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Closing the door manually

How to close the garage door manually is one of the most important DIY hacks that all should know.

Top reasons for closing the garage door manually

  •  Power outage

A garage door is a heavy moving object that requires electric power for best performance. Power supply may not be stable due to varying reasons such as interruption due to repairs, environmental factors such as hurricanes that temporarily interfere with supply, unpaid power dues and much more. If there is no power supply into your garage, you will need to operate the door of your garage manually.

  •  Assessing door balance

Regular assessment of the garage door balance is highly recommended for maximum door performance. The door loses its balance after a period of time, a situation characterized by the door crookedly hanging or weird noise when opening or closing. In order to effectively assess the balance, the power output should be put off to facilitate opening and closing of the door manually.

Important reminders

1. Ensure that you have the required tools such as a ladder.

2. Read the door manual to get information on the location of different door parts such as brackets, red cord and chain that operates the door.

3. Get a helping hand. A garage door is heavy and lifting it manually my lead to injuries if you do not have an assistant.

The procedure

In order to close the door manually, it is vital to understand how to open it manually. Here is how to go about it;

Open the door manually

  •  check for the red cord

Ensuring that the power output is off, get the ladder to locate the cord usually hanging in the brackets present in the chain. Normally, the cord is usually near the door and is red in color, save for few exceptions. If you are not sure whether you’ve the correct cord, call a technician for confirmation.

  •  Locate the plastic red knob

Check for a plastic red knob at the end of the red cord. If you observe closely, you will find that the cord is hooked on a lever which is tilted at a 15 degree angle. Now, use the knob to jerk the cord and pull it to lock the lever downwards.

  •  Lift the door to open

Here, call your assistant to help lift the heavy door upwards. Do not release the door especially if you are driving the car in but let your assistant hold it.

Close the door manually

  •  Pull the door down

When carrying out this procedure, remember that the door is off the track hence no support. In this case, pull it downwards carefully till it touches the garage surface. Wait for the power supply to complete the process.

  •  Lock the door back in place

Once the power supply is back, pull the red cord till you notice the brackets slipping back into the chain hence locking the door into the powered carriage. Remember that involving an expert garage door technician to close the garage manually is recommended.

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