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How Long Do Garage Door Openers Last?

A garage door is an important part of a house. It serves as added security for your home and can also improve its overall look. However, it would not be complete without a functioning opener. 

Why is a garage door opener important? For one, it is very convenient. An automatic garage door opener can make the coming and going of vehicles easier. It also has safety features including guiding the door along its track and managing the weight and speed of the door. Newer garage door openers are also quieter which is less distracting for homeowners. 

Having a functioning garage door opener is a lifesaver but with a malfunctioning one, it is the opposite. Typically, an opener lasts for at least 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance. But just like any mechanism, it will also wear down over time.

What are the factors that contribute to the life expectancy of a garage door opener?

  • Usage of the garage door – The garage door is one of the most used things in a house. If you and your family use the garage door daily, several times a day, it will most likely shorten the opener’s life. 
  • Proper maintenance –  A routine inspection and maintenance of a garage door will help in extending its functionality. But if you do not check it thoroughly for signs of problems or have it repaired immediately, its lifespan will be cut down.
  • Product quality – Using a low-quality garage door opener is not great for long-term use. Usually, it will only end up getting broken most of the time and will cost you a lot more to repair.
  • Repairing Frequency –  Constant repairing of a broken or malfunctioning garage door opener will only shorten its lifespan. If you had it repaired over and over again, a complete replacement is a better solution. 

In order to make your garage door opener last long, you should probably hire the services of an expert to inspect and make adjustments to it. You could also look out for the following signs that you need to have your garage door opener changed:

  • It is slow moving
  • It has loud and unusual noises
  • It fails to open
  • It works intermittently (opening and then reversing)
  • It is vibrating
  • It is an older model

In need of a new garage door opener?

If you are experiencing problems with your garage door opener, maybe it is time to replace it with a new one. Spark Garage Doors is a licensed, bonded, and insured installer and servicer of many garage doors, operating in Aurora, Colorado and nearby communities. We believe that a garage door improves the overall look and functionality of a home and so we are committed to giving our clients the best quality service they could ever hope for. 

Aside from garage door installations and repairs, we at Spark Garage Doors also offer replacement services which include openers. Having a strong partnership with trusted brands and leading manufacturers allows us to give our customers top quality products and long-lasting replacement parts. We have a collection of garage door openers that will suit your needs and also your budget. 

Spark Garage Doors can also check on your current garage door opener to make sure it is functioning properly and will be able to last long. Our Denver garage door repair technicians are always readily available to schedule maintenance for your garage door opener needs. During a maintenance session, our technicians will assess the performance of the opener and identify what else is needed. 

Get a long-lasting garage door opener today

Whether you are replacing your garage door opener or you just need to have it serviced, Spark Garage Door is here to help you. We know how important a garage door is and it cannot operate without a functioning opener. Not only does it ensure safety, but it also gives convenience to every household member. 

Spark Garage Doors has the most types of garage doors available in Denver and we provide excellent garage door services in Denver. Call us today to avail exciting garage door service offers. 


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Ofir Kalef, the Founder and CEO of Spark Garage Doors-Colorado, is a prominent figure in the garage door industry, celebrated for his innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Ofir’s academic journey in the garage industry provided him with the expertise necessary to revolutionise the garage door market. With extensive experience spanning over two decades in the field, collaborating with leading manufacturers and servicing clients across the Rocky Mountain region, he established Spark Garage Doors-Colorado in 2010. Ofir’s unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship, personalised service, and competitive pricing is evident in every installation and repair, earning Spark Garage Doors-Colorado a sterling reputation in the state of Colorado and beyond.