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Why Your Garage Door Finish is Fading and How to Bring It Back to Life

Garage doors face constant exposure to the elements, from relentless sun to inclement weather. Over time, these environmental factors can cause the finish on your garage door to fade, diminishing its appearance and protective qualities. Understanding why this happens and how to rectify it can help keep your garage door looking fresh and in optimal condition. Let our garage technicians walk you through this.

1. Why Garage Door Finishes Fade

  • UV Rays: The primary culprit for fading finishes is the sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can break down the pigments in paints and stains, leading to discoloration.

  • Weather Elements: Rain, snow, and hail can erode the surface layer of the finish, making it appear duller over time. Additionally, fluctuations in temperature can cause the material to expand and contract, contributing to the wearing off of the finish.

  • Inferior Quality Products: Not all paints and stains are created equal. Some cheaper products may not have the necessary UV protectants or weather-resistant qualities, leading to quicker degradation.

  • Natural Aging: Over time, all finishes will start to show signs of wear. This is a natural process, but external factors can accelerate it.

2. Bringing Your Faded Garage Door Finish Back to Life

  • Cleaning: Before taking any restoration steps, thoroughly clean the door to remove dirt, grime, and chipping paint. A mix of warm water and mild detergent usually does the trick. For stubborn spots, consider using a soft brush.

  • Sanding: After cleaning, lightly sand the surface to smoothen any irregularities and to prepare the door for a new coat of finish.

  • Reapplying Finish:

    • Stain: If your garage door was initially stained, consider reapplying a fresh coat of the same stain or a darker shade to achieve a consistent look. Remember to choose a high-quality stain that offers UV protection.

    • Paint: When repainting, start with a primer, especially if you’re changing colors or if the old paint had significant fading. Follow up with a top-quality exterior paint that boasts UV resistance and weatherproofing qualities.

    • Faux Stain Paint: If you desire the look of wood without using actual stain, faux stain paint is an excellent choice. Apply it as you would with regular paint, but follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely to achieve the desired wood-like finish.

  • Maintenance: To prolong the life of your newly refreshed finish, consider applying a clear UV-protectant sealant. Additionally, periodic cleaning and touch-ups can keep your door looking new for longer.

3. Prevention: Keeping Your Garage Door Finish Vibrant

  • Regular Maintenance: At least once a year, inspect your garage door for signs of wear or fading. Early detection can mean minor touch-ups rather than a significant overhaul.

  • Quality Products: Always choose high-quality finishes that offer protection against UV rays and weather elements. Though they might cost more initially, they can save you money and effort in the long run.

  • Shading: If possible, try to shield your garage door from direct sunlight, especially during peak hours. Installing an awning or planting trees can offer some protection.

In conclusion, while it’s natural for garage door finishes to fade over time, understanding the reasons and knowing how to restore and maintain them can help you retain the beauty and durability of your garage door. With proper care, your garage door can remain a welcoming and protective feature of your home for years to come. Call Spark Garage Doors Denver at 303 928 2700 for Denver garage door services.


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