Garage Door Repair Services

Spark Garage Doors is a professional garage company providing garage door repair services in Aurora and surrounding areas. Anyone who owns a vehicle knows the importance of a garage. Garages are crucial for safety, and the main part of the garage that guarantees this is the garage door. The garage door protects the vehicle from weather, vandals, and theft.

People use garage doors several times a day, especially in a busy city like Denver. Constant usage leads to wear-and-tear of the garage door. Due to repeated usage, the garage door gets damaged. Now, it needs the services of an expert garage door repair provider like Spark Garage Doors.

Why do You Need a Garage Door Repair Expert?

When a garage door becomes faulty, it is best to call garage door repair specialists. Garage doors consist of many small components like springs, coils, wires, nuts, screws, and bolts that can break or come loose at any time. Garage door repair experts can identify the damaged part and fix it. Their technicians are experienced with handling tools and equipment necessary for fixing a garage door.Garage companies offer a wide range of repair services to resolve issues with the garage doors.

Types of Garage Door Repair Services

Garage door companies offer repair services based on the component involved.

Mending Bent Garage Rails

Garage rails are the tracks on which the garage door moves. If the rails are bent or misaligned, the garage door will not open or close properly. Garages must close smoothly and fully to be effective. Misaligned rails cause the door to screech and may also make it suddenly fall and cause property damage. This can even harm someone. So, never take a risk with bent rails. Contact a garage door repair team to get it fixed at once.

Fixing Broken Springs

A broken spring may sound simple and easy to fix on your own. Don’t take this risk. A broken spring that is incorrectly fixed can cause serious injury. This is because springs that are wound carry a huge amount of torsion to support the weight of the door. These springs may weaken and break with time. Only a garage door expert can properly fix the broken springs. If the springs are not well-fixed, they may lose torsion, making the door come crashing down. A trained technician knows how to repair broken and damaged springs with little to no property damage.

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Spark Garage Doors - Opener Repair in Denver

Rectifying Garage Door Openers

Garage doors are opened and shut at least 3-4 times a day. Due to this, the garage door opener can easily get damaged. When the opener is faulty, the garage door struggles to open and close. It may even close or open automatically. These circumstances are dangerous to your family and property. Garage door repairmen can rectify these issues. Experts can determine the cause of the problem, be it broken wiring, faulty motor, damaged sensors, or something else. So, it is best to get in touch with a garage door repair professional when your door opener fails to work as intended.

Lubricating Garage Door Rollers

If your garage door squeaks or fails to properly slide, its rollers might be stuck. This often happens with age and your rollers might need oiling. Your rollers might be broken. If this is the cases, it is best to contact a garage door expert. They will check for any bumps or obstacles in the roller track. They will then recommend the appropriate course of action. It is safe to leave broken rollers in the hands of a garage door expert.

Garage Door Repair in Denver

Rails, springs, openers, and rollers are the most common garage parts to face issues. Apart from these, there are many more defects that could arise in a garage door like torn cables, broken panels, and damaged pulleys. Why take the risk of handling all this on your own? A garage door company such as Spark Garage Doors can get this done at an affordable rate. Spark Garage Doors is a professional garage door company serving Aurora and surrounding areas. Rest easy while our repair team fixes your garage door and keeps you worry-free. Call 303-928-2700 for garage door repair services in Aurora.

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