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12 Qualities Of A Reliable Garage Door Supplier and Builder

You may have often heard from friends or relatives that one should always seek to purchase doors and other parts from renowned manufacturers and suppliers. How do you recognize a good and reliable garage door supplier who offers top-notch quality service and customer satisfaction?

We asked the experts at Spark Garage Doors, a garage door repair and replacement company to give us an idea of what were the top qualities of a garage door supplier and builder. They came up with a list of 12. According to our Denver garage door repair experts, a reliable garage door supplier should have the following qualities:

  1. Manufactures quality custom garage doors

Building custom garage doors of the finest quality is the main aim of a garage door supplier. Their custom garage doors must be of the best materials with no compromise on quality. The doors must not only be of smooth finish but also sturdy and resistant to wear- and tear. So, look for garage door suppliers who manufacture best-quality garage doors. 

  1. Uses original spare door parts for replacements

The strength and life of a garage door depend not only on its material but also on the spare parts used. The garage door supplier must fit the doors with high-quality genuine spare parts. If they use duplicate or poor-quality spare parts, the garage door gets damaged. To prevent this, the supplier must have these original spare parts available at all times. By this, they ensure that their custom garage doors function well without any hitch.

  1. Has a strong in-house service team or connection with garage door service providers 

Building and fixing a custom garage door is the main task of a garage door supplier. But this alone is not enough. What if the door gets damaged? They must repair it at once. They should not go hunting for a service team. Your project or job is easy if the supplier has a strong connection with local door service providers. 

  1. Sells quality garage door products at competitive prices.

A customer buys a  good-quality garage door from a reliable supplier. But with time and use, the door gets worn out and you have to replace it. See if your supplier trades the garage door products at competitive prices. This makes it easy for you to have a single point contact for all your garage door needs.  By doing this, the supplier ensures that the customers come back to them for all their garage door needs.

  1. Is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

It is always best to look out for a reliable garage door supplier who is also an OEM. When the garage door supplier is an OEM, their custom garage doors are made of the finest quality product available. This is because the OEM garage door supplier has to guarantee that each and every part of the garage door for a certain amount of years. 

  1. Has been in business for a long time

While selecting the garage door supplier, look at their experience. A reliable garage door supplier is one who has at least 5 years of experience and proper training in building garage doors. This gives them first-hand experience in dealing with all garage door problems. An experienced garage door provider can solve all your garage door needs in less time and with more precision than a novice provider.

  1. Has obtained genuine testimonials and online reviews

A garage door supplier with a good service record is what you need. You can gauge their track record based on what other local customers say. Choose the right garage door provider based on their customer reviews. These star reviews are available online on their website or on other home improvement sites as well. 

  1. Serves lots of customers in your city or county

A garage door supplier with a huge customer base is what you should look for. A supplier who handles many customers will have ample experience with garage doors. Besides this, customers come only because of their satisfaction with the company’s service. The fact that the supplier has many customers is proof for you to trust them.

  1. Offers a Warranty 

Choose a supplier who offers a warranty on their garage doors. A reliable garage door supplier is always confident in the quality they offer. They are never hesitant to offer a warranty in case something goes wrong like a malfunction or a spurious product.

  1. Gives free consulting

A good garage door supplier considers excellent customer service as their first priority. That is why they often offer a free consultation to their customers to guide them in selecting the right type of garage doors or maintenance plan.

  1. Takes adequate precautions during a pandemic

Social distancing and hygiene precautions have become compulsory due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Opt for a garage door supplier who takes safety precautions for a pandemic like wearing masks and gloves, maintaining social distancing, disinfecting garage door equipment and tools, etc. This will ensure the safety of both you and your garage doors.

  1. Offers virtual or online conferences 

In the current pandemic, customers may not be able to visit the retail outlet of the garage door supplier. In such a situation, the garage door supplier must have the facility to discuss online with customers. This helps them meet their garage door needs in the safety of their homes.

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