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4 Major Garage Door Panels To Choose for Your Home

You have a variety of garage door panels to choose for your home. At Spark Garage Doors, we are often posed this question. How do we choose the right door panel for our Denver, Aurora, or Centennial home?

Our Denver garage door repair experts at Spark Garage Doors will help you in choosing the ideal residential door panels based on a variety of factors including aesthetics, budget reliability, weather, insulation requirements, etc.

Let us first understand the four major garage door panels available in the market.

1. Long-Raised Panels

Long-raised panels are more rectangular hence giving the door depth and uniqueness. Doors designed with long raised panels match well with different home designs hence being versatile. If you’re afraid of making a mistake about door choice for your home, this panel model is recommended.

Protruding long rectangle patterns is the distinguishing feature of long raised panels. The texture suits wide garage doors well. A single car garage door with long raised panels will typically have two long rectangles on each panel. For a two-car garage door, each panel will have four long rectangles. Long raised panels are clean and crisp, giving the garage a calm appearance. Long panel patterns are best for contemporary style houses. The patterns add a dramatic element to your garage structure.

2. Short-Raised Panels

Unlike the long-raised panels, short-raised panels are square hence giving the door the desired depth. These panel models are the best choice for those with colonial or Victorian home designs and they enhance the appearance of Tudor home models.

The typical pattern of short raised panels adds volume and intricacy to a garage door. Short raised panels add greater depth to the structure. The pattern gives a garage a busy look. A single car garage door with short raised panels has four small rectangles on each panel. For a two-car garage door, each panel will have eight small rectangles. Except for the texture, there is little difference between long and long raised panels.

3. Glass Door Panels

Glass panels are specifically designed for contemporary home models. Choosing a garage door with this panel design allows you to decide on the number of window panels you need per section. Also, you can select the type of glass that allows in the amount of light you need through the door.

Glass panels with aluminum frames are apt for a sleek and sturdy garage door. They are most suited for contemporary style homes. Glass allows the flow of natural light and warmth, making glass panels eco-friendly. Glass garage door panels are also rust and corrosion-free and hence are easy to maintain. Full view glass doors are a trend these days and one can even opt for more opaque glass for privacy at the touch of a button! This may however not be a good fit for older and Victorian era homes or streets.

4. Flush panels

Flush panels are the ideal choice for those seeking an elegant appearance. These panels are flat and moderately textured. It is advisable to choose the texture that rhymes well with the walls around the home.

Flush panels blend with the exterior. They offer a minimalist design. The straight and clean lines, with minimum texture, ensure that your garage is innovative, yet discreet. Without raised or recessed texture, they are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike glass and raised panels, flush panels generally do not have windows. The flush panels can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from wood to steel. The material used in the panels determines the durability of the doors.

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