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Top 4 Reasons for Garage Door Replacement Broomfield CO

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Is it time to change that old door with a new model residential garage door? Purchasing a new door and allowing professionals to install it guarantees high performance, tight security, improved appearance of your home, low utilities and maintenance costs. In this case, you get efficiency hence a worthy investment to make. Have a look at the following top reasons as to why that old door on your garage should have gone like yesterday:

  • Lower Energy bills

Electric bills are likely to be on higher side during summer and winter seasons due to extreme weather changes. Older doors do not allow proper insulation leading to more spending on heating and cooling for comfort in the house. If this is your case, it is advisable to replace the old door with the modern models that gives you a chance to insulate your home adequately. This is a must to take step especially if you’re using the space above the garage as a guest room. Contact us at Broomfield CO to install a door that will keep the air in and out during summer and winter respectively.

  • Reduced maintenance

Routine preventive maintenance is an important service that facilitates high door performance. A poorly maintained door will definitely require frequent parts replacements and repairs. Premature door parts replacements are costly hence need to be prevented by all means. For example, an old door will need frequent maintenance that leads to increased expenditures. Getting a new door for your garage is a viable solution that will significantly reduce the maintenance cost. Call garage door repair specialists at Denver CO to have new door from trusted brands installed in your home.

  • Affordable homeowners’ insurance premiums

Buying a house and applying for homeowners’ insurance cover is a great step in securing your family’s future. It is important to note that the cost of the insurance premium will be higher if the insurer’s inspection points out that your home is not safe. For example, having a sturdy steel residential door of the garage installed in your home is likely to reduce the premiums’ cost by up to 10%. The insurance company is likely to charge more for an old weak door that is likely to be destroyed by storms and other strong winds as a measure of protecting its self. Contact us to replace your old door and save more on premiums.   

  • Value addition

The design and general appearance of your garage door is what visitors see first when they walk into your home. Installing a new garage door with the state of the art design gives a statement of elegance and adds value to your home. This is a great idea for those investing in the real estate industry as a new modern garage door can raise a profit of up to 80% in a home sale. Talk to us at Denver garage door repair professionals for a door that adds value to your real estate business and enhances the appearance of your home.



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