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Liftmaster all type commercial openers

Liftmaster all type commercial openers

These are Wi-Fi enabled openers designed to operate majority of commercial doors. They’re considered to be heavy duty openers with features that provide reliability, efficiency and smooth door performance.


General features

☑ MyQ Technology

☑ Security +2.0 system

☑ Battery back-up option

☑ Accessories- Multi-function control panel and remote control

Major Types

HCTDCU Specialty Overhead Operator

This operator requires low maintenance while providing smooth, quieter and safe operations. It’s designed with P3 motor.


LJ8900W Light Duty Commercial Door Operator

It’s designed to operate sectional doors with a light cycle.


LJ8950W Light Duty Commercial Door Operator

This operator is ideal for light rolling garage doors.


Gear Head Trolley Operator- Logic 5.0

They are designed to operate heavy duty commercial door as they use a lubricated gear to lift the door.


Gearhead Hoist Operator- Logic 5.0

It makes use of lubricated gear to operate heavy commercial doors. It comes with a floor level chain hoist that enables one to operate the door manually.


Jackshaft Operator- Logic 5.0

It is designed to operate standard commercial doors that are balanced and with ability to be easily operated manually.


APT Apartment Trolley Operators- Logic 5.0

The operators are ideal for high cycle commercial apartment doors. They make use of auto reconnect trolley that has nylon insert to lift the door. They offer quieter operations as they have a resilient mount motor.


MJ Medium Duty Jackshaft Operator-Logic 5.0

They work well on industrial sectional garage doors designed with a high or vertical lift. Also, they are effective on light rolling doors as well as grilles. It effectively operates 12 cycles per hour.