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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

As a Highlands Ranch resident, you looked into a wide range of garage doors and paid for a licensed installation service a few years ago. But now, your garage door makes loud creaking and squeaking noises, or your garage door opener malfunctions.  The sound it produces when you open or close it is startling. This bothers you, or not? Of course, it does, and the only solution to this garage door issue is to carry out proper garage door maintenance. If you’re smart, you might even decide to go with a preventive maintenance plan for your garage door from a reliable garage door repair company.

Your garage doors must receive routine maintenance and regular garage inspection from a reputable garage door company business in order to operate correctly. Therefore, anyone who values their family chooses to have their annual garage door maintenance. Speak with a professional garage door service technician from a reputed garage door company, Spark Garage Doors. Their specialists will check the garage door hardware you have and, if necessary, make suitable replacement suggestions.

Spark Garage Doors is an expert in garage door repair. Our residential garage door specialists provide a full range of garage door repair services to meet all of your needs at very reasonable prices. To provide each customer with high-quality garage service, our professional technicians receive extensive training in all aspects of garage door repair, servicing, and installation.

Is a garage door tune-up part of your garage door spring cleaning routine? It ought to. After months of ice and snow exposure, a little bit of maintenance can go a long way toward repairing winter damage.

Follow this five-step regular maintenance checklist to keep your garage door in good working order all season and to avoid costly repairs. These guidelines also apply to overhead garage doors without an automatic opener.

1. Perform a visual inspection of your garage door.

Close the garage doors and stand inside during the garage door inspection. Then, inspect the torsion springs, cables, and garage door rollers for damage, such as fraying cables, broken springs, and loose hardware.

Depending on the garage door materials, you should also look for wear on the door’s surface. If your door is made of wood, look for water damage near the two most vulnerable areas to moisture: the trim work and the bottom of the door. Keep an eye out for rust spots on steel garage doors.

If you notice any wear or damage to your garage door system, schedule an inspection with a Spark Garage Door professional.

2. Replace the checked seals

While still inside your garage with the doors closed, look for any gaps between the door’s rubber seals and the garage floor. If you see any light coming in, the seal may be allowing water, cold air, and debris inside.

If you suspect a gap or break in the seal, contact a professional garage door technician at Spark Garage Doors for support in determining the best course of action.

3. Tighten the bolts and nuts.

Over time, garage door hardware can become loose, causing the door to rattle, open unevenly, or fail to open at all. Retighten all of the loose screws in the doors and track hardware with a socket wrench to keep your garage door running smoothly.

4. Lubricate the Moving Components

Lubricate the rollers thoroughly, including the tiny ball bearings inside each roller. Coat the parts evenly with silicone spray or white lithium grease, wiping away any excess garage door lubricant to prevent it from dripping onto your car. Wear safety glasses first to keep any spray lubricant or excess lubricant from getting into your eyes.

5. Remove dirt from the tracks

Dirt or debris in the garage door tracks might hinder the door’s operation by obstructing its path. The door won’t be able to open or close if the rollers can’t move down the track. Clean the tracks using a rag and soapy water and ensure they are rid of larger debris and dirt material. Make sure to completely dry the system to reduce dust buildup, and then add lubricant down the track’s whole length.

Your quality garage door will last longer and work more effectively with proper maintenance duties. We have years of experience working on broken garage door systems and expertise with all major brands of garage door manufacturers. Let us be your go-to professional garage door repair technicians in Highlands Ranch.

Get more advice on garage door maintenance services from the experts at Spark Garage Doors and avoid expensive repairs. For more information on garage door operations, free estimates for garage door installation and garage door repair service, and fixing your broken garage, give us a call today!