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Carriage Style Garage Doors Pros And Cons

Every home requires a residential garage door. When a buyer buys a house, every aspect of the house is scrutinized to ensure security, cost-effectiveness, natural beauty, and safety—all of which are characteristics of garage doors.

There are numerous garage door types, sizes, styles, and materials that influence garage door installation costs. Some garages have steel doors, while others have wood garage doors. Although natural wood doors are the most common, they are also available in faux wood types and wood composite. Given the numerous design options, features, colors, and finishes available, selecting an automatic garage door may come down to personal preference. Installing carriage doors may impress potential buyers and traditional garage enthusiasts who are looking for more than just looks.

The carriage type of garage doors sometimes referred to as barn-style garage doors, is a modern garage door style that tends to appeal to a broad audience because it can fit in with both new and vintage residences. The metal hinges on the ends of the entryway allowed it to swing open and make room for horse-drawn carriages. Hence the name.

Garage doors are available in a wide variety of styles that add character to any home. These garage doors appear to have it all—they are adaptable, timeless, and character-filled. But there are drawbacks. Each garage door material has advantages and disadvantages that add to its distinctive features and aesthetic appeal. Carriage-style garage doors have wrought-iron strap hinges, decorative hardware, and grooved panel designs that add a unique touch to the exterior of your home.

Let us examine the benefits and drawbacks of a carriage-style garage door before making a purchase to see if it’s the best option for your house. 

Carriage Style Garage Doors – Pros

It is understandable why carriage house garage doors are a popular choice given all of their advantages. Carriage garage doors can increase the size of your garage, need less maintenance, improve the lighting in your garage, and increase the security of your property without being an expensive option. 

Improve Storage Space

These Carriage House-style garage doors do not have a track because they swing out. This is advantageous for some homeowners who dislike the appearance of an overhead track. A garage door on a track may be impractical if you have high ceilings. Similarly, if you keep a lot of tall items in your garage, a track can make it difficult to store them. You can reclaim garage space by removing the track. 

Improve Garage Lighting

In the carriage style, small windows allow light to pass into the garage, yet the majority of the door is solid. This is beneficial as it provides some natural light inside the garage while protecting privacy. If you are a private person or have security concerns, you will appreciate carriage-style garage doors for this reason. 

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the most significant advantages of these custom garage doors is their appearance. Because of their strong lines, classic appearance, and high-quality construction, carriage-style garage doors deliver on both promises. If you live in a humid climate, look for a sturdy garage door material that can withstand moisture or insect damage. With its versatile custom design and layers of insulation, this carriage house style door will increase the curb appeal of both your traditional homes and contemporary homes while also increasing its energy efficiency.

More Secure

Carriage garage doors are more secure and durable than standard garage doors due to the type of parts and materials used. The design of the locking mechanism makes it more difficult for someone to break in, kick in, or pry open the door.  

Carriage Style Garage Doors – Cons

Since true carriage-style garage doors do not roll up on a track, they swing out. This is a problem in urban areas where lot sizes tend to be small. Homeowners may not have enough clearance on the side of the driveway to swing the door out and open. Installing a carriage-style garage door in this instance would be impractical, as the homeowner would not be able to operate the door efficiently. 

Sometimes Not Automated

Individuals with mobility issues or who live in cold climates should opt for a garage door that can be fully automated. While some carriage-style doors operate manually in the traditional manner, others roll up while retaining the traditional appearance and feel. If automation is a feature that is important to you, this style of garage door still has it – but you must shop carefully.

More Expensive

These doors can be elaborate, which raises the cost and energy bills. As a result, for some homeowners, this garage door style may be out of their price range. The cost varies depending on the size and material used, as with any garage door, but it is typically more expensive than a standard-style door.  

Furthermore, if you have an older home with a small opening for a garage entryway, installing one will most likely necessitate demolishing a portion of your home or making major structural changes – so keep that in mind before deciding on this type of design!

A carriage-style garage door is significantly larger than a standard paneled garage door. As a result, you must leave enough space in front of the garage for the door to swing open.

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