Noisy Garage Door – Causes And Solutions

You probably don’t give your entire garage door much thought during the day if you’re like most people. You use it to enter and exit your house, but it doesn’t take up much mental space. until it starts to be noisy, that is.

A noisy garage door that requires repair might annoy your neighbors, make sounds that are uncomfortable to hear, and awaken those who are fast asleep. Additionally, unusual noises and loud noises are frequent indicators that your door has a problem. So, in order to keep using it securely, you should examine all of your parts.

Finding the source of the issue is the first step in figuring out how to fix a noisy garage door, and there are several reasons why your garage door can be so noisy. Fortunately,  problems with a squeaky garage are simple to fix by Aurora’s garage door repair professionals and your garage will quickly regain its peaceful charm.

Bolts and nuts

You might need to tighten your nuts and bolts once again after years of use and damage from opening your door. These tiny components play a crucial role in holding the different components of a common garage door system in place. Brackets, garage door hinges, garage door tracks, and other average garage door components all contain nuts and bolts.

You may tighten nuts and bolts using a tool and socket to make that annoying garage door noise disappear entirely. You can hear some rattling or shaking if your bolts, nuts, or screws are loose as they move from their locations. Avoid securing them too firmly as doing so risked stripping the screw holes or yanking pieces through the door.

When inspecting the nuts and bolts as part of regular maintenance, it’s a good idea to look for rust and debris in the residential garage as well. If you find that there is too much buildup on your screws, you may need to replace them.

Garage Door Rollers

Your door is attached to the rails by its metal or steel rollers, which also help it move up and down. Applying garage door lubricant to all of your door’s moving parts can stop your garage door from squeaking quickly. Grinding and squeaking are typical indications that your worn rollers need to be replaced. Loud noises can be produced by metal rollers rolling down a metal track, and these noises can get worse if one or both of these components contains rust or other wear-and-tear indicators.

To stop a noisy garage door, you might simply need to grease the rollers. If after lubricating your rollers you continue to hear weird or loud noises, you should probably consult a garage door expert. Additionally, if you currently use metal rollers, you want to think about converting them to nylon rollers. Since they will feature noise reduction, switching will save money.

Garage Door Springs

Torsion or extension springs are probably present in your garage. These components are in charge of effortlessly raising your door and maintaining the tension that holds the door in place. Lubricating your springs may quiet the noises you’re experiencing if they’re not worn and still work correctly.

It isn’t much you can do to fix your spring if it is damaged or seems to be really worn out apart than hiring a professional for garage door service. In these circumstances, broken springs can make noises like rumbling, popping, or pounding if the door closes abruptly. Any damaged spring has to be replaced right away.

Loud Garage Door Opener

The most mobile component of your system is an automatic garage door opener, and safe door operation depends on its functionality. A garage door issue might be the cause of straining and popping sounds.

Every opener includes a drive operator that works with the springs to lower and raise your door. This drive operator might be a chain, belt, or screw drive opener. Chain drives are often quieter than belt and screw drives, but they are more recent in garage systems. If the chain or support rails are loose, you can hear rattling, and a fading motor may make strained noises that indicate it isn’t producing enough power to function.

To remedy a loose drive, you’ll need to arrange a service appointment with a garage door expert at Spark Garage Doors Aurora. On the other hand, if your motor is failing, you’ll need to replace your opener.

Your garage door might stop making noise with proper garage door maintenance. To ensure that your door receives the care it needs, our skilled and experienced garage door  repair specialists in Aurora can examine and maintain it.

If your door is already noisy and these solutions haven’t made it any quieter, please contact our garage door technicians for advice on how to fix the problem. We are Aurora’s go-to repair company when it comes to garage doors. We provide a wide range of reliable garage doors in different materials, brands, designs, colors, and additional functions. Nobody can match our affordable repair costs for faulty garage door repairs!