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3 Popular Residential Garage Door Styles For Denver Home Owners

A garage is more than a parking spot. It is an extension of your home. Since the aesthetic value of garage matters, customers are now choosing the option of customized garage doors for a standout factor.

The demand for garage doors is increasing exponentially. According to the Garage & Overhead Doors Study by the Freedomia Group, by 2022, the demand for residential garage doors will be valued at $2.2 billion and the combined demand for residential and commercial garage doors will be $3.6 billion.

Clients are seeking garage doors of varying styles, designs, and colors. With this comes a demand for new styles, designs, and innovations. Sturdy and sleek doors, with bold colors, are now dominating the market. Classic styles, with a new age spin, are also in great demand.

Seasonal trends have made full-view glass doors with aluminum panels a popular choice. The demand for affordable luxurious looks has paved the way for fiberglass garage doors. It gives a rustic premium look at low cost and maintenance.

Which Garage Door Style is Right for You?

The choice of a garage door style depends on a number of factors, including location, utility of the garage and the look of your home. Sometimes it comes down to safety and privacy vs. style and elegance.

We asked the experts at Spark Garage Doors, a garage door repair company in Denver to give us an idea of what were the most popular styles of garage doors, their Denver clients opted to go with. Here is what Denver, Aurora, and Centennial residents chose most often:

1. Carriage House Style Garage Doors

Just like the name suggests, the carriage house doors give a sense of a carriage house. The door is designed to look like a typical barn door commonly found in rural areas outside Denver. Get in touch with a technician to guide you in picking the best carriage style door if you wish to have the countryside feel or a classic look.

2. Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Contemporary style garage doors are garage doors designed with the modern style. They’re the best fit for contemporary house designs, especially for the cool, chic and urbane Denver resident. These doors are made of aluminum material and fitted with glass panels that permit the light to enter the garage. Doors designed using this style are simple, attractive with clean lines and fine finishing giving that desired contemporary appearance. This door style is the best choice for those who intend to use the garage as a studio or a recreational area.

3. Traditional Style Garage Doors

Traditional style garage doors are versatile as their style goes well with almost all home designs and appearances. Normally, these garage doors are made of aluminum material and designed with raised panels. This style is ideal for the Denver residential homeowner who wants a simple appearance and hassle-free garage door searching process.

Why are These 3 Garage Door Styles So Popular?

Nearly one out of every five residential garage doors sold today in North America is a carriage-style door according to the 2013 Carriage House Door Sales Report by the Doors & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA). An estimated 19% of American households opt for carriage style garage doors. Using substitutes to wood have made carriage style garage doors affordable.

Carriage garage doors are apt for Victorian style homes. Suburban homes looking for a vintage decor opt for carriage style garage doors. If you are looking for natural light for your garage, you can opt for a contemporary glass fitted garage door.

Contemporary garage doors made of steel are inexpensive, but durable. Traditional raised panel garage doors are an ideal choice if you want customization. They can be easily insulated and allow natural lighting through windows.

The curb appeal and the resale value make carriage style glass doors a popular choice. With the trend pointing towards superior durability at low cost, fiberglass, and vinyl glass doors have gained popularity.

These materials make strong, durable, and low-cost contemporary garage doors. The demand for glass doors is also steadily rising. Glass with aluminum panels is the signature look of a modern garage.

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