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Converting your old fashioned garage door into an automatic one

Are you still grappling with your old garage door by opening and closing it manually? Then, it is time to move on and convert it into an automated one. 

Are you wondering if it is possible to automate an old door? Don’t worry about how expensive it is going to be. Don’t overthink. Just read this advice from our Denver garage door repair professional to know how easy and economical it is to automate your old door.

Reasons Why You Must Convert Your Old Garage Door into an Automatic One


The main reason why you must automate your old garage door is to provide total safety for your children and pets. Yes, with a manual garage door,  there is no way to sense a small kid or pet coming in the way of the door. This is highly risky and can cause fatal accidental damage. On the other hand, an automatic garage door has a photo-eye sensor that senses any obstruction along the path of the door and prevents door movement. Automatic doors are the safest for pets and kids.

Remote Access Control

With automatic garage doors, the best advantage is you can operate the door even from a distant location. All you have to do is make the garage door smart by connecting it to a smart device like your mobile phone, Apple Watch, etc. Your smart garage hub can now monitor your door, grant or restrict access to visitors, repairmen, or relatives.

Peace of Mind While on Vacation 

Put the garage door hub on vacation mode, and you do not have to worry at all about your garage and home. The smart garage hub takes care of the security and gives convenient alerts only when absolutely necessary.


If you have a smart door controller, you can even program the times when you want to leave your door open or closed.

Factors that Govern the Automation of Your Existing Garage Door 

Types of Garage Doors that can be Automated 

Overhead garage doors can be quickly converted to automatic ones at little cost.

Up and Over Garage Door

A Garage door specialist finds Up and Over doors easy to convert. These doors are easy to automate and all you have to check is if they have horizontal tracks.

Only canopy-style doors with vertical frames are difficult to automate. For canopy doors, you need an extra bow arm device.

Sectional Garage Door

All sections of your door can be automated provided they are in good condition. Just fit the correct motor that you need.

Roller Garage Door

Roller doors are also motorizable even if they were originally manual. Again the motor types play a major role here.

Condition of Your Garage Door 

If you have a garage door in prime condition moving smoothly on its horizontal tracks, there is nothing to worry about. If your garage door has jerky movements or wobbles, you must first call a garage door specialist to repair it before you automate.

Ways to Automate Your Existing Garage Door

Basic Garage Door Opener with Wired Sensors

This is the basic setup to automate your old garage door. It consists of an automatic garage door opener with a pair of safety sensors and mounting brackets. The opener is battery operated and the safety sensor is photoelectric.

Most of the owners come with auto-reverse safety features.

The average cost of a Chamberlain garage door opener ranges anywhere between $100- 800 depending on the safety features.

Garage Door Opener with camera

If you can upgrade your existing door with a garage opener with security cameras, you can actually see for yourself what happens at your garage. You can keep track of your garage security and see for yourself what threats arise.

Smart Garage Hub

This is the ultimate option you have for garage security. Here, the garage opener is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled. It has built-in smart features like remote monitoring and door access, app and voice control through other smart devices, automation integration, etc. 

You have many smart automatic garage door opener models like Liftmaster MyQ Home Bridge, Genie’s Aladdin Connect, Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Garage Hub, etc. Choose the right one after consulting an expert garage door professional. Spark Garage Doors is a trusted garage door repair company in Denver. Call us if you want to automate your existing garage door, repair, or service it.

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