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How Much Should It Cost to Repair a Garage Door?

Your garage doors are likely prone to regular damage. If you own a vehicle and use it daily for work, the garage door will be a victim to wear and tear. It is an inevitable problem but it can be repaired. 

If you notice that your garage door is broken or malfunctioning, it is best to fix it quickly. If a broken garage door remains unfixed, it will only leave your home vulnerable to thieves and intruders as well as cause you inconvenience. However, some people delay the repairs because of the expenses. 

How much does repairing a garage door cost?

When going over the cost of repairing a damaged garage door, there are several factors that should be considered:

  • Specific parts which are damaged
  • Type, size of the garage door
  • Style of the garage door

The garage door has many parts that can be damaged. Usually, these include the springs, cables, sensor, opener, track, lock, and keypad. Some damages can be minor and can be easily repaired on your own, allowing you to save money. However, if there are major damages to the garage door, you should seek the help of a professional. 

According to Home Guide, the average cost of a garage door repair is $190. This does not include the replacement parts needed which can cost around $85 to $290. For a fully complete garage door repair, the cost will start at $200 and will go higher depending on the mentioned factors above. Also, keep in mind that there will be a service fee if you choose to hire a professional which has an average cost of $85. This fee will vary from one location to another and also the expertise of the professional. 

Should I hire a professional to repair my garage door?

When you hire a professional to tend to your broken garage door, you will be assured that it will be inspected thoroughly so as not to miss anything important. Depending on your garage door, it might cost you a bit but at least it will ensure that your garage is safe and secure. 

If you are living in Aurora, Colorado, and experience problems with your garage door, you do not have to worry anymore. At Spark Garage Doors, we are committed to giving you the best quality work for your garage door. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured installer and servicer of various types and models of garage doors. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable and efficient experts who know what is best for your garage door. We believe that it is not just a simple door to keep your vehicle safe, but it also enhances the overall look of your house.

We also have repair services for those whose garage doors are malfunctioning, broken, or need replacements. Our repair services include:

  • Garage door parts replacement
  • Opener repairs
  • Spring repairs
  • Overhead door repairs
  • Garage panel repairs

Spark Garage Doors guarantee that all repairs will not cause any trouble to you or anyone in your family. We take pride in giving our customers efficient, quick, and easy repair services that can be finished on time. Our Denver garage door repair service technicians and repairmen can handle both simple and complex repair issues with quality results. There is no need to worry about the cost because we offer accurate estimates and affordable service fees. 

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Ofir Kalef, the Founder and CEO of Spark Garage Doors-Colorado, is a prominent figure in the garage door industry, celebrated for his innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Ofir’s academic journey in the garage industry provided him with the expertise necessary to revolutionise the garage door market. With extensive experience spanning over two decades in the field, collaborating with leading manufacturers and servicing clients across the Rocky Mountain region, he established Spark Garage Doors-Colorado in 2010. Ofir’s unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship, personalised service, and competitive pricing is evident in every installation and repair, earning Spark Garage Doors-Colorado a sterling reputation in the state of Colorado and beyond.