Garage Door Maintenance Services

Spark Garage Doors is a knowledgeable garage door repair company providing efficient garage door maintenance service. A faulty garage door can be frustrating. When the garage systems screech, creak, or refuse to budge, it is time for garage maintenance. 

A defective garage door can be dangerous. It can pinch fingers or suddenly come crashing down. This hazard can cause grave injury to life and limb. Garage door maintenance from trained garage experts is a must.

Why is garage maintenance necessary?

Some people think regularly spending money on garage maintenance is pointless compared to repairing the garage door when it fails. However, preventative garage maintenance will end up being more beneficial in the long run.

1)Prevention is better than cure

It is always better to tune up your garage door before it becomes defective. If you neglect your garage door, it can stop opening or closing suddenly. Since this happens when you least expect it, you tend to panic. Be proactive instead of reactive and save yourself unnecessary tension by securing your future. Seek the help of technicians who will maintain your garage.

2)Avoid repeated garage door troubles

A garage door is used many times each day. If not regularly maintained, it may develop some faults and cause repeated troubles. This can prove to be a big headache, causing tension and increasing your stress level. These minor problems can grow when ignored. It’s better to kill the monster while it’s small with regular maintenance. It doesn’t have to be daily or even weekly, but have your garage checked once in a while to fix issues.

3)Garage maintenance reduces risks of injury

A garage door is made of many minute components like rollers, springs, cables, bolts, shutters, hinges, and tracks. Each time you open and close your garage door, any of these could break and you might be unaware. The next time you use you garage door, it could squish your fingers, electrocute you, or hurt your limbs. Injuries range from miniscule to fatal. Garage maintenance will prevent any risks of injury to you and your vehicle.

4)Garage maintenance reduces repair costs

Regular garage door maintenance is much better than frequent garage door repair. An old or overused garage door can fail to function anytime. If you repair it after the fact, it will cost you a lot of money and effort. Sometimes, the garage may be damaged beyond repair and you have to install a new system. Instead, if you maintain your garage door on a periodic basis, it will function smoothly and last longer. Opt for periodic maintenance instead of being handed a huge bill after your entire garage system was replaced. 

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What happens in annual garage maintenance?

An annual maintenance contract (AMC) for your garage  will increase its lifespan. This is what garage experts do for garages with an AMC.

1)Check if your garage door is well-balanced

For a garage door to run smoothly, it has to be well-balanced. For this, the door should not sway or tilt, nor should any jambs protrude or rails be split. A garage door maintenance team ensures that your garage door is perfectly balanced.

2)Inspect the parts of your garage system

Next, garage maintenance experts check each and every part of the garage system. Instead of just door inspection, they check the rollers, springs, cables, pulleys, and other parts. This will make sure that there is no broken part affecting how the door functions.

3)Adjust the parts and their settings

For the garage door to move up and down smoothly, its settings have to be checked. The garage maintenance experts align the tracks, position the rollers, and tighten the springs. Doing all this will ensure that your garage door runs smoothly without any trouble.

4)Lubricate the parts

Weather and wear-and-tear end up rusting parts of the garage, leading to the door getting jammed. Garage maintenance experts will regularly lubricate the garage door to ensure its smooth operation.

Garage door maintenance is a preventive task that is necessary for garage doors to properly function. It prevents wear-and-tear and extends the life of your garaged door. Get annual garage maintenance done by a trusted company to secure your home, vehicle, and family. Spark Garage Doors provides high-quality garage door repair in Aurora and surrounding areas. Contact our customer service team to get in touch with us.

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