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What Type of Garage Door is Best?

Oftentimes, the garage is one of the most overlooked areas of a house. Most people think that it is just a place to store their vehicles or other stuff which cannot be put in other places. But that is not the only attribute of a garage. 

One important thing that it can give to a homeowner is safety. A garage door is an added security feature for a house and it can also improve the overall look of a house. Not many people know that a garage door is a great investment so when you decide to give your house a renovation or improvement, you should also keep the garage door in mind. 

What is the best type of garage door?

When looking for a garage door for your home, there are a lot of options in the market that you can choose from. Garage doors come in a variety of styles and materials that offer something different for you. Which leads to the question- which should you choose?

Your choice can be influenced by personal taste or your budget but what are you going to do if you are undecided? Below are the common types of garage doors that you might want to check out:

Steel doors: A steel garage door is the most common and most popular type of garage door. It is cheap, sturdy, and does not require extensive maintenance. Steel doors can also withstand harsh weather conditions so this is a perfect choice for people with houses situated in places where storms are common.

Aluminum doors: Aluminum garage doors are also durable and require low maintenance. They are extremely lightweight and resistant to rust. However, they are prone to denting. 

Vinyl doors: Vinyl doors are perfect for houses located in areas with strong winds as they are also durable and strong. They are also resistant to rust and do not require painting.

Wood doors: Wooden garage doors are extremely elegant and give a natural look to a home. They can also easily be repainted according to your tastes. However, wooden garage doors are not recommended for houses located in areas that are prone to hurricanes and storms. They require high maintenance as they are very prone to rot, crack, and mold. Wooden garage doors are also the most expensive type of garage door. 

When choosing a garage door, you should consider the safety that it will bring to your home, family members, and other people who often go to the garage. You should also look at the location of your home and if your chosen door is right for it. 

Give a Spark to your Garage Door

If you still cannot decide on a garage door type, maybe it is time to consult a professional garage door repair service provider. Spark Garage Doors  is a one-stop shop for all your garage door needs. Our team is made up of experts who know what is best for your home so we can give you an idea of the best garage door that will fit perfectly for your home. We also offer installation, replacement, and repair of any problems you might have with your garage door. 

At Spark Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on giving only the best quality results with our services at an affordable price. We make sure that we finish our jobs in time without affecting the daily lives of homeowners. Don’t know how much you will have to spend? We also give accurate estimates so you can budget your money properly. We aim to give our clients satisfaction from our services so we ensure round the clock services by our specialist technicians. 

Do not hesitate to give your garage a better look. Garage doors are a great investment that has a positive impact on the overall look of your home. Whether you need to install, replace, or repair a garage door, Spark Garage Doors has it all covered.

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Ofir K

Ofir Kalef, the Founder and CEO of Spark Garage Doors-Colorado, is a prominent figure in the garage door industry, celebrated for his innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Ofir’s academic journey in the garage industry provided him with the expertise necessary to revolutionise the garage door market. With extensive experience spanning over two decades in the field, collaborating with leading manufacturers and servicing clients across the Rocky Mountain region, he established Spark Garage Doors-Colorado in 2010. Ofir’s unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship, personalised service, and competitive pricing is evident in every installation and repair, earning Spark Garage Doors-Colorado a sterling reputation in the state of Colorado and beyond.