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How Do You Make a Garage Tornado-Proof?

Extreme weather like powerful tornadoes can be concerning for those with garage buildings. Planning for these kinds of unpredictable events is a sign of being a responsible property owner. While it may seem like there’s no way to effectively protect your garage from such strong weather, you don’t need to worry. That’s because there are ways to better prepare your garage and make sure it’s ready should worst come to worst.

A few steps now can go a long way in helping to weatherproof your garage during a major tornado and enable you to avoid costly clean-up and repairs down the road. Taking matters into your own hands will ensure that you have peace of mind in times of severe weather or disasters. Here are some tips by our garage door repair experts in Denver to help protect your residential garage against the powerful forces of nature.

How do Tornados Impact Garages?

Experience the convenience of easy home access with your garage door – the largest entrance to your abode! But did you know that its lightweight and weaker structure in comparison to the rest of your home’s exterior walls makes it the most vulnerable area during intense storms? Stay informed and prepared for nature’s wild side!

The power of tornado hits generates mighty negative pressure, effortlessly uprooting tiles and even entire roofs! Beware, as your garage door may also fall victim to the pressure buildup, making it vulnerable to being torn off your entire house by these incredible forces of nature.

Start With a Door Inspection

Arrange for a skilled garage door expert from a local service provider to pay a visit and inspect your door. Let them assess its capability to endure strong wind – ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

You will know the potential for upgrading or the necessity for a complete replacement of your garage door. If the age of your current door remains a mystery, a fresh start with a new one will likely be the most beneficial choice.

Maintain the Garage Door

Preparing your garage for stormy weather is essential, and entrusting this task to skilled professionals ensures optimal protection. They can effectively identify and address vulnerabilities such as breaches, cracks, and holes in your garage door, preventing storm winds from wreaking havoc. Stay storm-ready and safeguard your property with expert garage maintenance!

Make Sure the Door Is Braced

Vertical braces provide added security to your garage door and its components – anchoring it in place with multiple points of contact. Rest assured, even if these bars are present, you can still open the door as they won’t have physical interference!

Prepare your garage for nature’s fury with these convenient tornado braces! Simply secure them in place during a tornado warning, and watch as your garage door gains the extra power it needs to weather the storm.

Delve into the world of overhead doors gliding seamlessly on tracks and the classic charm of hinged carriage doors. However, be prepared for Mother Nature’s fury, as these styles alone may not withstand high winds in a serious storm.

Make your garage door highly stable and durable with high-quality braces! Crafted from robust materials like aluminum, these essential reinforcements fortify your door against powerful wind forces, keeping your garage secure and protected. Invest in a highly-rated wind-resistant brace to achieve ultimate peace of mind.

Secure the Windows

During intense storms or tornadoes, your garage door windows may pose a security risk. Consider enhancing your home’s safety by either replacing or entirely removing these vulnerable features.

Upgrade your home with impact-resistant glass for enhanced safety and protection. Boost this security by adding exterior shutters to shield your garage doors from debris penetration. For an extra layer of defense, consider installing wrought-iron window protectors to guard against larger debris.

Install a New Door

A new door that doesn’t have windows is going to fare better in storms than one with windows. While you’re at it, consider getting a door that’s 9 feet wide or less. When the door width is more narrow, the door is going to be stronger against storm winds. The winds blowing about just won’t have as much surface area to work with.

Prepare for the Worst: Install Vents and Drainage

Improve your home’s protection from flooding and add curb appeal with the installation of a trench drain. Professional contractors will design it to meet your needs, ensuring long-term security for you and your garage floor! It should also go along either side of your property’s driveway. You want it there to direct water in any direction that’s away from your home.

You might even install flood vents inside your garage. If water gets in, then it drains out quickly. Experience the perfect blend of professional, informative, and friendly insights to keep your residence safe and secure.

Tornado-Proof Your Garage Door System

If you want to make wind-resistant garage doors, turn to our trusted professionals. Count on our seasoned professionals for any or all of the tasks listed above. We at Spark Garage Doors Repair Denver offer residential garage door repair services and repairs, including spring repairs and emergency calls for garage doors.

We also offer free consultations, so calling us costs you nothing in terms of money or commitment. Contact our garage door repair team at (303) 386-7700 from Spark Garage Doors Repair Denver for any of these services right away!

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