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A garage door can’t operate without a well functioning opener. Installing an opener designed with modern technology guarantees security and high door performance. We have a collection of top notch quality openers from trusted brands. The openers are offered at competitive prices to suit your budget. Browse through this page to get the opener that suits your unique needs.

Liftmaster 8500 Side Mount Opener


Model 8500 side mount opener is fixed besides the garage door hence leaving the ceiling space. This opener is sleek in nature and easy to mount on the door.


☑ Timer to close system- Controls the opening and closing motion using some preset time.

☑ MyQ Technology- Allows you to control the garage door activities from a distance using Smart devices.

☑ Protector system- Automatically reverses the door if it detects an object near the door.

☑ Security +2.0 – Enhances the security.

☑ Battery Back-up option- This ensures that power outages do not affect door activities.

☑ Motion detector- Turns on the lights immediately the door motion is detected.

Liftmaster 8500W Side Mount Opener

This is an advanced opener designed to lift standard doors. Just like the Liftmaster 8500, it’s mounted on the side next to the garage door saving up lots of space at the ceiling.


☑ +2.0 security system

☑ MyQ Technology

☑ Time –to- Close System

☑ Battery backup

☑ 888LM MyQ control panel


Liftmaster 8550W Elite Belt Drive

Liftmaster 8550W Elite Belt Drive

This opener is run by a belt drive that provides quieter operations. They’re best for garage doors near offices and bedrooms as they do not produce loud disturbing sounds. They’re durable and reliable with powerful door performance.


☑ MyQ Technology- Compatible with SmartPhones hence sending alerts for door activities via SMS.

☑ Strong Motor- Ensures high door performance.

☑ Battery Backup- Powers the door when there’s electric outage.

☑ Rolling code system- Changes the security code with every time the opener is clicked.

Note: You can always get an alternative battery as they are sold separately.

Liftmaster 8355 Belt Drive

This is a premium series belt drive that replaces the traditional model 3280.  It provides smooth and quieter operations. It has ½ HP enough to lift the weight of a standard door.


☑ 3-button remote control model 893LM

☑ Safety reversing sensors enabled by a modern protector system

☑ Control panel model 882LMW with multi-function ability

☑ MyQ Technology compatible with Smart devices for timely alerts on door motions

☑ +2.0 security system


Liftmaster 8160 Chain Drive


Model 8160 guarantees controlled noise operations compared to other chain drive openers. It goes in to sleep mode once the door is completely closed and saves up to 75% power while on standby mode.


☑ P3 motor

☑ ¾ HP- Powerful enough to lift a commercial door

☑ MyQ Technology- Alerts on every door activities while controlling the lightings from a distance using smart devices via a wireless connection

☑ Adjustable light time delay technology- Makes the door power efficient

☑ Security +2.0 System- Enables users to control the door safely from the car.

Liftmaster 8365W-267 Chain Drive

This is a WI-FI enabled opener with an exceptional design that offers reliable and efficient performance. Subscription based on the provider integration is required for MyQ technology connectivity.



☑ ½ HP chain drive effectively lifting standard doors

☑ Connectivity- MyQ Technology for garage door activities control from any distance

☑ A single 3button remote control 893LM model enough to operate multiple garage doors

☑ Fast and easy to program multi-function control panel 882LMW model that effectively controls the opener and door lights.

☑ 877LM wireless and keyless door entry system that uses a security code to activate the door

☑ Security +2.0 system


Chamberlain Belt Drive model WD1000WF


This is an ideal opener to lift a 7ft garage door. It is durable and efficient providing reliable operations. It is best for residential and commercial doors installed near offices.



☑ Battery backup

☑ A strong and ultra-quiet belt drive

☑ 1 ¼ HP lifting power best for heavy duty door

☑ In built MyQ technology for timely door activities monitoring

☑ Two 3-button remote controls with ability to operate up to 3 openers

Chamberlain model WD962

This opener model provides super quiet door operations. It is designed with advanced security features for heightened home security.


☑ In built battery- Allows normal door operations when there’s no power.

☑ Timer to Close Technology- Automatically closes the door depending on preset time.

☑ MyQ Technology- Allows for easy and effective connectivity with Smart devices.

☑ Strong ¾ HP ultra-quiet belt drive.

☑ Accessories: Double 3-button remote control, a single wireless and keyless entry system and multi-function control panel.


Genie Pro Series 3024 Chain and Belt Drive

This is a superior high performance model designed to operate using a chain or belt. It provides smooth, reliable and quieter operation hence best for residential garage doors. The opener has a door opening speed of 7.5 in/sec.


☑ Battery backup in case of low power.

☑ Double LED light bulbs

☑ 140 VDC motor with soft start and stop control

☑ C-chain rail mounted to provide strength and enhance aesthetic value

☑ Aladdin Connect system for compatibility with Smart devices

☑ Intellicode system- Prevents copying of the security code by a third party

☑ Monitoring and diagnostic technology- Senses major changes hence stopping the door operations for safety purposes.

☑ Non contact reverse system- Facilitates for an automatic reverse on the door putting it back to open position if an object is detected near the door.


Liftmaster all type commercial openers


These are Wi-Fi enabled openers designed to operate majority of commercial doors. They’re considered to be heavy duty openers with features that provide reliability, efficiency and smooth door performance.

General features

☑ MyQ Technology

☑ Security +2.0 system

☑ Battery back-up option

☑ Accessories- Multi-function control panel and remote control

Major Types

HCTDCU Specialty Overhead Operator

This operator requires low maintenance while providing smooth, quieter and safe operations. It’s designed with P3 motor.

LJ8900W Light Duty Commercial Door Operator

It’s designed to operate sectional doors with a light cycle.


LJ8950W Light Duty Commercial Door Operator

This operator is ideal for light rolling garage doors.

Gear Head Trolley Operator- Logic 5.0

They are designed to operate heavy duty commercial door as they use a lubricated gear to lift the door.

Gearhead Hoist Operator- Logic 5.0

It makes use of lubricated gear to operate heavy commercial doors. It comes with a floor level chain hoist that enables one to operate the door manually.


Jackshaft Operator- Logic 5.0

It is designed to operate standard commercial doors that are balanced and with ability to be easily operated manually.


APT Apartment Trolley Operators- Logic 5.0

The operators are ideal for high cycle commercial apartment doors. They make use of auto reconnect trolley that has nylon insert to lift the door. They offer quieter operations as they have a resilient mount motor.

MJ Medium Duty Jackshaft Operator-Logic 5.0

They work well on industrial sectional garage doors designed with a high or vertical lift. Also, they are effective on light rolling doors as well as grilles. It effectively operates 12 cycles per hour.