Garage Door Repair in Denver You Can Afford

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Garage Door Repair in Denver You Can Afford

Affordable garage door repair begins with buying a quality door. However, you need to identify a reliable, skilled and experienced door installation, repair, replacement and maintenance service provider.

How to choose the best garage doors in Denver

Choosing the best garage door should not be a hustle that causes you sleepless nights. It is an exciting adventure as there're varying door models made with durable material. Below are some important factors to consider:

  • Safety

When buying a garage door, you need to consider how safe it is for the garage users, cars and home property. The door should be sturdy built with high quality parts such that it does not come slamming down on users and cars. Also, it should be designed with modern technology to detect objects, animals and human beings present on its path. An automatic door is highly recommended to avoid coming out of your car to open the door especially at night as this exposes you to numerous risks.

  • Garage opening size

Do you know that not all garage openings are the same? Well, not all openings are the same hence you need to get the measurements to buy a door that fits in well. Remember that standard doors are categorized into:

One car garage doors- They come in 8’x7’, 9’x7’ and 10’x7’ sizes.

Two cars garage doors- Their measurements are 12’x7’, 14’x7’ and 16’x7’.

Note that these door sizes can accommodate normal cars and trucks but not other big model vehicles.

  • General home exterior décor

Definitely, you wish to have a door that matches well with the exterior décor of your home or a commercial center. In this case, you will need to choose a door whose design, color and material suits the destination.

4 Major methods of choosing the ideal garage door

1. Materials

Here are the common door materials that suit all standard homes:

  • Steel doors

They’re sturdy and do not require intense maintenance. They are best for regions prone to hurricane and other stormy weather conditions as they can withstand force. Simple preventive maintenance does magic in enhancing the performance of doors made using this material. Dents and bends are rare since the material is strong. If you’re looking for a durable and economical door, steel material should be your choice.

  • Aluminum doors

They are strong and require relatively low maintenance. They’re rust resistant and can with stand normal environmental conditions. This door material is ideal for a contemporary home appearance. They’re the best choice for those who want to use the garage as an office, play area or a recreational space as the material lightens up the room.

  • Vinyl doors

This door material is durable and strong. If you live in a humid region especially near the ocean, doors made of vinyl material should be in your list. This is because they’re rust resistant and can withstand relatively strong wind. They’re classified among the low maintenance doors and do not require painting.

  • Wooden doors

Wood garage doors are ideal for homes as they provide a warm and natural feeling. They’re elegant in nature and give room to change the color through repainting. However, these doors are not recommended for areas prone to hurricane and stormy weather. They require high maintenance as they can rot, crack and get mold easily. Regular staining and painting is a must to keep the door in good condition. Engaging a garage door technician for preventive maintenance is highly recommended for high door performance.


2. Style

There are three major garage door styles to choose from namely:

  • Carriage House Garage Doors

Just like the name suggests, this door style gives a sense of a carriage house. Basically, the door is designed to look like a typical barn door commonly found in the rural areas. Get in touch a technician to guide you in picking the best carriage style door if you wish to have the countryside feel.

  • Contemporary Style Garage Doors

These are doors designed with the modern style. They’re the best fit for the contemporary house designs especially in the urban centers. These doors are made of aluminum material and fitted with glass panels that permit the light to enter in the garage. Doors designed using this style are simple, attractive with clean lines and fine finishing giving that desired contemporary appearance. This door style is a best choice for those who intend to use the garage as a studio or a recreational area.

  • Traditional Garage Doors

They’re versatile as their style goes well with almost all home designs and appearances. Normally, these doors are made of aluminum material and designed with raised panels. This style is ideal for home owners who want a simple appearance and hustle free garage door searching process.

3. Door Panels

Garage doors Denver guides you in choosing the ideal commercial and residential door based on the model of panels. Here are four major door panels available in the market:

  • Long-raised panels- These panels are more rectangular in shape hence giving the door depth and uniqueness. Doors designed with long raised panels match well with different home designs hence being versatile. If you’re afraid of making a mistake about door choice for your home, this panel model is recommended.
  • Short-raised panels- Unlike the long raised panels, they’re square in shape hence giving the door the desired depth. These panel models are the best choice for those with colonial or Victorian home designs and they enhance the appearance of Tudor home models.
  • Glass door panels-These panels are specifically designed for contemporary home models. Choosing a garage door with this panel design gives you an opportunity to decide on the number of window panels you need per section. Also, you can select the type of glass that allows in the amount of light you need through the door.
  • Flush panels- These are ideal choice for those looking for an elegant appearance. These panels are flat and moderately textured. It is advisable to choose the texture that rhymes well with the walls around the home.

