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Benefits Of Sealing Garage Doors

Weatherstripping garage door seals air leaks around moving building components such as windows, doors, and garage doors. The tight seal improves energy efficiency and protects your home from invading pests and the elements, and these are just a few of the advantages of garage door weatherstripping. Weatherizing your home by sealing doors and windows can save you an average of $283 in annual energy costs, according to the US Department of Energy. Garage doors with faulty weatherstripping waste a lot of energy because they require more heating and cooling.

Weatherstripping on the bottom of garage doors should create an airtight seal against the garage floor. This garage door seal keeps your garage cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months, while also keeping water and pests out of your home.

Garage door weather seals, like most things, are subject to wear and tear with regular use. As the weatherstripping wears down, the seal becomes ineffective, and you may notice water entering your garage when it previously did not. A water leak is a sure sign that your weatherstripping needs to be replaced. If you don’t re-seal your garage door, the stripping will deteriorate and become less protective over time. Bugs like ants and cockroaches and larger pests like mice and rats can enter your home through poorly sealed garage doors, so it’s critical to check that your weatherstripping is still effective.

Let’s look into the advantages of garage door weather stripping as noted by our professional garage door experts in Aurora. 

Benefits Of Garage Door Weather Stripping

The benefits of garage door weather seals are numerous, ranging from reduced energy costs to the protection of your home from damage.

Provides water and flood protection

Weatherstripping your garage doors will protect your living spaces and possessions by creating a strong seal that will keep the rain outside even during heavy storms. Garage door weatherstripping is critical for protecting your home from water damage.

Increases energy savings and insulation

Any cracks in your residential garage door sealing can allow cold air in the winter or hot air in the summer to enter. Drafts force your cooling and heating systems to work harder, raising the associated costs. Because your air conditioning unit cycles on and off more frequently than it should, you may have to spend more money on maintenance over time. Drafts can also make your garage uncomfortable by causing temperature differences between it and the rest of your home.

Installing weatherstripping on your garage doors will allow you to only heat or cool your garage when necessary. Outside draughts will no longer enter your garage because a strong seal will be airtight. After sealing your garage doors, you should see a reduction in your energy bills.

Insects and rodents are kept out

Because these creatures can easily enter the rest of your home once they enter your garage, your garage door is your first line of defense against them. Because insects and rodents reproduce rapidly, what begins as a minor issue can quickly escalate into something far more serious. Vermin can bring fleas and diseases into your home, damage your belongings, and contaminate your food. By sealing your perfect garage door, you prevent pests from entering your home.

Decreases Damage 

When your garage door has proper seals, it will require fewer repairs than if the sealing was inadequate. The weatherstripping protects your garage door from pests and elements that commonly damage the structure and mechanisms of garage doors. Water and vermin, in particular, can cause damage to your door that must be repaired right away. By providing a padded cushion, the weatherstripping also protects your garage door if it slams shut. By sealing it, you can extend the life of your commercial garage door or residential garage door.

Is It Necessary to Hire a Professional to Seal Your Garage Door?

Precision measurements, high-quality garage door materials, and a professional garage door specialist are required to seal garage doors. Even if the measurements are off by a fraction of an inch, your garage will still be susceptible to water damage, draughts, and vermin. To withstand the constant friction and movement that garage doors experience, the materials used to seal them should be of high quality.

We recommend that you hire professional garage door technicians to seal your entire garage. They can inspect your garage door and develop a comprehensive plan to seal it with the best materials for your perfect garage. If there are any cracks in the concrete, you may also need to repair the garage foundation. If you apply to weatherstrip but do not address the foundation, your garage doors will not form a complete seal. Garage door installlation Professionals have extensive experience with garage sealing and will ensure that your Colorado home is adequately protected.

A garage door repair expert in Aurora from Spark Garage Doors can assist you with regular garage door maintenance and garage door insulation. We seal your garage door at a low cost. Spark Garage Doors Aurora provides garage door repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance for all types of garage doors, including sectional doors, roll-up doors, and glass garage doors.

For garage door repair or garage door opener repair, contact our garage doors experts at 720-800-9966. Our Aurora garage door repair service technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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