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Insulating Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors reduce your energy bills and keep the noise away. Here is why insulating your garage doors is a great way to make life more comfortable.

Garage insulation can also help you save money, as it reduces energy bills and helps keep out noise from outside sources that might otherwise interrupt whatever task you are busy with at hand. Furthermore, when insulated properly, this will increase the strength of your already strong-built doors by adding an extra layer of protection against anything trying to come in. Get good insulation with enough light for your garage. Here is how you can do it.

There are many types of insulation available in the industry. Common garage door insulations are spray foam insulation, foam board insulation, reflective insulation, cellulose insulation, and fiberglass insulation batts.

There are many benefits of insulated garage doors, but you need to improve your knowledge on them first. If you feel that garage insulations are costly or want to create the magic with your own hands, follow these steps from our Denver garage door repair professionals to insulate the garage door with simple materials.

Insulation and R-value

Garage doors are not only essential for your home’s protection, but they also regulate the temperature of your garage. With a high R-value insulation on the door, you will notice that it is cooler in summer and warmer in winter!

Check the door

Once you get the right insulation and tools, it’s easy to insulate your garage door. Make sure that two fasteners are centered on either side of the panel at 12 inches from each edge.

Apply the insulation tape

Press the double-sided tape onto the marked spots and press firmly on the garage door panels. There’s a trick that will make this process much easier. A quick pinch of talcum powder sprinkled over each spot before taping ensures adhesion with no extra fuss.

Attach the retractor clips to tape

After applying the tape, remove the front side peel from it and firmly press each retainer clip onto a new segment of tape.

Next, you need to measure each panel of your garage door and note measures as they may not necessarily be the same size. You can use a ruler or measuring tape for this task but it’s better if you purchase an accurate digital scale that will make things easier on yourself – remember accuracy is key!

Cut insulation as per the size

When cutting your insulation, the size should be 1-2 inches longer than your panel measurements. The most important thing you can do is wear safety glasses and gloves for protection!

Tuck in insulation for the door panels

Next, tuck each insulation piece into your garage door panel according to the measurements that you’ve taken. The vinyl side of each insulation should face outwards while the reflective radiant barrier faces outward.

Fasten retention clips

Fastening retention clips is the final step. Push insulation against your garage door and feel for buttons on either side of the clip. Slice a slot in each piece of foam so that you can attach it to both sides- then put them into place across from one another, securing with screws or nails before sliding back onto the door frame and plugging wiring harnesses together again!

The process of insulating your garage door is simple and easy, just follow the above steps! By implementing these instructions, you can save money on high electricity bills by staying comfortable. If something goes wrong with your garage doors, don’t hesitate to call Spark Garage Doors for affordable garage door repair services in Denver that won’t leave a dent in your wallet.

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