4. Insulation

  • Double layer doors

Double layer door provides additional insulation that goes a long way in regulating the air in the garage. The door is made up of steel or vinyl material that provides the first layer while an extra layer of polystyrene or polyurethane insulation material is added. This door type is best for those living or operating offices in a noisy neighborhood. Remember that polyurethane is expansive hence providing more insulation compared to the polystyrene.

  • Triple layer doors

These are doors made up of inner and outer steel or vinyl layers plus a layer of insulation material in the middle. The three layers provide extra insulation making the door sound proof. These doors are ideal for those using the garage as a studio, an office or if the garage is below the bed or guest rooms. Also, they’re highly recommended for those living in regions with extreme temperatures especially during summer and winter seasons.

  • Single layer doors

These are simple doors made up of one layer of steel or vinyl material. They’re a great choice for those living in areas with moderate temperatures and low noise. If the garage is separate from the main house or you’re using it only for parking the cars or as storage, then you can comfortably choose single layer doors.

Garage door opener installation in Denver

DIY garage door opener installation process is effective if done by a pro. However, it is important to seek the guidance of a professional for a high door performance. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Assess the door

It is important to note that older door types may not be compatible with modern openers. If you have the newer door model especially those with many horizontal sections, they should work well with many opener types. It is advisable to engage a technician in garage door installation Denver for an accurate assessment.

  • Choose the door opener

Choosing the right opener for your door is paramount as it determines the quality of door performance. Note that if you need an opener with quieter operations, then you will need to go for a belt drive as compared to chain drive opener. However, both work almost the same way. Openers designed with modern technology are available now.

  • Support the door

Ensuring that there’s no existing door problems, check make sure that the weight of the door is adequately supported by springs, pulleys and cables. If so, disconnect the opener and check whether you can easily lift the door using your hands. If this is not possible, contact a technician for repair.

  • Assemble the opener parts

Read the instructions carefully to understand how to assemble the parts. Attach the rail together and slide the trolley over the rails. Fix the rail to the motor which is the largest part of the opener. At the end of the rail, mount the pulley making sure that it is directly opposite to the motor. At this point, get the chain or belt and insert it through the rail, taking it around the pulley and to the motor. Once this is successfully done, fix the belt or chain to the carriage using a screw.

  • Fix the bracket

Fix the bracket to the wall and put the end of the assembled opener in to it. Lifting the end of the assembly, fix the power unit to about 7 inches high from the floor. Finally, connect the bracket to the garage door. Do not hesitate to contact a reliable garage door provider for assistance.

Garage door repair Denver reviews

Both residential and commercial garage door repair Denver reviews play an important role in guiding you towards the right service provider. Here is what to look for in the reviews in order to identify the best company:

  • Quality service delivery- Check whether those served previously by the target company are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable about the garage doors. If they’re, then you can be assured of quality services.
  • Pricing- Affordability is not based on how low or high the service fees are but on the fairness of prices against the quality of services. In this case, check for coupon offers and free accurate quotations.
  • Timeliness- Be keen to notice what the previously served customers are saying about the availability of the service provider. Good service personnel should keep the appointment and respond to emergencies with urgency. Call us now for timely, affordable and quality garage door repairs.

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Garage door parts Denver

Carrying out preventive maintenance on the door of the garage is cheaper than repairing the broken parts. Here are simple tips for DIY enthusiasts:

  • Observe and listen- Faulty door parts tend to produce grinding noise, jerking movements or make the door to move downwards faster than usual. If you notice any of these signs, you may need to check the pulleys, cables and springs whether they are intact. You may need to consider garage door spring replacement if they are broken.  Fasten the hardware-Frequently check and tighten the screws, bolts and nuts.
  • Clean and lubricate the movable parts- Remove all clogged dirt and apply the recommended lubricant.
  • Replace the worn parts- Replace the old and worn parts such as garage door rollers, brackets, cables and opener. Contact Denver garage door repair for timely services.

Garage door builder and supplier

Always seek to purchase the doors and other parts from renowned manufacturers and suppliers for top-notch quality. A reliable garage door builder should have the following qualities:

  •   Manufacture quality custom garage doors.
  •   Make original spare door parts available for replacements.
  •   Have a strong connection with garage door service providers for effective customer support services.
  •   Trade quality garage door products at competitive prices.

List of major garage door manufacturers

It is important to get in touch with a service provider with a strong network with the major garage door builders. This gives you access to quality doors and other related accessories from the leading brands in the market. Some of the trusted builders and suppliers include:

  • Overhead Doors
  • Clopay Garage Doors
  • Amarr Garage Doors
  • Delden Garage Doors
  • Wayne Dalton Garage Doors
  • Raynor Garage Doors

Call garage door service Denver for guidance on the best manufacturer.

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