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Benefits Of Side Entry Garage Doors

When you decide to set up your garage, the first thing you want to do is make maximum use of the garage space. To achieve this, you explore different types of garage doors- front-facing, side-facing, single-car doors, two-car garage doors, etc. One such useful garage option is the side-entry garage door.

The side entry garage door is a door located on the side of your garage. It allows lateral entry into your garage, rather than from the front. It is seen only from the side of the garage and hidden from the front view. 

There are many reasons why people choose side-entry doors over street-facing ones. Understanding the benefits of side-entry doors given by garage door repair experts in Littleton will help us better in using them.

Advantages of using Side entry Garage Doors

Maximum use of garage space

If you have a front-facing garage door, the doors will occupy some space while being opened or closed. This extra bit of space can really be useful for you to park vehicles or store things.

With side-hinged garage doors, the space occupied by the door goes to the sides. This does not obstruct your vehicle from being parked in or pulled out.

Design of garage door with side entrance helps you make maximum use of the internal space of the garage.

Accommodate Larger Vehicles

Some of us opt for larger vehicles depending on the size of our family or the nature of our business. These vehicles occupy a lot of garage space and need a more comprehensive gap while being taken out or put into the garage.

If you use front-facing doors, these entrance doors will occupy some space in the front. This space might actually come in handy while putting in or pulling out the large vehicle from the garage.

It is best to go in for side entry doors when you have large vehicles. Side entry doors allow you that extra space in the front while using the larger vehicles as they operate from the sides and not the front. 

Taller vehicles

Many Colorado natives like sporting tall vehicles like GMC Canyon, Chevrolet Colorado, and Ford Bronco Sport. these vehicles need an unobstructed ceiling space for parking them.

If you are one of these tall car fans, it is best you opt for side garage doors. Front doors will not work out as they will be over 10 ft in height and will need some overhead space to accommodate the tracks, cables, pulleys, etc. of the hardware of the garage door mechanism. 

The side entry type of garage door is best as the door opens sideways and can accommodate the hardware to the side.

Enhanced aesthetic appeal

The curb appeal of a garage influences the resale value of a home. That is why most garage door experts insist on the curb appeal of the garage. Homeowners explore different garage door styles but in whichever style they choose, symmetry is important. 

If you have front-entry garage doors, the symmetry of the exterior is disrupted by their position and design. This can be distracting and can interrupt the flow of the design. 

If you opt for side garage door installation. the design flow and symmetry of the garage door exterior are not affected as the doors open sideways.

Implementing fashion with function

With street-facing garages, there is not much you can innovate with the exterior. The front doors block the outer facade and do not allow any possibility of any improvisation in the exterior design.

When you have side doors for your garage, you can work to create an attractive garage exterior, adding decorative details like extra trim, fashionable siding, or bay windows.

Effective use of automatic garage door opener

If you have a side door, you must obviously use side-mounted garage door openers. This is actually the best due to many reasons.

The side jackshaft opener is fitted to the garage sidewall leaving more usable space for you. It also reduces vibrations and noise.

The type of garage door you choose will affect the number of vehicles you can park inside and also the usable square footage space inside the garage. Opt for classic side-entry garage doors to make the most of the ceiling storage space and the curbside appeal.

Call professional garage experts in Littleton to install side doors for both commercial garages and residential properties at affordable prices.

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