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Garage Door Safety: 10-Step Inspection

Your garage door is a vital part of your daily routine, yet how often do you stop to give it some thought? Chances are, only when something goes wrong. However, taking time out now and again for regular maintenance could well save problems in the future!

Regular maintenance is key when it comes to keeping your garage door and automatic garage door opener in perfect working order! Just like you would service your car, be sure to give the same attention to this important part of home safety at least once a year.

Here are, 10-step garage door inspection checklist by our Denver garage door repair expert that will help minimize the risk of any mechanical or safety issues.

Check To See If The Photo Eye Sensors Are Installed Properly

Ensure that the safety of your garage door system is up to date – make sure you check the photo eye sensors! Place them at a maximum height of 6 inches from ground level for optimal security. Be sure to attach these securely, so they are always working their best.

Check The Photo Eye Sensor Are Properly Functioning

Before you move forward in your average garage door setup, make sure the photo eye sensors are working properly! To test their functionality, try placing an object at least 6 inches tall so that it blocks one or both senses. Then press the command button to close–if all is as expected, everything should hold steady and not budge!

Test The Garage Door Mechanical Reverse

Maintaining the mechanical reverse feature of your overhead garage door in top condition contributes to everyone’s safety. To test it, simply place an object at least 1.5 inches tall along the edge of your automatic garage and press your automatic opener button to initiate a closing cycle – if all goes well, as soon as contact with the item is made, you’ll notice a reversal in action!

If you experience any issues with the photo eye sensors during the garage door safety inspection process, contact a reputable garage door repair company expert in Denver like Spark Garage Doors Repair Denver.

Balance the garage doors

To quickly test your professional garage door opener, open and close the door while it is in manual mode. It should move smoothly along its garage door tracks while in motion. Then, when you let go halfway up again, if all is working correctly the door will remain suspended at that location without crashing back down!
If you sense any issue with the balance, contact a qualified garage door professional technician to help you.

Check The Balance Of The Garage

Healthy garage door maintenance is easy with the proper knowledge. There are two types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs, which can be located by keeping the door closed while visually assessing them for any damage or squeaking noises. If you find yourself hearing these sounds it may be time to seek professional assistance as this could signal underlying issues that require garage door technician attention.

Check The Condition Of The Pulleys

It’s important to regularly inspect the pulleys in your garage door opener for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Due to their high-tension settings, it is especially essential that these parts are maintained and checked often. As a result, it is very dangerous to attempt to service them without a garage door specialist’s help.

If you suspect that there is something wrong with your garage door’s pulley, contact Spark Garage Doors Repair Denver for help.

Check The Condition Of The Lifting Cables

Ensure your garage door opener stays in great condition by regularly inspecting its cables. To do this, look out for any broken or frayed strands, paying special attention to the lower parts of the cable near the bottom roller bracket – these areas can deteriorate faster due to exposure to moisture and other elements.

Check The Condition Of The Rollers

Inspecting your garage door rollers regularly is essential for longevity. Common signs of damage vary based on the type – nylon rollers can crack and chip, while steel rollers slowly warp out of shape. Make sure you look carefully when assessing potential signs of wear to spot unseen issues before they’re too far gone!

Check the Garage’s Top & bottom Fixtures

Ensure your garage door operates safely and securely by frequently checking the brackets for any loose screws. These essential parts require regular attention due to their continuous use, so it’s important they are kept properly fastened!

Check the Condition Of the Hinges

Regularly inspect your garage door for any potential signs of wear and tear, such as damaged hinges. Make sure that the connections remain secure – loose parts can be dangerous!

For your safety, it’s essential that you never mess with garage door hinges. If they’re in need of replacement, we recommend you contact a professional and reputable garage door service expert in Denver for help.

For further information on garage door maintenance services or other garage door services like garage door repair, installation or replacement call our garage door repair experts at (303) 386-7700 from Spark Garage Doors Repair Denver.

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