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What Do Garage Doors Cost?

Installing, repairing, or improving your garage door can do wonders for your own home. It is also a good investment for a home improvement project. 

Furthermore, a garage door is beneficial to homeowners as it serves as an added security and convenience to your home. However, this is not an easy task and it is not also cheap

Before anything else, you might want to ask yourself if you really need a new garage door. If you notice that your current door is having problems such as making unusual noises, constantly breaking down, or is suffering from too many dents and scratches, then you probably need to get a new one. However, if it only needs some minor repairs, then you can potentially cut costs down by fixing them on your own and properly maintain them regularly.

How much will a garage door cost?

The cost of garage doors can be affected by the following factors:

  • Style
  • Material
  • Size
  • Type
  • Replacement parts
  • Labor 

For new installations, the cost of a garage door can range from around $500 to $1500 excluding the service fee. A professional is needed for installation or replacement since it is heavy and has parts that will need the knowledge of an expert. If you choose to hire a professional, it will also save you time.  The process will roughly take about five to seven hours when it is done by a professional unlike when you do it on your own, it will take about nine hours or more to finish. Usually, the service fee of a professional will start at $85 or higher depending on their expertise and location. 

When it comes to garage door repairs, the cost will range from $150 to $350 on average which already includes labor and materials. The cost will highly depend on what parts of a garage door need to be repaired. These parts can be the springs, opener, cables, track, sensors, panels, and locks. The style of the garage door will also contribute to the overall cost. For carriage garage doors, the repairs will cost around $80 to $200, while for traditional garage doors, it will cost around $250 to $700 depending on the size of one panel. 

Another factor that contributes to repair costs is the material of the garage door. Since wood is the most susceptible to rot and is heavy, it is the most expensive to repair which will usually cost you $400. Fiberglass is the second most expensive at $200, aluminum garage doors will cost you $170 to $280, and steel garage doors are the cheapest to repair at $100 to $150. 

Finding the right repair service for you

Unless you are experienced at repairing your garage door, you should probably seek out the help of a professional. But with so many companies out there to choose from, how will you know which one is the best for you? In order to give you an idea, you should do the following steps:

  • Look for licensed and insured contractors near your area
  • Read customers’ reviews
  • Ask for estimates or quotes and if it includes the labor and materials needed

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Ofir K

Ofir Kalef, the Founder and CEO of Spark Garage Doors-Colorado, is a prominent figure in the garage door industry, celebrated for his innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Ofir’s academic journey in the garage industry provided him with the expertise necessary to revolutionise the garage door market. With extensive experience spanning over two decades in the field, collaborating with leading manufacturers and servicing clients across the Rocky Mountain region, he established Spark Garage Doors-Colorado in 2010. Ofir’s unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship, personalised service, and competitive pricing is evident in every installation and repair, earning Spark Garage Doors-Colorado a sterling reputation in the state of Colorado and beyond.