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Is A Garage Conversion Best For Your Home?

A garage is a place where we store our cars and tools and hopefully never have to worry about their safety. People used to convert their garages into living spaces all the time because they are desperate for ways of getting rid of decluttering this area within their homes (and no one wants an extra car outside). The garage is one of the most cost-effective ways for homeowners to rent out their homes while still living in them.

When considering the conversion of a garage into a living space, it’s essential to carefully weigh your options and make sure this decision is right for you. The most important consideration for homeowners considering converting their garages into living spaces would be the load-bearing wall issue. Garage conversion projects may seem to be fun but you will need to tread with care

It’s easy to see why converting a garage would be more complicated than refinishing your basement. The benefits are difficult or even impossible for some people living in homes without basements, so you have to take their needs into consideration when designing the storage space – but there is no need to worry about this!

With an improvement project like remodeling with the garage door repair experts in Littleton, one of these dark spaces into something that provides light and functionality though? It’ll still turn out beautifully in the worst-case scenario because all upside potentials will likely exceed any drawbacks by far enough margin just through.

There are many different uses for garages, from storing cars to providing temporary extra living space. The most important thing that people may forget about when designing their garage is its extra space capacity in terms of storage and work areas- which can be handy during bad weather or if you need more room than what your house offers!

Garage To Living Space

Windows: The garage needs to be big enough for your car, but not so much that it feels stuffy. To keep the air moving and make sure you have natural light in there all day long add as many windows as possible- 51/2 square footage per window is good for total garage space.

Ceiling: If you’re also raising your floors, make sure there is at least 7 1/2 square footage of minimum ceiling height. This will be difficult if not impossible to do so without sacrificing some floor space too much!

Heat: Provide heating to maintain 70 degrees F. Retrofit heating options include extending existing central heating ductwork and installing electric baseboard or fan-driven wall heaters.

Cooling: Depending on where you live, your community might have cooling requirements for rented properties.

Light: Wall-controlled light switches are a must! The building code requires them, and garages already have these.

Outlets: Make sure there are no cords too far away from an outlet. You should be able to plug your device in with ease and a minimum of 6 feet of distance between outlets, if not more!

Garage Conversion – Habitable Space

Insulate the Wall

Most detached garage walls and ceilings are not insulated. When installing new drywall, you must first remove the old and install insulation. You can use fiberglass batts for ceilings or Rockwool in place of traditional plaster walls that have been used before with success!

Raise the Floor Height

There are many benefits to adding sleepers and raising the flooring above your garage. Even if you don’t have insulation requirements, it will be more comfortable in cold weather. Concrete slabs aren’t very warmly, especially when compared with natural materials such as wood or earth which can retain heat from beneath their surface layers

Install Garage Floor Covering

You can increase the comfort of your home by adding a layer of insulation to protect against heat loss. One popular choice for this is laminate flooring, which offers an attractive look with durability that lasts longer than other types such as engineered wood or tile!

Install New Drywall

You can either install new drywall or bring the finish of an existing one up to higher standards in order for it to be more durable.

Garage Door Insulation

Keeping the garage door insulated is important. If you don’t want to install walls, there are other ways of converting your livable space that will still allow for livability and safety!

Hide Unsightly Areas

The non-load-bearing walls around these areas should be reinforced to prevent damage from occurring. This is the easiest way to save money on a garage conversion. Just section off certain areas and don’t improve them.

With the help of garage door repair professionals in Littleton, you can convert your garage into a living space. All you need to do is contact Littleton’s garage door repair team from Spark Garage Doors at (720) 902-4081. Our garage technicians will reach out in less than an hour.

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