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Tips To Lubricate a Garage Door

When you open your garage door, does it make a noise? Garage doors that are not regularly maintained and lubricated can become noisy and eventually stop working. Garage door lubrication done every six months is one of the best ways to silence the noise and extend its lifespan. This increases the range of motion of the door and makes it easier for the opener to open and close the door.

Continue reading if you want to know how to lubricate a garage door.

Checklist for Pre-Lubrication Maintenance

Before you lubricate your garage door, a few important garage door maintenance tasks must be completed. Here’s a quick checklist of things to do before reaching for the lubricant:

  • Tighten every nut and bolt on your door. Check that the nuts and bolts are snug but not overtightened. Replace the worn parts if necessary. The squeaking of metal components is not a pleasant sound to hear. 
  • Check the garage door rollers. The majority of rollers have unsealed bearings that collect dirt and deteriorate over time. When rollers fail, they wobble around on the track, making noise.
  • Examine the garage door hinges. Worn hinges can make the door noisy and cause it to bind at each section as it opens.
  • The garage door opener chain must be tightened. A slapping sound from a loose chain will cause the door to jerk around.

Do you know how to lubricate a garage door? The most important thing is to be thorough and ensure that all of the moving garage door components are included. To lubricate your garage door, follow the tips outlined below by our garage door repair specialist.

Turn off the opener’s power and shut the garage door

To remove dirt and debris, use a moist rag to wipe the interior and exterior of the garage door track. Never apply garage door lube to the tracks since this makes it more difficult for the metal rollers to move and increases the workload on the opener. Use an automotive brake cleaner to dislodge the gunk if you’re having difficulties cleaning the tracks.

Lubricate each hinge where it connects to the bend in the track by opening the door

Lubricate the rollers, as well as the tiny ball bearings inside each roller.  For the door to stay balanced, make sure you wipe up any extra lubricant. The most crucial rule is never to lube nylon rollers.

Every six months, you should lube all of the moving parts in your garage door, including the garage door springs, tracks, bearing plates, and chains. Regular maintenance and proper lubrication keep your door quiet and increase its lifespan. You should lubricate your commercial garage door more frequently for smooth operation if you reside in a hostile area.

Because lubricants can get thick and viscous in cold conditions, make sure you’re using an all-weather product. The door is more difficult to open and close as a result. It’s crucial to lubricate your door’s springs in cold weather since they become brittle in frigid conditions. As a result, they are more likely to snap or shatter, which may be expensive and hazardous.

Making the Best Lubricant Choice for Your Garage Door

Even if you might be asking how to lubricate a garage door, the process begins with picking the proper product. When choosing a garage door lubricant, look for white lithium grease or silicone sprays. When it comes to putting lubrication into microscopic moving parts, aerosol sprays are your best bet and ideal choice. You should stay away from common degreasers (such WD-40), mechanic grease, and motor oil because they can attract dirt and dust.

Silicone Sprays

To keep the spray contained, these products often include a long, thin straw attachment. When it comes to lubricants, these attachments are useful for getting them into tight locations. Products made of silicone last a long time and hold up in a range of temperatures.

White Lithium Grease

Compared to aerosol sprays, this product must be administered by hand, making it a little messier. But it makes it simpler to distribute equitably. White lithium grease is non-corrosive and sticks nicely to metal since it is formed of soap and oil.

Best Garage Door Lubricants

Choose a high-quality product because there are a wide variety of garage door lubricants available. Here are the top four lubricants available right now for regular application:

  • WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray
  • DuPont Teflon Non-Stick Dry Film Lubricant
  • 3-In-One Professional Garage Door Lubricant with Smart Straw
  • Blaster Chemical Company Premium Silicone Garage Door Lubricant

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