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How Do I Choose Garage Door Color?

What is life without a rainbow of colors?  All of us wish to paint our garage doors well to improve their curb appeal. Those of us who want to play safe choose a neutral color. Others who like to experiment choose bold colors.

Again, the color you choose also depends on the use of the garage door. For residential garage doors, you can try using a rich color. However, for commercial garage doors, a sober or neutral color is best.

The other factor that dominates the choice of color for garage doors is the garage door style. If you have a carriage house-style door, you can opt for white or gray color.

The architectural style of the garage also plays a pivotal part in the door’s color selection. If you have an attached garage, its color scheme should match that of the house. Detached garages have more freedom to choose their color.

Why break your head over choosing a garage door color? Our Littleton Garage Door repair experts at Spark Garage Doors tell’s us these simple tips to choose the right color for your garage door.

Factors that help you choose the color of your garage door

Field color, Trim color, and Accent color of your house

The overall color with which your house is painted is called its primary color or field color. The most common primary color used for most houses is white.

The trim color is the color used to paint door frames and awnings. It usually contrasts the house color. The accent color is the color of the doors, windows, and shutters.

The color you chose for your door depends on the position of the doors in your home. This color should be in balance with the field and trim colors. It should not clash with either of them.

Basic color schemes

If you know the following basic color schemes in the color wheel, you can choose your door color better.

Monochromatic color scheme

In common terms,  this scheme refers to the color variations in a basic color ranging from the lightest to the darkest. You can choose gradations of color to bring out the contrast. For instance, you can paint the house in light gray, the awnings in medium gray, and the doors in dark gray.

Analogous color scheme

This scheme refers to the adjoining or consecutive colors in the color wheel. For instance,  yellow and green lie next to each other on the color wheel. So, an analogous color scheme for your garage could have yellow, green, and yellow-green options.

Complementary color scheme

Here, opposite colors on the color wheel are used to bring out the fine contrast. You can use cool colors like blue with warm colors like orange for the best effect.

Popular color choices for garage doors

When you choose your garage door color, know what category it belongs to and how to use it effectively.

Bold colors

Bold colors are prominent colors that make a visual impact. Yellow is a bright color that radiates sunny energy. Red is a dashing and dominant color. Purple denotes passion and is an adventurous color.

You must use a bold color along with a neutral color to highlight the difference. Bold colors are best used as accent colors and not for the main door.

Sophisticated colors

Some colors like black, gray, and chocolate brown give your door a sophisticated look. Black and chocolate brown look elegant while a gray garage has a dependable look. A white garage is the epitome of sophistication.

Relaxed colors

A garage with blue shutters has a pleasing appearance. Green is also a color that calms the mind. Choose such a muted color or a relaxing hue if you want your garage to have a placid look.

Neutral colors

Whatever be the architectural style of your garage door, you can play safe if you use a neutral color for the door. Black, white, ivory, cream,  or smoky gray are such neutral colors that you can count on.

Garage Door Color combinations to match the architectural style of your home

If you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garage, choose the following color scheme combination ideas that match the architectural beauty of your home.

Colonial- Let the primary color of your home be white, yellow, or brown with a  neutral door color.

Modern – Modern homes are all for adventure and use a white door with charcoal gray shutters or lime green trim.

Brick-Brick homes have charming accent color combos like yellow with cream, sage green with taupe, etc.

Make the right color decision after a color consultation with garage experts from Spark Garage Doors. Our garage door repair technicians in Littleton are ready to assist you with useful information.

Before you choose the color for your garage door,  use a garage door color selector or check with a color expert. Also, look at some color samples to get the right match for the color in mind. Call Spark Garage Doors repair technicians at (720) 902-4081 right now.  .

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