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7 Wall Covering Ideas For Your Finished Garage

You have an unfinished garage next to your beautifully-designed aesthetic home. Won’t it look odd and out-of-place?  Of course, it will and it will undermine your home’s value and safety too. That is why you must do a complete makeover of every square footage of your garage.

Most of us think only of the floor space and redo the garage’s concrete floor. What about the garage walls, then?  It is the walls of the garage that play an important role in the garage’s utility and appearance.

So, let us focus on covering up the walls of the garage and explore some garage wall covering ideas.

Reasons why you need wall covering for your garage

Garage walls offer the maximum vertical area which is under-utilized. The walls of a garage can be used to store tools, supplies, implements, equipment, etc.

If you want to use your garage effectively as a storage space or recreation den, the first thing you must do is cover its walls.  Only if you cover the walls with bright paint, the garage interiors will be well-lit and bright. A well-painted wall makes the garage look spacious or roomy.

Another reason why garage wall covering is a must is to make your garage energy-efficient. Covering your garage walls with a layer of batt insulation will reduce your energy bills to a great extent.

Covering the walls with acrylic latex paint also protects your garage from moisture and dampness. Here are some best wall covering options given by our Denver garage door repair experts from Spark Garage Doors.

7 Best Wall covering options for your garage

When you think of refurbishing the walls, you must think of durable options like these


Painting is the easiest and cheapest option for wall covering. You can cover any type of surface- wood, metal, concrete, or even cinder blocks with coats of paint.  The advantage of painting your walls is that you can even do it yourself. You also have a wide range of colors to choose from, for the walls. The disadvantage is that this is not a durable option nor is it a storage alternative.


A drywall is a covering that can be installed without the use of water on a garage wall. The gypsum drywall anchors to the garage wall by using resin or drywall screws. Although it is inexpensive, it releases silica dust which is harmful to health.

Wood Paneling

 Wood panels can add appeal to your walls. They are available as vertical wood planks or horizontal lats. You can even paint these wooden panels.

The advantage of using wood paneling is that it is easier and faster than drywall. These panels can easily accommodate built-in cabinets, shelves, or hooks to create ample storage space. There is no taping needed for their installation. The only disadvantages are that wood planks are expensive and may also need support between their wall studs.

If you have a garage with concrete walls or stud walls, then you can even opt for inexpensive plywood or OSB panels. They are easy to install and can be painted, stained, or even torched to give a  different look to the garage interiors. 

Metal Paneling

Many people are switching over to metal panels as alternatives to drywall or wood as metal is more durable than most materials. You can choose among various options like corrugated metal sheets, fencing, grating, or even diamond plating to cover the entire wall. Even reclaimed metal sheets from old tin roofs, barns, and sheds can be used.

Although durability is a huge advantage for metal panels, their cost is a definite disadvantage making it an expensive option to consider. Fitting or shelves might also need special screws and support.

Plastic or Fiberglass 

Using a plastic or fiberglass covering is a cost-effective and maintenance-free option. Easy to install, these panels are easy to clean and are hence a choice for areas of high traffic with exposure to dust and grime.

A fiberglass batt insulation might even act as an insulator and keep your garage warm during cold weather.

Storage Panels

Some people want to maximize the use of the entire space in a garage. To do this, they use lattice walls, slat walls, or peg boards for the garage walls. Though these are not aesthetic,  they are sturdy and great as storage options.


A backer board is a green board that is used for covering moisture-prone areas like kitchens or bathrooms. Unlike the drywall which collapses on exposure to moisture, the backer board has a wire mesh to allow air to circulate and keep the wall dry. It can be painted with an acrylic coating for a better appeal. Although the backboard scores with its easy installation, it is not an ideal option for fitting shelves as the screws can affect its moisture resistance.

Having looked at all the above options for covering your garage walls, choose the right one after a design consultation with professional garage door repair experts in Denver for the best results.

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