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Having carried out uncountable garage door repair in Lakewood CO, we’ve seen many people struggle with varying problems. A faulty door opens up your home to trespassers while exposing your car to damages and garage users to the risks of injuries. A door is complex with numerous movable parts hence prone to wear and tear due to frequent use. In this case, you’ll definitely need repair and maintenance services.

When to call for emergency garage door repair service

If you notice any of the following signs or issues with your garage door, contact our Denver garage door repair technicians at Lakewood garage door for emergency repairs:

  •   Unbalanced door

An unbalanced door does not function as it should hence need for repair. Lack of balance occurs when the door is knocked accidently by the car or trucks. Balancing the door using DIY process can be tricky as it may lead to breaking of other parts. It is advisable to engage a professional to assess the cause of the lack of door balance and reinstate it.

  •   Faulty door movements

Normally, the door should move smoothly up and down during the opening and closing process. If you notice some resistance or struggle during movement, it is a sign of a developing problem that needs to be addressed urgently. On the other hand, if the door slips, slums or moves too quickly, contact Lakewood garage door for repair as it a danger to your family.

  •   Weird noises

It is true that a garage door makes certain noises during movement. However, you need to be attentive to distinguish normal and abnormal noises. For example, if the door makes loud banging or other unusual noises, you need to have the door checked by a skilled technician urgently and possible repair.

  •   Crookedly hanging door

A crookedly hanging door is a sign of an underlying problem that need to be addressed urgently for a secure home. Do not try to fix this type of problem as it may be caused by a broken spring that may lead to serious injuries if not handled well. It is advisable to invite a professional to diagnose the door problem and fix it.

  •  Door won’t open or close

When the door fails to open or close is a sign of a major problem that requires immediate repair response. This simply means that either you cannot leave home for your daily businesses or you’re locked out. This can be caused by broken parts of the door or a faulty opener. In this case, you need a technician to assess the root cause and repair the door.

  •   High energy bills

HVAC appliances are essential in keeping our homes our homes warm or cool during winter and summer respectively. Insulated doors play an important role in maintaining the conditioned air inside the house by keeping the air outside of the house.

Lakewood garage door coupons

Worried about perceived expensive repair charges? Worry no more as coupons are available to allow you to benefit from services at relatively low prices. However, it is important to know the possible causes of door issues that you can choose the right coupon for the repair needed.

Here are some common reasons for garage door repair and service:

  •   Broken springs

Garage door springs lifts the weight of the door hence facilitating movement. They operate under great tension that makes them to break after a period of use. The following are signs that the door spring is broken and you need a new one thus visit Lakewood garage door coupons page for replacement:

  Garage door opens half way about 6 inches.

  1.   A loud banging noise in the garage.

  2.   A bent stop section of the garage door.

  3.   The door cannot be lifted manually once you pull the release rope.

  4.   Jerking movement during the door opening and closing process

  5.   The cable and pulley hanging downwards.

  6.   Door moving faster than usual when closing.

  • Broken garage door opener

A broken door opener can either be repaired or replaced. A Lakewood garage door technician can assess whether it’s worth spending on repair or getting a new one. Here are signs of a broken opener:

  1.   Failure of the garage door to open or close.

  2.   Abnormally noisy and loud door opener.

  3.   Door of the garage stays in open position.

  4.  The fails to remain in close position.   

  5.   The opener is old and has been in use for a long period of time. 

  • Debris and dirt

Debris and dirt particles clog along the tracks over a period of time. This prevents the door from moving smoothly or closing completely. This happens when maintenance procedure is not carried out. The clogged dirt can easily be removed by thorough cleaning of the door and later applying the recommended lubricant. Contact a technician to guide you and perform comprehensive door maintenance.

  •   Dead opener batteries

If the door does not respond once the remote button is pressed, it may be a sign that the batteries are dead. No need to worry as the batteries and other door accessories can be replaced. It is advisable to consult a door repair professional to help in identifying the right battery to purchase.

  •   Garage door too old

An old garage door may fail to function and eventually break down. Remember that such a door has been exposed to harsh environmental conditions and used many times on daily basis for many years. In this case, inviting a technician to assess the door may go a long way in choosing the best door with modern design and features. Replacing an old door gives you a chance to have a modern one which is compatible with the digital devices such as tablets and Smart phones for tightened security. Also, consider contracting professionals to remove the old door and fix the new one. This guarantees high door performance and enhanced security to your home and garage users. Visit Lakewood garage door coupons page to select the best offer for a new door installation services.

Spark Garage Doors is the Denver garage door repair service company for Lakewood,  Colorado. You can entrust your entire garage maintenance to us and enjoy the peaceful life of Lakewood. 

Our Address: 2821 South Parker Road #569 Aurora, CO 80014



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