage doors are wood-type doors. They are wood composite doors made of materials like aluminum, steel, or fiberglass coated with an overlay with a wood grain finish. This outer layer is a cladding made of pieces of wood. These actual wood pieces have the same wood grain patterns as natural wood.  By opting for these faux wood overlays, homeowners can get a wood-look garage door at a fraction of the cost. 

What are the benefits of using faux wood garage doors?

Faux wood garage doors are the perfect blend of the visual appeal of wood with functional efficiency. These doors have a host of benefits which we can see below.

  • Low maintenance requirements

Real wooden garage doors need maintenance on a regular basis, like cleaning, polishing, paint jobs, staining, sanding, etc. If you do not maintain wooden doors, they will warp or crack. On the other hand, faux garage doors are easy to maintain. All you have to do is to call a professional garage door repair expert to examine its springs, panels, etc. They will complete the maintenance work in 30 minutes or less.

  • Durability

When compared to a real wood door, a faux wood garage door is definitely more durable. Made of durable steel or aluminum hardware construction, a faux door is strong and sturdy. Rodents cannot penetrate the door easily nor is it affected by weather damage.

  • Weatherproof

Faux doors with wood composite overlays can withstand all kinds of weather. Made of durable steel with an upper wood cladding, they survive extreme weather like storms, heavy snow, etc.

Plain steel doors can rust and natural wood doors can warp. Since a faux wood garage door combines the qualities of steel and wood, it does not rust, dent, or crack easily. All you must do is repaint it once in a while to keep it as good as new.  You can also fit weatherstripping of polystyrene insulation or polyurethane insulation to make it 100% weather-proof.

  • Lightweight

The big problem with wood garage doors is that they are bulky and heavy to carry.  To install a wooden door, you need an entire team to lift and fix it. In contrast, a faux garage door is lightweight and easy to carry. This makes the garage door installation for a faux door easy and quick. 

  • Best return on investment

Faux garage doors give you the best ROI. They cost little, last long, and are easy to maintain. Even if you want to renovate, the garage door replacement cost is very less when compared to wood or steel doors.

  • Wide variety of styles and color options

When it comes to style, nothing can beat the faux garage door option. These doors come in many panel designs and a variety of colors. You can choose the faux wood finish according to your garage door design like Golden Oak, Douglas Fir, etc.   This wide selection helps you to improve the architectural style of your garage and home.

  • Easily customizable

Every homeowner wants to experiment with contemporary door styles. You can do that with ease with these faux wood garage doors.  You can have aluminum accents, window designs with plain or speciality glass, decorative hardware, etc to enhance the look. You can even blend carriage house style with modern elements to create your own elegant custom garage door.

  • Low cost

This is the major plus factor for a faux wood garage door. A faux wood door costs at least 50% less than a real wood garage door. Due to the wood overlay and. Customization options may cost more than a steel door but definitely less than a wood door.

So, opt for beautiful, custom-made wood doors in faux wood and have great looking and durable doors besides saving money.

Deciding on fixing a faux wood garage door is a wise decision in all aspects. Call a trusted garage door repair company in Aurora like Spark Garage Doors Repair to install it with precision and efficiency.

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