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7 Benefits of Smart Garage Door Openers

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Every one of us wants to be smart. However, the word “smart” has attained a different meaning today. It refers to the use of smart technology where your gadget is integrated into a mobile device or a wide range of smart home products like Google Home. 

People have started creating a smart home ecosystem where everything can be operated by a smartphone application. Like your garage, for instance. If the door of your garage had a smart automatic garage controller, you would be truly “smart” indeed!  This smart garage control would give you endless benefits as told by our Aurora garage door repair professionals.

Benefits of using a Smart Garage Door Opener

Fitting a smart opener for your garage door is a good idea for the following reasons.

1. Never worry about not closing the door

All of us tend to forget things at times, especially when we are in a hurry. The easiest thing to forget is to close the garage door after parking or removing your vehicle. But no more of these worries anymore. Not if you have a smart garage door controller. 

This smart controller has wired sensors that detect the presence of an obstruction in their path to keep the door open. If there is no such thing barring their way, they automatically close the door. With such a smart device, you need to never worry about forgetting to close the door.

2. Strengthened security

One of the greatest risks with your garage door is its security as it is the easiest point for a burglar to enter your home. But now, with a smart opener, the security of your garage door has increased multifold. You will have 24×7 monitoring of your garage as this opener has security cameras fitted to it.  You will now know who enters or leaves your home on your mobile phone even if you are at a remote location.  

3. Remote control

One cannot be physically present near your garage door at all times. But, one can know who can control who has access to it, even from a distant location.  With your smartphone app, you can grant access, or restrict to a selected group of people. You will always have a record of the people whom you share access along with activity alerts throughout the day.  This remote access facility provides an extra layer of security for adequate protection from theft and break-ins. 

4. Safety features

Your garage opener is now fitted with a host of security features as it is a smart tone. It has temperature monitoring sensors,  cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, etc. Its multi-sensor setup includes a presence sensor, IR sensor, light sensor, additional tilt sensor, etc.  All these additional features ensure the complete safety of your home and also the reliable operation of your garage door.

5. Video footage

The presence of security cameras is a boon to many. Fitting a Liftmaster Smart Garage camera to your door is an added safety measure. You will now know what goes on at the entrance of your home and garage through a video feed. This will help you differentiate between false alerts and genuine ones. You will no longer have a nagging worry about what goes on at your home.

6. Protect your garage delivery

Getting things delivered to the home is the norm of the day. But, what if these deliveries go missing or are stolen? No chance of this if you have a smart garage opener. Your opener will open the door only for a short time to allow the delivery and close it immediately afterward.

7. Fix a Schedule 

No one wants to have a haphazard routine. With an add-on smart garage controller, you can now set a schedule for your garage door opening and closing. You can even program the hours when it will be closed at night or even when you are on vacation.

Smart home integration can give immense benefits to your garage door opener. It will give you a quieter operation, quick access, audible alerts, and even, push notifications. Get a WiFi-connected garage door opener with battery backup to combat power outages. Enlist the services of a local Aurora garage expert in selecting and installing the right smart garage door opener to get the maximum benefits.

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