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What are Side-Hinged Garage Doors?

If you’re renovating or building a garage, one thing to consider is whether or not to include a side door for alternate access. Many residential and commercial garages have this alternative entry point. Read on to find out more about why installing an additional entrance might be in your best interest!

A side-hinged garage door is a good option for those who have a limited headroom dimension. They are a great addition to your garage similar to overhead garage doors. Side-hinged garage doors or swing garage doors or side-opening garage doors are the traditional garage doors hinged at the sides and open outwards. Side-hinged garage doors provide better insulation, security and are simple to use regularly. These doors are available in steel, timber, and aluminum. 

Side-hinged garage doors serve many purposes and the most important part is their dual usage for cars and storage. It helps to access the garage without opening the entire garage door. A side-hinged door offers an alternative to the more common types, providing opportunities that other doors just can’t. Their simple operation, easy to maintain over time and timeless designs ensure a long life of worry-free service. Our Denver garage door repair company is excited about giving our customers options in design, material, and finish so they know we have the perfect option for them!

3 Types of Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Side-hinged doors can be classified into three types: sliders, swing up (overhead), or swing down (underhead).


The sliders, as the name implies, slide on a track when opened and closed. The advantage of this system is that there is no need for overhead space since the door is not hinged at one end like a swing-up type. They are widely used in residential and commercial buildings.

Swing Up (Overhead)

Side-swinging types typically have a safety mechanism at the end of the door that locks into place so that it does not swing open if left in an open position, either accidentally or in high winds. This type of door is considered the most secure because it can be closed in an instant even when leaving items behind or using one hand and thus prevent possible theft.

Swing Down (Underhead)

Side-swinging (overhead door) types typically have two hinges along one edge of the top panel at each end of a horizontal bar connecting the tops of two or more leaves to form a single door. This type of door requires more overhead clearance than horizontal swing doors because they swing over the top of the opening. 

Single-leaf side-swinging types are typically found in residential construction. The bottom panel (jamb) is typically constructed of 2″ × 4″ lumber and may or may not have vertical stiles with a lintel above. Double-leaf side-swinging doors are usually constructed with the same dimensions as single-leaf types but use more weight in their construction to compensate for the extra load caused by two.

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