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How to Reface Garage Doors?

The exterior look of your garage door is a critical factor that determines its curb appeal. With time, your garage door’s beautiful appearance may change. Its paint may peel off or the wood might warp or develop dents. You might think of replacing the garage door but it could prove costly. Instead, opt for refacing the garage door panels.

Cosmetic reasons like the above may affect the resale value of your home. So, if you want to get the best resale value, you must preserve the elegant curb appeal of your garage door. For this, you must reface your garage door panels with the help of a professional garage door company in Denver.

Refacing a Garage Door

Refacing a garage door means installing overlays on your garage door panels. These garage door overlays might be wood overlays, steel overlays, or aluminum overlays. Even in wood, the overlay used can be made of composite wood. The overlays are installed over the panels for an appearance of depth and better aesthetic appeal. 

Several overlay kits are available in the market in a wide range of colors and finishes to suit your taste. You can now customize your garage door the way you want with your garage door overlay kit.

Types of Garage Door Overlay Kits

The design choice you have made for your garage door decides the kind of panel you will choose. For instance, a modern garage door can have a composite wood overlay or a gleaming steel overlay. On the other hand, a traditional carriage-style garage door can only have a real wood finish.

Composite overlays are made of a mixture of plastic, wood fiber, and binders. This combination makes them stronger and easy to customize. They need careful installation by a garage door specialist to avoid breakage.

Steel garage overlays are sturdier than wood or composite ones but they too need a garage door expert to install and maintain them as they can develop dents or rust.

Aluminum overlays are lightweight and ideal to cover the entire door surface of wide or multiple doors. You can make aluminum garage panels dent-resistant by laminating them. Even here, you need a garage expert to maintain these aluminum overlays.

Cost of Garage Door Overlays

The cost of a new garage door of real wood can go up to $7000. Instead, you can buy a garage door overlay for just $200-400. Engage a garage expert for its careful installation.

Steps to Reface Your Garage Door

Start by cleaning your garage door. Use a liquid solvent to dissolve the existing paint on your door. Apply it with a cloth rag and use a wire brush. Then, use a metal scrubber to scrape it.

Next, take 100 grit sandpaper and sand the rough edges and the remaining paint. 

Now, measure the door sections by length and width. If you have a folding door, it might have 2-foot sections.

Place the garage door panel on the area to be removed and cut it to size with a carbide blade. Garage door panels measure 9×2 ft usually. They must be cut or sized to form a proper garage overlay.

To the back of the overlay panel, apply an excellent adhesive using a glue gun. Spread it evenly and stick the panel to the door after allowing it to be set for 30 seconds. Make adjustments and remove air bubbles quickly before the glue dries.

Repeat the same process for the remaining panels till you cover the entire door surface.

Refacing a garage door is an affordable project when compared to replacing it. Hire a garage door professional for the installation process if you want a good garage door makeover with aesthetic designs at cost-effective prices.

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