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How To Measure A Garage Door?

Do you want to install a new garage door or replace the old one? To start with, you have to accurately measure your standard or custom garage door. The standard garage door sizes come in one car, two car, and three car sizes. 

A single-car garage door measures 8 feet to 9 feet wide. Double garage doors are 15-16 feet wide to accommodate 2 cars. This gives you enough space and clearance to remove one car while leaving another parked.

A three-car garage is at least 32 feet wide. The size is only one-third more than the 2-car door. Homeowners usually prefer a 2-door installation for 3 cars with each door being 16 feet wide.

Whatever the width of the garage door or type of garage door, the standard door is usually 7.1 feet tall.

These are the standard or actual size measurements for normal and common garage doors. Special doors of custom sizes are usually made to order.

Having learned about the standard garage door heights and widths, let us learn how to measure your garage door from a garage door specialist in Littleton. These garage door measurements are needed in case of a quick garage door replacement and to ensure there is no rework of custom-fit garage door design.

Steps to be taken to measure your garage door

Follow these steps to take the measurement of your garage door. 

Garage door width

Measure the width of the door between the wood jambs at the widest point. This distance should be between the left and right sides of the door. 

Always look for irregularities in the door jamb.  For best results, fit the door with a 2″ x 6″ frame.

Garage door height

Take the measurement of the door from the floor to the highest point. See if the floor is uneven and take the measurement from an even point to the top of the finished opening

Center post

Give a 5″ margin on either side of the vertical installation track. For the double-car garage door installation, the center post should be 10″ wide.

Headroom requirements

Measure from the top door opening to the ceiling and note the distance. Always check the headroom requirements for sectional doors. Garage door manufacturers always specify the exact size clearances required for roll-up doors.

Backroom requirements

Measure the distance from the garage door opening to the rear of the door or to its nearest obstruction. For sectional doors or manual lift doors, the backroom requirement is door height plus 18″ additionally. If you want to install an electric opener, add an additional 4’2″ for seamless installation.

Sideroom requirements

If you have torsion springs, a 3-3/4″ is a must on the left and right side of the vertical track system. If you have extension springs, leave 51/2″ space clearance on either side.

Additional tips for use of automatic door opener

If you have an automatic door opener, you might need extra hardware to balance the additional weight.

The additional backroom is also needed if you use an automatic garage door opener.

Points to note during the measuring process

  • Check if all the wood door jambs are in good condition
  • Check if the header is stable
  • Check the level of the floor
  • Look for any obstructions like pipes or ducts in the doorway
  • No obstruction at the ceiling

After you take the initial measurement using a tape measure, call a professional garage specialist to get the measurement process done efficiently.

A garage door company expert taking a professional measure of the garage door systems will ensure that there are no mistakes or errors in finalizing the size of the replacement garage door.

If you are in the State of Colorado and near the vicinity of its capital Denver or Aurora, calling a garage door repair specialist from Spark Garage Doors is the best thing to do to check on your beautiful garage doors. 

The first thing a garage door installer does is accurate measurement of your quality garage doors. For getting precise garage door measurements, follow the above steps or call a reputed garage door repair technician in Littleton from Spark Garage Doors.

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