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Do-It-Yourself Tips for Garage Door Opener Installation & Maintenance

A DIY or Do-It-Yourself garage door opener installation process is difficult but not impossible. However, like all risky and challenging DIY projects, we recommend that you seek the guidance of professional installers instead. It is advisable to engage a technician in garage door installation for an accurate assessment of the door job’s difficulty and subsequently to execute the project. 

Always follow adequate safety precautions when working on any door project. Disregarding safety information as mentioned in the installation guide and overlooking safety hazards or specific instructions can lead to serious injury. 

Here are some tips from expert garage door installers that you can take note of before embarking on your garage door opener installation project:

  • Assess the garage door type before purchasing the opener

It is important to note that older door types may not be compatible with modern remote door openers. If you have a newer door model and especially those with many horizontal sections, they will however work well with many opener types.

  • Choose the right door opener

Choosing the right opener for your door is paramount as it determines the quality of door performance. Note that if you need an opener with quieter operation, then you will need to go for a belt drive as compared to a chain drive opener. However, both work almost the same way. Openers designed with modern technology are available now and are the ones that you should use.

  • Assemble the opener parts

Read the work instructions in the instruction manual carefully to understand how to assemble the parts. Attach the rail and slide the trolley over the rails. Fix the rail to the motor which is the largest part of the opener. At the end of the rail, mount the pulley making sure that it is directly opposite to the motor. At this point, get the chain or belt and insert it through the rail, taking it around the pulley and to the motor. Once this is successfully done, fix the belt or chain to the carriage using a screw.

  • Fix the bracket

Fix the bracket to the wall and put the end of the assembled opener into it. Lifting the end of the assembly, fix the power unit to about 7 inches high from the floor. Finally, connect the bracket to the garage door. Do not hesitate to contact a reliable garage door repair service provider for assistance if you find this task difficult to accomplish. 

Once your DIY project is complete, make sure that you carry out regular preventive maintenance on the garage door and some tips are noted below:

Tips for Regular Preventive Maintenance on the Garage Door

  • Have a support for the door

Assuming that there are no existing door problems, do check and make sure that the weight of the door is adequately supported by springs, pulleys, and cables. Further disconnect the opener and check whether you can easily lift the door using your hands. If this is not possible, contact a garage door technician for the maintenance job.

  • Observe and listen for faults and problems

Start with a safety inspection. Faulty door parts tend to produce grinding noise, jerking movements, or make the door slide faster than usual. If you notice any of these signs, you may need to check whether the pulleys, cables, and springs are intact. Fasten the hardware and tighten the screws, bolts, and nuts. You may need to consider a complete garage door spring replacement if they are broken.  

  • Clean and lubricate the moving door parts

Remove all clogged dirt and apply the recommended lubricant on a regular basis. Replace any broken, aged and worn out parts such as garage door rollers, brackets, cables, and openers.

If DIY is difficult, worry not! Spark Garage Doors has a team of local garage door repair professionals offering assistance at an affordable price. Call (720) 800 9966 or email for a free garage door installation quote!

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