Spark Garage Doors

Garage Door Repair Experts Proudly Serving 3 Locations in Colorado

Spark Garage Doors is a leading garage door company serving the people of Colorado with three locations in Aurora, Denver and Littleton.

With three locations across Colorado, Spark Garage Doors is your resource for commercial, industrial and residential garage doors. Our expert technicians quickly install and service all types of garage doors at a fair price. Please keep all information about your needs and requirements ready before filling out this form so that our team can give an accurate quote for service! Contact us today for a free estimate. We have a full line of garage door styles available for your home at competitive prices.


Spark Garage Doors Repair Aurora


2821 South Parker Road #569 Aurora, CO 80014

Spark Garage Doors Repair Denver


5353 W Dartmouth Ave, Suite #400 Denver, CO 80227

Spark Garage Doors Repair Littleton


2916 Deer Creek Pl, Littleton, CO