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Licensed Garage Door Maintenance Services in Denver

A garage door can last even up to 15 years, provided it is regularly maintained. If you want your precious garage door to last that long, it is time you hire an expert garage door maintenance service like Spark Garage Doors.

Spark Garage Doors is a leading garage company serving Denver, CO. We handle both residential garage doors and commercial garage doors. Our qualified technicians handle both routine maintenance and preventative maintenance tasks for garage doors. We also offer expert assistance for emergency repairs at short notice. 

Features of Our Garage Door Maintenance Service

Annual maintenance

You must have your garage door checked at least once a year. This can prevent any potential issues arising out of weathering or frequent usage. Such yearly maintenance will help you avoid any emergency garage situations. It will also make your garage door last longer.

Preventative maintenance

Bad weather is something all of us have to contend with but we can be prepared and protect our belongings like our garage doors. Cold weather and moisture can strip away your weather seal or damage your garage door panels. Dust and debris can clog the door tracks and jam the door. Doing preventative maintenance every spring season is the ideal solution to protect your garage door. 

Spark Grage Doors - Preventive Maintenace in Denver

25 point inspection

At Spark Garage Doors, we cover each and every aspect of garage door maintenance. We start with a 25 point inspection of your entire garage door to assess the extent of the damage. Then, our professional technicians check each component of the garage door hardware and look for any signs of inefficient operation in them. This helps you to avoid any unexpected mishaps or future damage to your door.

Spark Grage Doors - Garage Door Inspection in Denver

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Steps Involved in Our Garage Door Maintenance Service

Visual Inspection

Your door has many garage door components, both big and small. Pulleys, cables, tracks, rollers, hinges, springs- the list is endless. Each of these has to be checked for damage. Broken springs, frayed cables, misaligned tracks, damaged rollers – any of these could be the cause for your faulty garage door. 

A thorough visual inspection by our Spark Garage Doors experts can not only bring down the heavy repair cost but save you some tension as well.

Spark Grage Doors - Visual Inspection in Denver

Balance adjustment

The main function of a door is its lifting and lowering to open or close. This function is smooth only if the door is rightly balanced.  The garage door service team at Spark Garage Doors adjust this balance to precision. They check the garage door tracks to see if they are jammed and misaligned. They inspect the garage door opener to see if its sensor is mounted right.  With the help of our expert Denver garage door repair technicians, you can always have a balanced garage door.

Spark Grage Doors - Garage Door Inspection Services in Denver

Tightening and adjustment

With repeated use. most components of your door become loose or misaligned. Our technical team starts by checking for loose cables,  bent tracks, or broken garage springs. They adjust and tighten these parts. If necessary, roller replacement is done along with repair of other garage door damages.

Garage door component lubrication

Repetitive use may cause the garage door weatherstripping, hinges, and springs to become taut or tight. They need to be oiled or lubricated periodically by our Spark Garage team.

Spark Grage Doors - Garage Door Maintenance Services in Denver

The Strength Behind Spark Garage Doors

Spark Garage Doors is much sought after in Denver for its garage maintenance services for the following reasons

  • Qualified technicians with formal training
  • Experienced technicians with hands-on knowledge of garage doors
  • Dependable and reliable service
  • 24-hour emergency garage door repairs
  • Use of quality products
  • Fast turnaround with same day service
  • Cost-effective maintenance services
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction with excellent customer service
  • Great customer reviews

Spark Garage Doors is the ideal choice for garage door maintenance in Denver and the rest of  Colorado. We also offer garage door repair services in Denver, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call Spark Garage Doors for your annual garage door tune-ups or for signing up for any of their maintenance programs. Earn value for your garage door and peace of mind for you by using Spark Garage Door maintenance services.