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Sectional vs Roller Garage Doors: What is the Best for Castle Rock Residents?

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Spark Garage Doors is a professional Littleton garage door repair company that provides garage door services. Garage doors come in different designs and made from varying materials. When choosing a door that is a perfect fit for your garage, it is important to consider the space available, environmental factors such as weather, exterior décor and budget. Below is an analysis of three major door types that Castle Rock CO service providers specialize on in terms of repair, replacement, maintenance and installation services:

Sectional garage doors

Sectional doors enable you to drive in and out of your garage with convenience. Generally, the door offers you enough space inside and outer part of the garage giving you comfort. Here are some of the advantages of sectional doors:

  • Wide passage

Unlike other types, sectional doors offer additional passage of about 140mm. This creates more space that makes your driving in and out of the garage a super easy task. This serves as an advantage for large cars, off road vehicles and wider vans as they can be parked with ease.

  • Four sided seal

Strong wind and rain destroy most door types. Modern sectional doors are sealed all round hence protecting them from harsh environmental factors. Manufacturers use seals that are flexible and weather resistant. Concerned about floor irregularities? This is taken care of as the large sized profile lip on the bottom of the door makes it to accommodate minor floor irregularities. This makes the door to fit well on the garage opening.

  • Saves space

These doors open vertically and rest under the ceiling leaving a large space inside and in front of the garage. Contact us at Castle Rock CO for residential sectional garage doors installation.

Roller Garage Doors

These doors are the best choice for those looking for an inexpensive solution. Here are the major benefits of a roller garage door:

  • Works well with automation

These doors are compatible with automatic openers hence providing high performance. Call us at Castle Rock CO to install an electric powered opener if you don’t prefer opening the door manually.

  • Saves space

Technically, these doors roll up into a single tight roll just above the garage opening and along the driveway. This simply means that there’re no tracks running along the inner part of the roof. This saves extra headroom space hence the best solution for those with taller vehicles. In addition, the extra space outside the garage helps especially if you have a short driveway or you have cars parked along the driveway.

  • No smashed shins

Some door types particularly the up and over doors have a history of smashing the shins a situation that can lead to extra expenditure. If this has been your story, roller doors offer a perfect solution as they open vertically so no contact with shins.

  • Accommodates insulation

Modern designs of roller doors are made with insulating materials between the skins. This protects the door against extreme weather conditions and effectively regulates the temperature inside the garage. Call Castle Rock Co to install an insulated double skinned roller door in your garage. Spark Garage Doors offers garage door repair in Littleton and its surrounding areas.



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